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  1. swampokie

    Rem 700 Sold

    I have a browning abolt medallion 7mag 26' bbl 1989 walnut high gloss i can offer
  2. swampokie

    22-250 for sale

    Browning 220 for 300$ and weatherby vanguard ur kid spray painted in art class for 800$. Wow guys slow Down on the seconds and thirds! Goodness Mite as well take that 22-250 win if its still available. Thanks
  3. swampokie

    Some ammo for sale

    I’ll take the 257 off ur hands if available
  4. swampokie

    2 pairs kuiu socks like new $30 for both

    I’ll take these
  5. swampokie


    Pm sent. I’m back in service now
  6. swampokie


    Pm sent
  7. swampokie

    FS Howa 7mm-08 Muddy Girl Camo ***Price Drop***

    I have one of these in 243 and its the most accurate gun I’ve ever owned. I have and have had a lot of firearms. These and the new weatherbys are hair splitters. I bought the rifle in muddy girl dressing and threw a kuiu weatherby sa stock on it and wow half inch groups with factory ammo
  8. swampokie

    Climber Tree Stand $45

    Pm sent
  9. swampokie


  10. swampokie


    Pm sent.
  11. swampokie

    First Chambering?

    Not me. 25-06 is one of the few calibers ive never owned. Not that i dont want one but ive never found the right gun for the right deal. Tanger red pad 25-06 is an absolute lust dream for me but usually hard to find one with sharp rifling
  12. swampokie


    Very quiet and more durable than the guide. To me the guide fit more comfortable though. Great jacket overall. Maybe a little better at stopping the wind than guide but guide is warmer if hunting or glassing stationary
  13. swampokie

    Custom commercial fn Mauser model 98

    Thanks. 7-08 May be the best all around caliber out there. I really like my 700 in that caliber
  14. Have a fn custom sporterized and engraved floorplate/triggerguard model 98 Mauser for sale. It’s the deluxe model 24” bbl 243 caliber. 850$ shipped for gun with Redfield base. No scope. Thanks Belgian proof marks and all matching serial #s. Clean
  15. swampokie

    All Sold

    Pm sent on 410 and weaver