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  1. Rob Stephan

    Kodiak Tent - Initial Thoughts

    I have the 10x10 Kodiak and used it last week during the high winds and snow (21 degrees)on a deer hunt. I use the small Mr. Buddy heater and that was plenty. I also set up the vestibule, however, it took me longer to set up the vestibule than it did to set up the tent. I removed the vestibule before the high winds removed it for me. Unbelievable tent, I couldn’t believe it survived that wind and snow!
  2. I will say, they might be a tad heavy, but they save you “miles” of walking. I love mine! Worth every penny!
  3. Rob Stephan

    WTS- H1000

    Sold, please delete.
  4. Rob Stephan

    WTS- H1000

    I have a couple of pounds of H1000 (1 pounders - same lot) that I would sell together for $125😀. (I had to buy these in 2lb limit buys - hazmat was crazy) I was trying to trade it for some new 7mm Mag brass on an earlier add, but it looks like this stuff is very popular. I have some primers too if interested 👍🏻
  5. Rob Stephan

    H1000/CCI 250 Primers Trade for new 7mm Mag Brass

    OMG Cliff! I would love to come to the ranch and pick up some brass AND shoot some long range stuff! Jeff and I have been shooting quite a lot. Put my number in your phone! 602-525-9523
  6. Looking for some new 7mm Remington Mag Brass. I’m willing to trade some Hodgdon H1000 powder or some CCI 250 Magnum Large rifle primers. Let me know if you’re interested. Prefer Hornady or Nosler brass. Thanks!
  7. I have a pair of older Docter 30x80’s that are perfect. I carry them all over the place. Great glass👍🏻