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  1. Chef

    A Tale of Two Tags

    That buck dropped it like it's hot!
  2. Chef

    Clover's First Elk

    Glad to see your new GSP out there with you on her first hunt Doug!
  3. Chef

    Outdoorsman Optics Pack

    So what new pack did you buy!
  4. Chef

    Yet another stalked by a Cougar vid

    Thread to top to deter more reposts.
  5. Chef

    12aw late

    Snow was heavy in a lot of units last year during the late elk hunts. I know of a couple instances where snowmobile access granted trophy opportunities.
  6. Chef

    Happy Birthday Amanda!

    Happy Birthday to the both of you and every other member whose Bday is today!
  7. Chef


    I figured it was high fence being as they were exotics. I was just wondering if it was a large enough ranch where one could spot & stalk, that sort of thing. Even if it was pronghorn style hunting, that's fun for me. Without any tags and the availability to possibly hunt in off season months, this may be entertaining. C'mon Casey lets go!
  8. Chef


    Is it an actual hunt? If so this may be a fun trip and good way to get some great exotic table fare. Nilgai is supposed to be fantastic eating.
  9. Chef

    Yet another stalked by a Cougar vid

    Happens to me up in Cave Creek every time.
  10. Chef

    10yr Old Daughter's rifle bull

    Nice. Cute kid. She looks so tiny standing over her first bull! I bet you'll get a kick out of it as she gets bigger. Way to get her out in the field, from the sounds of it she can out hike and scope up game better than most!
  11. Way to go guys. The big smile on Thomas' face says it all! Congratulations to all and a huge THANK YOU to everyone that answered the call to help get this youngster a buck!
  12. Chef

    Youth Cow Hunt

    Congratulations Carson!!
  13. Chef

    Cow Bison Skull - Euro Mount

    That thing is SOLID! Now you can cover it completely with turquoise. Congrats again Stan.
  14. Chef

    Late Elk Rut

    I was in 23 this weekend and we had a peep squeak bull bugling steady at camp from 9PM through 3AM.