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  1. saw the dude on instagram hes ok.
  2. trphyhntr

    Taxidermy advice

    Uhhhh.... ok
  3. trphyhntr

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    sounds like he might of had it overfilled or put it on backwards and it still had a lot memory? mine is full of 50lb braid and ive never had a twist with it yet., its been used a lot. i will report back if i get one.
  4. trphyhntr

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    My slammer 6500 spinner would make short work of a 25lb yellowfin and would have no problem with a 50lb bluefin. Every where else in the world they use spinners these days, except California.
  5. trphyhntr

    Biggest Coues Shed

    drops off the SEEKER buck?
  6. trphyhntr

    Red flag laws

    pete king has always been about taking our guns.
  7. trphyhntr

    What’s on the menu?

    My moms lasagna reheated and a handle of captain for dessert. But I usually hunt from my house.
  8. trphyhntr

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    Should honestly all go to Mexico and drink bacanora
  9. trphyhntr

    We need a CWT gathering

    I’ll bring a couple twinks.
  10. trphyhntr

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    Yes I do remember that. I wonder if he still deep sea fishes
  11. trphyhntr

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    So if you catch two 20lb tunas it costs $40 to clean them both ?
  12. trphyhntr

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    We caught one in May
  13. trphyhntr

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    Mackerel sharks are a family of sharks. Not specific species. And the sharks in that family have pointed noses. The markings on the back, the blunt nose, the pectoral fins, that’s a tiger
  14. trphyhntr

    What do you think this bull will score?

    More than you afford pal, Ferrari