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  1. trphyhntr

    Finally made it down south

    Good job vato.
  2. trphyhntr

    Baja East Cape

    They’ll either try to piece a trip together with other people going your direction and you can split the cost or you can just pay it all yourself and roll out.
  3. trphyhntr

    Baja East Cape

    i always just walk out front of the airport and ask for a cab.
  4. trphyhntr

    Trail camera recommendations

    No stealthcam no care
  5. trphyhntr

    Baja East Cape

    814lb blue caught out of CSL a couple days ago.
  6. trphyhntr

    AZGFD banning yote contest!!!

    This is the real problem some old fudds have with social media. They get jealous that there’s younger people out there doing way better than them at hunting and they get mad.
  7. trphyhntr

    AZGFD banning yote contest!!!

    It’s the older Elmer Fudds that screw up everything with hunting and guns
  8. trphyhntr

    AZGFD banning yote contest!!!

    right, like how the millennials voted out trapping in AZ? Oh wait.... I also have more bad news for you, if you’re 50 right now you’re generation x.
  9. trphyhntr

    AZGFD banning yote contest!!!

    The baby boomer generation will stop at nothing to give away more and more of our freedoms.
  10. trphyhntr

    AZGFD banning yote contest!!!

    hopefully they ban fishing tournaments next, then bow fishing tournaments. then bow fishing all together. then we can move onto the real problems like hunting with dogs for sport. then ban hunting lions all together. maybe even get rid of hunting entirely. you and your buddies can still look at elk off the highway
  11. trphyhntr

    San Diego 4th of July Suggestions

    i wouldnt get on a boat of san diego in july then.
  12. trphyhntr


    strong username to post content ratio
  13. trphyhntr

    Where are the crappie pics?

    roosevelt crappie bite always sucks.
  14. trphyhntr

    Baja East Cape

    Punta Colorada is closed now I’m pretty sure. I’ve stayed at palmas de cortez I liked it I would stay there again. It’s closer to town, los barilles. Might want to check vrbo for some nice beach houses. The boat depends on your budget and if you want to be on a cruiser or a panga
  15. trphyhntr

    Canada Bear hunt

    About as cool as shooting one in bearizona