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  1. Rob Stephan

    Free ammo read description

    BC8702, I texted you and wondered who needed some 280 factory loads for free
  2. Rob Stephan

    Primer for rifle and magnum rifle

    Bwinkle, you’re a day late and a dollar short 😳
  3. Rob Stephan

    Primer for rifle and magnum rifle

    I would like the Winchester’s.
  4. Rob Stephan

    Bruno’s has lots of powder.

    Thanks for the heads up Matt!
  5. Rob Stephan


    Sent you a pm
  6. Rob Stephan


    Sent you a PM
  7. Rob Stephan

    6.5 prc brass in stock

    I shoot 7 Mag Nosler blems. You might find a “shorty” once in awhile, but I have shot and hunted with them for many years without incident. ( I have around 350 of them, and am very happy that some folks think they’re junk 👍)
  8. Rob Stephan


    Texted a minute ago
  9. Rob Stephan

    N550 in Stock

  10. Rob Stephan

    WTB Berger 7mm 180gr hybrid

    Not the hybrids but 180 VLD’s
  11. Rob Stephan

    Primers for sale-SOLD

    And I’ll take the Winchester’s too👍🏻
  12. Rob Stephan

    Primers for sale-SOLD

    I’ll take 500 of the Federal Magnum primers. Where are located?
  13. Rob Stephan

    6.5 PRC Brass for trade

    PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - I was fortunate to get a double order of 6.5 PRC Nosler brass (blems) from Shooters Pro Supply. ( I currently shoot this type of “Nosler blems” in my 7mm Mags 👍). I would like to spread it around to the Arizona folks before posting it on the other shooting/hunting forums. “IF I don’t get any trades I WILL RE-POST FOR SALE later” I would like to trade for unopened powder. Either H1000 or IMR 7977 (preferably same lot numbers) 50 pcs of brass = 1 pound of powder PLEASE send me a PM if you’re interested
  14. Rob Stephan

    Reloading Powder For Sale

    I’ll take the two pounds of IMR8133 please.
  15. Rob Stephan

    IMR 4350 for trade

    How many 22LR is he looking for?