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  1. Rob Stephan

    Wtb 6.5 140gr elite hunters

  2. Rob Stephan

    Lapua 6.5 PRC Brass

    That’s good deal right there! I just spent $210 shipped to my door👍
  3. Rob Stephan

    WTT 6.5mm berger

  4. Rob Stephan

    Lapua 6.5 prc brass

    Thanks Len! Now I don’t have any money for powder😩
  5. https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/category/categoryId/918?
  6. Rob Stephan

    Wtb 7mm 168 hunting bullets

    PM me with your powders and bullets for trade. Thanks Rob!
  7. Rob Stephan

    Wtb NF shv 5-20x56

  8. Rob Stephan


    Could you please change your avatar picture😳That buck is insane and I get nauseous every time I look at it........unbelievable!!
  9. Rob Stephan

    Vihtavuori N570

    Says you can’t receive messages
  10. Rob Stephan

    Vihtavuori N570

    I’ll take it!
  11. https://www.precisionreloading.com/cart.php#!l=BG&i=26504
  12. Rob Stephan

    Looking for powders

  13. Rob Stephan

    Retumbo Powder and ELDX

    Hmmmmm, didn’t see it!
  14. Rob Stephan

    TRADE Complete! - 400 Federal 215M Primers for trade

    Well, I made a trade with CouesPursuit, but my last contact with him was on December 14 and we still haven’t made a trade. So I still have them in my possession.
  15. Rob Stephan

    SOLD - 6.5PRC Reloading “Package Deal Only”

    I don’t have dies. I was working up some loads for a friend’s PRC using his reloading components and dies. I thought I was going to buy or build a PRC, but decided to just build another 7 Mag.