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  1. Rob Stephan

    6.5 PRC Hornady Precision Hunter 143gr ELD-X

    👍 I’ll keep ya posted!
  2. I have 3 boxes of 6.5 PRC Precision Hornady Hunter 143gr ELD-X ammo. All the same lot number. $60 per box - my cross streets are 32nd Street and Ray Road. I’ll be home for about a week or so then headed out for awhile.
  3. Rob Stephan

    Looking for imr4895 in Phoenix

    https://store.thirdgenerationshootingsupply.com/catalog/product/view/id/16322/s/imr-4895-1-lb-imr48951lb/category/9525/ Another option for you too!
  4. Rob Stephan

    Looking for imr4895 in Phoenix

  5. Rob Stephan

    Doctor 15x60B Nobilem binos

    I’ve had my 15x Docter’s set-up side by side with all of the other 15’s, (at the same time on a sheep hunt) my old eyes couldn’t justify the price of the latest technology. I’ve been using my 15’s for 15 years or more. (I also own a pair of 30x Docter’s I pack into big coues country - love’em!) Good luck with the sale!
  6. https://reloadingeverything.com/federal-primer-lr-210-029465056254s-6955/
  7. Rob Stephan

    FS - 7mm Mag Brass/bullets/powder

    Everything is SPF.........
  8. Rob Stephan

    FS - 7mm Mag Brass/bullets/powder

    32nd street and Ray Road
  9. Rob Stephan

    FS - 7mm Mag Brass/bullets/powder

    Just in case anyone needed this stuff. I have a bag of (50) 7mm Mag Nosler Brass (blems) and a bag of (100) .284 168 grain Nosler ABLR (blems) and a pound of IMR8133. Package deal for $150
  10. Rob Stephan

    For Sale - Reddington Wader Boots

    Brand new - Never worn Reddington Wader Boots - Size 13 (Good for size 11/12 using neoprene waders) Bought these for a fly fishing trip in Montana. Never used, we did all of our fishing in a float tube. $125
  11. Rob Stephan

    Garage door repair recommendations in Mesa

    I have used Rottman Garage doors (Mike and Jason) for many years. Jason’s cell number is 480-286-1949 and Mike’s cell is 602-881-6436. AND they are both avid hunters too 😀
  12. Rob Stephan

    Winchester model 100 .308

    You should post some good pictures of it so we can get an idea of what it might worth. Model 100 is a real classic👍
  13. Rob Stephan

    MidSouth Powders

    4831sc, Titegroup, H110
  14. Rob Stephan

    Free ammo read description

    BC8702, I texted you and wondered who needed some 280 factory loads for free