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  1. In great shape. Keeping the frame for the atlas trainer and long range pack. These bags are bomb proof and are great for any terrain (made of 500 cordura). 5500 cubic inches. Can be tightened down for a day pack and expanded out and used to go on multiple overnight trips. $200 OBO
  2. BBD21

    WTB Hunting Pack

    Im selling my outdoorsmans optics hunter bag only. Then all you’d need to get would be their frame system. Would save you a good amount of money on a bomb proof pack system.
  3. BBD21

    Jim white head or outdoorsmans pan?

    That’s the exact reason I went with the va5. It’s butter smooth. No sticky feature that I know you’re talking about. None of the weight shift that ends up slamming your optic straight down either. I had the outdoorsman micro and while it’s probably the best lightweight head on the market, you still don’t get the smoothness like you do with a fluid head. It can handle any spotter and the btx. Comes in only $150 as well compared to $400 for the outdoorsmans. Happy glassing
  4. BBD21

    Jim white head or outdoorsmans pan?

    Sirui va5 best head I’ve ever used and can’t beat the price
  5. BBD21

    Kuiu scree gaiters

    No thank you. Sorry.
  6. BBD21

    Kuiu scree gaiters

    Size XL
  7. BBD21

    Kuiu scree gaiters

    Never been used in the field. Perfect condition. Northwest valley. $40
  8. BBD21

    Swarovski spotting scopes

    Just going through these forums bored and if you were still wondering. I just got the stx with the 65mm objective. I’ve looked through the 80mm hd ats model as well. The stx/atx is with out a doubt the clearer and brighter glass. It’s well worth the money. It is so clear it’s un real. Usually in a spotter it gets less clear as you increase the magnification. That is not the case with the stx/atx. It stays clear from edge to edge. The field flattener they put in the EL Bino and the ATX/STX is un real.
  9. Lol I was just playing devils advocate. I agree I just switched from razor 10x50 to EL 10x50 and it’s night and day difference in my opinion!
  10. Vortex is just as good as swarovski. Change my mind