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  1. Rob Stephan

    N570 Powder

    I sent you a couple PM's
  2. Rob Stephan

    Swarovski 15x56 (sold )

  3. Rob Stephan

    Zeiss ClassiC T*P 10x40 - SOLD

  4. Rob Stephan

    2024 youth giveaway

    I have another two boxes of 20 gauge for you! I'll hold onto them until we can conveniently meet.
  5. Rob Stephan

    FREE Stuff

    Too far for AZ7maghunter too. Still available!
  6. Rob Stephan

    FREE Stuff

    32nd Street and Ray Road. I believe it’s quite far from you if I remember correctly. AZ7maghunter is interested in the stove. We’re corresponding at the moment. I’ll keep ya posted if he’s not coming over.
  7. Rob Stephan

    FREE Stuff

    I have a couple of things I came across while sorting through my attic. Hopefully someone could use them. 1) New in box - Propane Single burner stove - (great for your morning coffee without leaving your tent) 2) Propane Lantern - no case Yours for the taking! Rob
  8. Rob Stephan

    Unopened 8lbs IMR7977

    Sent you a text
  9. Rob Stephan

    Unopened 8lbs IMR7977

    Just in case some you use IMR7977. Always kept in my indoor safe. $375
  10. I’d like sell as a package. 5 boxes of 168 Grain VLDH Berger Bullets for $340 local pick-up. (Or $70 per box if sold separately) My cross streets are 32nd street and Ray Road.
  11. I have a bunch of 168 VLDH Berger’s I could trade for some 160 grain Nosler Accubond’s or buy them outright. Just looking to do some load development with them. No hurry, it’s not like I drew any hunting permits. Let me know if you’re looking for reloading “stuff” other than the 168’s - I might have something you need Thanks, Rob
  12. Rob Stephan

    WTT RL 26 8lbs

    Sent you a PM. Location?
  13. Rob Stephan

    Looking for RL26

    https://www.longrangehunting.com/threads/9-reloader-26.320811/#post-2712623 In Phoenix 👍
  14. Rob Stephan

    Wtb Reloading Supplies

    My cross streets are Ray Road and 32nd Street. I started load development with RL22 for my 7 Mag and then found H1000. I just weighed the container in the pic at 14 ounces just shy of a pound. It has been in my bedroom closet since 2020. You can have it for free............😉
  15. Rob Stephan

    WTB pack frame for hauling meat

    Agreed, however, I actually hunt with my frame and daypack strapped on. I’ve shot most of my animals off of the frame and daypack..........that’s the only reason I thought it was a good option.