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  1. trphyhntr

    Lees Ferry.

    Surprised there’s not jet skis?
  2. trphyhntr

    2022 SD Tuna/Yellowtail trips

    I’m going to Mexico if the viento is muy bueno. Gonna get a gallo, pesca de orillo.
  3. trphyhntr

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    Poverty choices. You ever had a burger at congrejos in PL? I’ve had 3, they’re pretty dang good tbh.
  4. trphyhntr

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    Idk how anyone could call a Freddy’s burger mediocre. I get some people don’t like the flat patty’s but they’re delicious and fries with garlic salt. Gaf
  5. trphyhntr

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    Yet I drive by the one on alma school all the time and there’s a line down the street. Wtf
  6. trphyhntr

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    in n out was the most disappointing burger i ever had. and i already had low expectations knowing it was a califiornia thing. reminded me of a jumbo jack.
  7. trphyhntr

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    Nicks Burgers, Brookings SD.
  8. trphyhntr

    Monday Check in

    Nah I didn’t up them, I was eating like 450g. I haven’t been counting too close. 3 bowls 80g oatmeal with 20g cake mix and whey. 2 cups rice mandarin sauce and 300g chicken, pancakes. I took out the pancakes, I gotta put them back in
  9. trphyhntr

    Why Wait….Deer Draw

    Remember how during the election they’d stop counting and then Biden would be winning? Same idea
  10. trphyhntr

    Reservation closed

  11. trphyhntr

    Road kill

    That must have been him. RIP
  12. trphyhntr

    Why Wait….Deer Draw

    Soon enough
  13. trphyhntr

    Monday Check in

    I made flan, tres leches cake, pork in the crockpot with root beer. Hit 350g carbs or more everyday last week and I lost a pound fml. Hitting legs tonight after I watch jay cutler vids eat oatmeal
  14. trphyhntr

    Any cool Father’s Day stories or gifts to share?

    I made my dad a cake
  15. trphyhntr

    Monday Check in

    That’s hardcore bro