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  1. creekhiker

    disc sander lower price SOLD

    What's the throat opening on the dyobi?
  2. creekhiker

    Hang Elk quarters in Upright Freezer

    Got it at Lowes last year. Should be easier to find one this year.
  3. creekhiker

    Hang Elk quarters in Upright Freezer

    I have a Midea upright freezer that goes both ways. Fridge or freezer. You could have it in fridge mode while aging and switch it to freezer after you process.
  4. creekhiker

    Spring draw

    One more to that. Should he a good camp!!
  5. creekhiker

    Any east side welders

    Signal Butte & main if Redman didn't get you set up.
  6. creekhiker

    Wtt 40g. VMax for 55g/60g vmax

    If you break it up to sell I'd take 2 boxes.
  7. creekhiker

    Wtb rcbs #3 shell holder

    Just as the title says. Can't find one in stock anywhere minus the over priced ones on eBay. Anybody have an extra they want to sell?
  8. creekhiker

    Hunter Safety

    I brought my out of state certificate (Wi) to my field day a few years ago, they looked at it and asked if I wanted it back. Didn't make a difference to them if I had it or not. Passed the simple course, get your point.
  9. creekhiker

    Anyone want to trade SRPs for LRPs?

    I have Cci # 400 srp. I need cci # 200 or fed 210s. Got 300 to trade.
  10. creekhiker

    Stock modifications

    Here's what the other gun looks like. I'm assuming he did it the same way. The butt isn't hollowed out, but it's a super tight fit between recoil lug and stock. Devcon the way to go for bedding material?
  11. creekhiker

    Stock modifications

    He was from Oregon. I don't get how there are no vise marks on the outside of the stock, thinking he used a hammer and chisel. Looks like I'll be ordering a boyds stock. McMillan offers one as well it appears.
  12. Bought this Rem 722 in .257 bob along with a .222 a few years ago. The .222 is a shooter, full glass bed, but not fun to carry around. I'm assuming the guy never got around to finishing this rifle. Is this stock prepped correctly? Or do I just find a new/old stock?
  13. Good seller and a good 4 wheeler. Buy with confidence.
  14. creekhiker

    FREE to good home

    Dibs if this falls through.
  15. creekhiker

    Jet 2 Ton Trolley

    I want it, don't need it yet. Pm sent