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  1. Chef

    New NL Pure 14x52

    What was Outdoorsman's price?
  2. Chef

    Help needed.

    Sorry to hear about your SIL. She will be in our thoughts and we wish for a good outcome. As for the raffle, please check and double check rules set forth. Charitable Gaming | Arizona Department of Gaming (az.gov) How may a licensee participate in the raffling of firearms by an unlicensed organization? | Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (atf.gov)
  3. At first I thought that was saffron! I was like... 🎵Ooooo fancy pants rich McGee over here...🎶🎵 LOL
  4. Andiamo is in Scottsdale.
  5. Their Mayo location. Trevor's Liquor on E. Mayo. Scottsdale 101 Shopping Center (trevors.com)
  6. Brutal. This is unfortunate. Crazy how a review can create so much in a positive or negative light.
  7. We tried Trevor's Liquor last week and again yesterday. The first trip really didn't live up to the hype. (I prefer Andiamo's) They are better prepared for larger volume in sales and the actual place is vibrant and fun. That said, their oven was too hot, which gives the pizza its charred look and flavor, but the base can still use more time. Plus, they use way too much flour on the pizza peel, which stays on the pizza's undercarriage. . Yesterday was better. Good crust, decent sauce, quality ingredients. They still had excess flour stuck on the bottom.
  8. It's been several weeks since Andiamo Pizzeria has "temporarily closed". Hopefully they are doing the remodel that they originally planned, but you never know.
  9. Chef

    bonus point

  10. Chef

    2024 Turkey

    Congrats! Nice footage. I was waiting for the shotgun blast!
  11. Chef

    1974 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

    We can add a CouesWhitetail.com decal to that bad boy free of charge to the lucky winner!
  12. Chef

    Outdoorsmans fluid head

    Stud buck.
  13. Chef

    Getting screwed by San Carlos?

    A lot of what you just said rings true for Utah and SFW.
  14. Sonoita is nice. Or, you could relocate to the Wellton Station and help us all out with desert bighorn scouting!
  15. Chef

    Reservation Lake

    That sounds like a good time. I'll be up in the area in several days for the long weekend. What rigs were bringing in the fish? Were there any fire restrictions like you mentioned?