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  1. Rag Horn

    6mm Remington deer bullet

    Assuming I am not an idiot. It’s a 1:9.5
  2. Any recommendations for a good deer bullet for 6mm Remington?
  3. Rag Horn

    Old Remington 700 wood stock

  4. Rag Horn


  5. Rag Horn

    ISO - Chronograph light diffuser ideas

    That’s the kind of beautifully simplistic solution that keeps me coming back. Thanks. I’ll keep that info tucked away for a rainy day.... or i guess in this case an extra sunny day.
  6. Rag Horn

    ISO - Chronograph light diffuser ideas

    Thanks for the anecdote, and vote of confidence in the machine. I hope I can replicate that reliability.
  7. Rag Horn

    ISO - Chronograph light diffuser ideas

    I haven't had any issues yet. I'm hoping to avoid problems. Back 10 ish years ago i had a lot of problems with the shops chronograph. I didn't understand how the chrono worked or know why I had so many problems. I just remember it being real finicky. Since then I've learned more about the many many things that could have caused me problems 10 years ago. One of those might have been weird sun light or shadows. This defuser tunnel was an attempt to mitigate that variable. Sometimes I don't think at all. Sometimes I over think the situation. There is no middle ground.
  8. Rag Horn

    ISO - Chronograph light diffuser ideas

    I think an umbrella or under my porch would get better results in june/July sun. I was thinking about travel and use at usery range. Those range masters and other range patrons might not love my 10x10 shade, and my suburb dwelling neighbors might not be as understanding as I would wish them to be about me taking pot shots off my back porch. All that aside i played with it in my backyard and was getting consistent reasonable readings. My knuckle ball had too much movement on it I couldn't get a good reading on that though.
  9. So I bought an entry level chronograph. Every chronograph “tips” article/video about this type of chronograph says that sunny days and direct sunlight can cause problems. Well newsflash Arizona had a lot of direct sunlight days. Since I don’t plan on driving to the Pacific Northwest to use the chronograph I am wondering if I could build a light diffuser tunnel to mount around the chronograph. There seems to be plenty of cheap easy to obtain materials to make one. Maybe let it overhang the front and back a little.... anyone have some experience good/bad with such an idea?
  10. I didn’t check to see what casings they listed as test casings. I’ll have to go back and look at that. See if they published that info. Thanks.
  11. Here are published min/max powder charge weights for 150 grain bullets from 4 different companies. Why does Sierra allow for nearly 8% more powder than Hornady? I struggle to believe bullet construction alone accounts for this. Strictly in terms of chamber pressures why wouldn’t all 150 grain projectiles be the same? Does a manufacturing variation in magnum primer makers account for 8% powder charge? Does bullet alone seating depth account for that? Hornady 58.8-65.5 Sierra 60-70.4 Nosler 64-68 IMR 62-66.2 thanks for all the reply’s on my last post about reloading for a 7mm rem mag
  12. Rag Horn

    7mm mag reload questions

    Alright so here is the deal. I am sitting on some 154 grain inter bond bullets, IMR 7828 SSC powder and Cci Magnum primers. I got enough stuff to load about 100 rounds. I want to load up some rounds for my 7mm rem mag. Far from ideal “work up a load” conditions a seasoned reloader would recommend I know. I’m already married to bullets, powder and primers. However that is the situation I find myself at the moment. Any advice on how many grains of powder and what that muzzle velocity is? I’ve read up on Hornady website and see their recommendation. But looking for some real life experience. Thanks. PS - if you read this and think “if you are asking these kinds of questions you probably have no business reloading” rest assured you are probably right.
  13. Rag Horn

    Lacrosse steel toe work boots

  14. Like new lacrosse steel toe work boots. I wore for a little while around the house to break them in but they are like new. Not the boot for me. Size 9. $50 480 290 8227
  15. Rag Horn

    Old Remington 700 wood stock