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  1. Mountain

    No elk pics? Stories

    You keeped passing on bulls. You don't like ElkMeat??? Thats a Shame
  2. Mountain

    5A elk scout

    Hmmm gotcha. Cow/calf calls will help
  3. Mountain

    5A elk scout

    Off roaders and week ends go together like Peanut butter and Jelly. I can't say for the rut to still be active 10/13 but there is a good chance. I would bring a bugle to help locate a bull. There is always those young bulls who still think they have a chance with a late cow. Give him a hot cow call and he will come in.
  4. Mountain


    Maybe give him a .177 cal. Air rifle. That should do the job. ( This is a joke)
  5. Mountain


    I think it was a joke
  6. Mountain


    The .243 is ideal for game weighing between 90-130lb but is also adequate for 180 lb big game animals. This weight limit is suggested not because the .243 cannot produce sufficient penetration on larger game, but because with rear lung shots, even though wounds may be free bleeding, kills can be so slow as to allow animals to run considerable distances and become lost altogether to the hunter. On heavy boned deer and elk careful shot placement is the key. Countless Elk have been successfully harvested with the .243 without fuss. However, for every success story there are just as many failures. While many experienced hunters like to argue the limitations of the .243 based on their own skills, animal welfare should always be paramount. There are a great many calibers more suitable for larger game than the .243. Have him practice with the 30 06. He might like it better and even shoot better with it. He is 16 and he can make his own final decision.
  7. Mountain

    Double Down

    Nice bulls. Congrats to you all. Love how your using Lamas like they do done in South America.
  8. Mountain

    Otc elk. My first rifle elk.

    So traditional black power is unethical too then. One shot make it count. I don't see what the big deal is. If I had to choose between his 30/30 with 150 to 170 grain bullet, archery or black Powder I would pick that 30/30 all day long.
  9. Mountain

    Good year to have a tag

    My buddy drew a rifle rut tag in 22N. Really lookin forward for this hunt with him this year and helping him tag a real nice bull!
  10. Mountain

    Good year to have a tag

    Good luck!
  11. Mountain

    Good year to have a tag

    Nice! What unit you guys headed to?
  12. Mountain

    Liberty Safe

    Not If its properly bolted to the concrete floor.... well I guess anything is possible. If someone someone really wants into it they will get in one way or another.... just call Liberty 🗽 safe and ask for the pass code! 😆
  13. Mountain

    Euro mount?

    I can give you easy instructions if you would like. Just takes some time. They come out pure white
  14. Mountain

    Euro mount?

    Have you ever thought about doing it yourself? Realy simple
  15. Mountain

    Salt river lakes reports?

    Any one been to any of the salt river lakes yet? Going to apache on the 28th for a few days. Crazy weather this past months. Hope the fishing is good.