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  1. Rag Horn

    7mm mag reload questions

    Alright so here is the deal. I am sitting on some 154 grain inter bond bullets, IMR 7828 SSC powder and Cci Magnum primers. I got enough stuff to load about 100 rounds. I want to load up some rounds for my 7mm rem mag. Far from ideal “work up a load” conditions a seasoned reloader would recommend I know. I’m already married to bullets, powder and primers. However that is the situation I find myself at the moment. Any advice on how many grains of powder and what that muzzle velocity is? I’ve read up on Hornady website and see their recommendation. But looking for some real life experience. Thanks. PS - if you read this and think “if you are asking these kinds of questions you probably have no business reloading” rest assured you are probably right.
  2. Rag Horn

    Lacrosse steel toe work boots

  3. Like new lacrosse steel toe work boots. I wore for a little while around the house to break them in but they are like new. Not the boot for me. Size 9. $50 480 290 8227
  4. Rag Horn

    Old Remington 700 wood stock

  5. Rag Horn

    Old Remington 700 wood stock

    Sorry I should have stated it’s a long action.
  6. Rag Horn

    Old Remington 700 wood stock

    Older Remington 700 long action factory wood stock. Pretty good condition considering age. $120 obo or trade for something awesome. 480-290-8227 power/pecos Gilbert
  7. Rag Horn

    7mm Rem mag ammo selection question

    Fortunately/unfortunately I don’t have any hunts coming up that I need them for so I have some time to scrounge up some. Or at least I hope to be able too.
  8. Rag Horn

    7mm Rem mag ammo selection question

    Good points to ponder. Thanks.
  9. Searching the federal ammo website comparing the 150 grain and 175 power shok options. The 150 is rated for medium game and the 175. They have the same bullet type. The energy doesn’t seem to be significantly different. What am I missing?. Why does the 175 grain deserve a designation suitable for big game and the 150 does not. Assuming I have my heart set on using federal power shok ammo why shouldn’t I use the 150 grain for elk. What am I missing? What am I not thinking about?
  10. Rag Horn

    Ammo ID help

    Sadly I don’t have any upcoming tags. I was taking this break between tags to undergo this bedding project. So I have some time to try some different options.
  11. Rag Horn

    Ammo ID help

    Ha ha yeah we can scratch freaking cheap off the list of possible options that’s for sure!
  12. Rag Horn

    Ammo ID help

    Oh my gosh that’s a lot of sub species.
  13. Rag Horn

    Ammo ID help

    So I don’t have any before pics but after being thrown on the scent of them being federal I looked around and they looked like this. Now I didn’t have a box but the cartridge looked like this. (Bullet style and crimp)
  14. Rag Horn

    Ammo ID help

    Thanks I had wanted to assume that was what FC stood for. But really with my super amazing vocabulary and above average creativity I could have made FC out to mean anything. thanks