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  1. Chef

    No more shopping at Trader Joes

    I used to have the HOOK UP on masala, biryani, curry powders. (ahem Stan!) 😎
  2. Chef

    No more shopping at Trader Joes

    Next thing you know they won’t allow hats be worn in church. No cell phones in IC units in hospitals. No smoking when at the fuel station. Must wear PPE when in construction zones.
  3. Chef

    Ride Now

    I absolutely LOVE when sales reps start off with calling me "boss" or whatnot. In the same conversation I'll refer to them as: Champ Shooter Tiger Bud Hoss Big Dog Maverick Turbo Chief Ace Sport Amigo It's so much fun!
  4. Chef

    GameStop Craziness!!

    The problem is the hedge funds "bet" on Gamestop's demise and manipulated the market by undervaluing the stock. They stood to make a killing $ if their forecast came through. Now that retail inventors (us) are buying, the hedge funds are forced to buy more shares to cut their losses, which in turn raises the share price even more. This is such an interesting turn of events that it will bring on regulation and hopefully uncover the shady practices of the hedge funds.
  5. Chef

    GameStop Craziness!!

    I've been watching it very closely. Some inventors on WSB are making major gains with this and AMC, BB, etc. Unfortunate that the hedge funds have the power to degrade a company's stock for their greedy purposes. It's also not fair that they get to trade after hours. ...and don't get me started on RH and other apps restricting trading of said stocks...Market Manipulation! Okay, I've said my piece!
  6. My wife and I were below them when they flew by Azbowhntr this year. I was video taping two bulls and saw a shadow hit me from above. I knew what it was and braced for the fury. It was awesome. I head 50 yards back to Dulce and she was glassing while under a tree so she didn't get to see them but was awestruck by the shockload. I've been hunting bighorns in BGAFR and they love to ride those canyons low and fast. It brings you to your knees! My favorite is one time glassing through a draw and I see one break in and out of my FOV fast! I hear it three seconds later. AWESOME!
  7. Chef

    Timney trigger- worth it?

    Todd at Southern Xpress is installing a Jard trigger and bedding an A-Bolt II for me as we speak.
  8. Chef

    Timney trigger- worth it?

    I believe that Timney offers a complete drop in trigger assembly for the X-Bolt vs only a spring kit for the A-Bolt. *Jard does make a drop in trigger for both.
  9. Chef

    New Member

    Tex, I removed the "Strikethrough" in your post. You must have accidentally clicked the S located at the top part of the text box when you typed. Push it and it makes your text look like this.
  10. Chef

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    Both are bad. You can talk about how bad they are. Just no animal cruelty or cussing while your talking about it. At least not here.
  11. Chef

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    Delw, I wholeheartedly agree. This is why his posts were not deleted. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It’s all in the delivery.
  12. Chef

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    Nobull350...I just spent longer than I wanted to cleaning up your posts in this thread. I didn’t delete them so as to allow you to voice your opinion. I do not want to clean up any more of your threads. No vulgarity period. I don’t care how you spell it.
  13. Chef

    Dry Rub Venison Back Strap

    ....and WELCOME to the forum!
  14. Chef

    Dry Rub Venison Back Strap

    That looks fantastic! Coues is my favorite of all big game meats, and this is the way I do it too.
  15. Perfect and very noble! I’ll start the bidding at $100!