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  1. trphyhntr

    Unit 33 Late Rifle?

    Yes worth it. Don’t over think it, go hunting
  2. trphyhntr

    Kansas 2019

  3. trphyhntr

    Arizona Coues Highlight Reel

    do you hunt?
  4. trphyhntr

    My Kaibab buck

  5. trphyhntr

    Ethics or not?

    Was sitting next to a snowbird the other night at the bar. I told him guys here shoot quail on the ground. He couldn’t believe
  6. trphyhntr

    Coues deer with a lever action?

    How tf do you change your left and right sighting with a model 94? Mine shoots 6” left
  7. trphyhntr

    Coues deer with a lever action?

    i shot my first buck when i was 12 in south dakota with a model 94 30-30. was thinking it would be cool to break it out and try to shoot something with it. very cool dude. 30-30 contender lever action pick one.
  8. i saw theres quite a few threads about it but i didnt see any pics. i thought i remember one from a few years ago but couldnt find it. have any of you taken a coues buck with a lever action?
  9. trphyhntr

    UNIT 11 M for 12/13/2019

    id like to help but ive bought an archery tag 22 years in a row now, ive tagged 0 deer.
  10. trphyhntr

    Kansas 2019

    isnt it kinda hard for out of staters to draw mule deer there or how does it work
  11. trphyhntr

    43B Ram down

    Looks real good to me
  12. trphyhntr

    Missing hunters in Mexico

    its so crazy i believe it.
  13. trphyhntr

    Late November Coues 2019

    the gray ghost
  14. trphyhntr

    Late November Coues 2019

    the window, the hood, the frame of the rhino, all make good rests. ive never used any of those of course....
  15. trphyhntr

    Where are all the Kaibab Bucks ?

    the 2 nicest bucks ive seen were killed by chicks. lances daughters buck and another guys wife killed a giant probably the biggest killed of the hunt.