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  1. Rag Horn

    Input wanted - Hunting with a 10 year old

    +1 to all the advice given about snacks and weather protection etc. +5 to the charged iDevices and downloaded games lol Every kid is so different so what works for some may not work for others. That being said I have had good luck looking over maps at home with my 11 year old. onX and google earth. then out in the field we can talk about the terrain "man the map made this hill look easier to climb" "oh there is the creek we saw on the map" "there is that big rock outcropping we want to get to". It seems to keep him tethered to and invested in the gameplan. Its also an easy thing to keep a running conversation about. We look for "deer spots" on the map together and talk about why we think there would be deer there. My kid isnt some map reading prodigy it was a surprising thing he took interest in and i think its helped him stay engaged out in the field rather than just getting blindly lead around. we also got a rock tumbler and look for "cool rocks" when things get slow we rock hound a little.
  2. Rag Horn


  3. Rag Horn


    Posting for a friend. Contact Scott. (480) 414-3422 with questions or interest. Located in Gilbert Recker/Pecos https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/d/gilbert-2007-f150-supercrew-lariat-4x4/6886871002.html This truck is immaculate and only has 90,000 miles! Previous owner bought this truck new for weekend use only and kept it garaged. I bought it 3 years ago and have only added 18,000 miles as this is an occasional use vehicle for us. Must see how clean this truck is to fully appreciate. Many upgrades and add-ons! - Excellent condition! - Only 2 owners including myself! - 5.4L Triton V8 - LOW mileage! - Ice COLD A/C! - Tires only have 18,000 miles on them. - AMP Research Bed Step - Lund Chrome Oval Nerf Bars - Power Windows including Rear Window - Includes Tekonsha Electric Brake Controller for Trailers - Includes Garmin GPS w/backup camera - Leather Seats - Lariat Package - Truxedo Tonneau Cover - Power Mirrors - Dee Zee Tailgate Assist Strut - Backup Parking Sensors - Battery replaced last year - Factory Bed Liner - Dee Zee Bed Mat - Wheel Locks w/key
  4. Rag Horn


    Selling for a friend. We’re selling our 2004 Coleman Bayside popup camper. This camper features 2 king size beds, AC, heater, water heater, outdoor stove, outdoor handheld shower, 3-way refrigerator, fold out canopy, slide out dinette, large front storage compartment, electric brakes, etc. Camper is in great shape overall. Canvas was replaced by previous owner. Bearings were replaced 2 years ago. Tires are good and a new spare is included. Also included are 2 full propane cylinders. We are including lots of extra items like folding table, LED lantern, outdoor seats, etc. I’ve had this camper for just over 5 years and we have added many upgrades/add-ons incuding: -300 watt solar panel system installed with Bogart Engineering TM-2030 battery monitor and SC-2030 solar charge controller. -208 amp hours battery bank -1200 watt inverter w/remote -Diamond plate battery box w/lock and isolation switch -EZ Lube hubs -BAL Leveler -Dual propane regulator with auto switchover -Lighting upgraded to LED -Anti-sway bar -Quiet water pump w/accumulator tank -3” memory foam mattress toppers -Roof mount bike carrier Camper is currently open and ready for inspection for the next day or so. Thanks for looking! https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/rvs/d/gilbert-2004-coleman-bayside-grand-tour/6870268459.html for more info call/text (480) 414-3422
  5. Rag Horn

    WTB: Left handed youth bow

    Looking to buy a Youth Left Handed compound bow. Thanks
  6. Rag Horn

    Deer pooping habits?

    My 9 year old and I were out looking for deer yesterday. We were talking about how you could tell deer tracks were fresh and how we could that the deer poop was old etc. Well before I know it we were talking about how often deer poop. I didnt have an answer so when we got home I looked it up. One website says 13 times a day. Anyone have any insight on this? http://bowsite.com/bowsite/features/armchair_biologist/poop/index.htm
  7. Rag Horn

    Effective glassing range

    Thanks for the replies. I know it’s was kind of a weird question, every situation, person and equipment is different. I have been at work looking at some new areas on a map to glass and over thinking “if I glass from here I’ll be glassing at xxxx yards but if I glass from there it will be xxxx” just wondering what you guys thought in terms of how far is too far and what distances you guys are comfortable glassing at before it’s “too far away”
  8. Rag Horn

    Effective glassing range

    I know there are a lot of variables in a question like this and the biggest one being the talent of the idiot behind the binoculars but I want to ask anyway. Assuming top quality glass and a clear day what is the effective glassing range of 10x42 binoculars? How far away can you spot and identify a buck using 10x42 binoculars? Might be a different way to word that.
  9. Rag Horn

    2013 F150 Heater Trouble Shoot

  10. Rag Horn

    Is this archers paradox or bad form?

    When I first bought my bow I had a problem with fletchings hitting my drop away rest and I had to turn them to miss the cable and rest. I hope I ruled that out as an issue but I should re check that. Thanks
  11. Rag Horn

    Is this archers paradox or bad form?

    If a bow is out of tune will it fishtail everytime? I only see it once in while which made me believe it was something I was doing to cause it. I believed up to this point if it was a tuning issue the fishtailing would be more consistent? Am I wrong in thinking that? Thanks for the replies.
  12. Rag Horn

    Is this archers paradox or bad form?

    Oh good idea. I have them all numbered for something else I was trying to troubleshoot earlier. Would be easy to do. Thanks.
  13. Rag Horn

    Is this archers paradox or bad form?

    Ok I will do my research on fishtailing. I didn’t know it had a name so I was unable to really dig up any info online. Thanks.
  14. Rag Horn

    Is this archers paradox or bad form?

    I shot it through paper when I bought and had the bow tuned and it “punched bullet” holes. So I think my set up is ok but my shooting form is highly suspect however I am shooting a 70 pound draw 28” gold tip hunter XT arrow. Thanks for the help
  15. So I have narrowed it down to one of four things. It’s either bad shooting form, the archers paradox, an optical illusion or something else. I am hoping you guys have some insight on this. Sometimes when i shoot shoot I see or think I see my arrow kinda snake down range. I tried to draw it below. It doesn’t happen every shot. But every once in a while I see it. What is causing this? I have wondered if maybe inadvertently I occasionally put too much pressure on the bow string with my my lip and nose anchor points. Thoughts? Thanks