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  1. Good seller and a good 4 wheeler. Buy with confidence.
  2. creekhiker

    FREE to good home

    Dibs if this falls through.
  3. creekhiker

    Jet 2 Ton Trolley

    I want it, don't need it yet. Pm sent
  4. creekhiker

    Jet 2 Ton Trolley

    Pictures of the trolley wheels? Tapered?
  5. creekhiker

    Fly Tying for 2nd Deg Black Belt

    Got to meet Jacob and Brian today picking up my flies. It was a pleasure chatting with you both. The quality of the flies Jacob ties is amazing. I compared them to the few Umpqua flies in my box, specifically the copper john, his looks way better! Tighter wraps and no visible knots. 👍
  6. creekhiker

    Shout out to creekhiker (Derek) incredible dude

    Glad I could help out Andy. When you're ready to look at that clutch let me know, couple more cold ones and we'll have that fixed up too.
  7. creekhiker

    357 Sig factory ammo lower price 60.00

    I'll text you later. East Mesa here too.
  8. creekhiker

    357 Sig factory ammo lower price 60.00

  9. creekhiker

    Hey! what is this white stuff?

    I'm headed up Friday/Saturday for last scout before the late hunt, maybe I'll find some bulls this time. Will be nice and easy to spot them.