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  1. Chef

    Archery Goat Down

    STUD! Great buck Christian! Way to get it done on a MASS buck! Looks like HH! (?)
  2. Chef

    2020 Mexico Coues Video

    What an awesome trailer! Nice job and welcome to the forum.
  3. Chef

    New Mexico desert sheep

    Here is my good friend Jesse with Dain Ellsworths ram taken out of the Peloncillo's in 11/03/2012. I wish you the best of luck on your hunt!
  4. Chef

    My Daughter is Officially a Marine

    Congratulations to all. *I absolutely love that she is always smiling.
  5. Chef

    New Mexico desert sheep

    Thank You for keeping us in your adventure! Heck of a tag as you very well know. Enjoy every minute and breath in what many of us only dream about. Can't wait to share in your success!
  6. Chef

    Now this is funny.

    Not the photo KUIU wanted to see I bet either.
  7. Chef

    Odd Behavior?

    No response from AZGFD? looks suspiciously similar to footage that Drummond took of a buck with CWD... https://youtu.be/KAVs8IwzVqk
  8. Chef

    Raffle bull

    dang Straight!
  9. Chef

    Raffle bull

    No, neither the Governor's auction tag nor the raffle tags come with guides. It is my understanding that this bull was difficult to find, literally. They passed on several huge bulls and they were close to their deadline. Congratulations to all. Heck of a bull.
  10. Chris and your team at WH. I just want to say I'm really digging the articles and reviews! I found myself following a rabbit hole reading page after page. Great content for like minded hunters and adventurers. Not a lot of print anymore, just wanted to say you did good with your platform and format. I wish you all the best of luck this season.
  11. Chef

    Savage model 16 build

    You are correct, it's synthetic with a ton of flex...lmost rubber-like in feel. He bought it chambered in Lazzeroni's short action Patriot and has had tremendous success in working up a load and Lance has assisted him with accurizing even more so. It's weakest link is the stock, so he's been looking. After getting everyone's replies, I think he finally has made his biggest strides. Sorry to hijack the thread!
  12. Chef

    Savage model 16 build

    Thanks a ton guys. I'll direct him to this thread. He may chime in on his Sierra 168gr performance. I know he shot a coues at very close range and he about blew the opposite shouder. Granted, to add to STOMP442's theory, if you aren't hitting bone at that velocity, you may not get expansion.
  13. Chef

    Savage model 16 build

    Thanks PRDATR and yes he has looked at Boyds but would prefer Synthetic/Fiberglass over Laminate. He may have to go the Boyds route if he doesn't have much luck then try to lighten it up a bit before bedding. He found that Manner's possibly could hook him up, but they now wont return his emails/calls. (!?) The Savage forums are shock full of experienced guys. I found that you don't bed the rear tang on a Savage! They all HATE the flexible plastic stock on the early rifles.
  14. Chef

    Savage model 16 build

    My Buddy shoots 168gr Sierra Matchkings from his Patriot chambered Savage Model 16. He's had plenty of one shot kills at different ranges on elk, mule deer, and coues. Sometimes with devastating expansion and exit channels. He is having a hard time finding an aftermarket stock for his Model 16 Weather Warrior. It's an older (non accustock) version. Do you have any leads?
  15. Chef

    My Lion mount

    Nice mount! Why is it that I always think of TAM’s lion mount every time I see a post like this!? That was a classic!! Lol