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  1. trphyhntr

    AUCTION: A Week-long Vacation at a Luxurious Resort

    are there other fees involved, am i obligated to go to a time share meeting?
  2. trphyhntr

    Fox News goes CNN

    Fox News and Fox 10 News. Huge difference
  3. trphyhntr

    Blood from a turnip lol

    The people complaining probably had red for Ed written on their car windows lmfao
  4. trphyhntr

    3b sept archery

    Not a very good hunt. Turn it back in and put in for 1 next year
  5. trphyhntr

    White Mountain Lakes

    word war 2?
  6. trphyhntr

    What is this?

    BM Pooper?
  7. trphyhntr

    Dead Head

    Who needs a stinky 5x for their backyard anyway. I would just left it in the woods
  8. trphyhntr

    White Mountain Lakes

    its pathetic. how in 2019, can they not even produce a half assed fishing report.
  9. trphyhntr

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    was he bit in the hand?
  10. trphyhntr

    Lower Black River

    sand bagger.
  11. trphyhntr

    Happy Easter

  12. trphyhntr

    Lower Black River

    You have to go and find out the bite for us. But if it’s on fire don’t post it just message me..
  13. trphyhntr


    Report his username to the BBB
  14. trphyhntr


    The zone exists again ?
  15. trphyhntr

    Sunrise Lake

    no idea. but im excited to see how full it gets this summer. that lake was almost a mud puddle
  16. trphyhntr

    Finally made it down south

    usually yeah smaller. the ones ive caught down there were 5-10lbs with a few 12-15lb mixed in. the bigger ones arent around for very long there. San Carlos kicked out some absolute slob yellows this year. 45lbers
  17. trphyhntr

    San Diego 4th of July Suggestions

    i think id rather fish with heavier gear and get no bites then fish with light line and lose them all.
  18. trphyhntr

    Finally made it down south

    Good job vato.
  19. trphyhntr

    Baja East Cape

    They’ll either try to piece a trip together with other people going your direction and you can split the cost or you can just pay it all yourself and roll out.
  20. trphyhntr

    Baja East Cape

    i always just walk out front of the airport and ask for a cab.
  21. trphyhntr

    Trail camera recommendations

    No stealthcam no care
  22. trphyhntr

    Baja East Cape

    814lb blue caught out of CSL a couple days ago.
  23. trphyhntr

    AZGFD banning yote contest!!!

    This is the real problem some old fudds have with social media. They get jealous that there’s younger people out there doing way better than them at hunting and they get mad.
  24. trphyhntr

    AZGFD banning yote contest!!!

    It’s the older Elmer Fudds that screw up everything with hunting and guns