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  1. Chef

    Poaching ring busted

    As I type, I remember a funny story. Every so often on the Chuuk Islands, they would get Greenpeace type folks anchor and try and save the people from their own paradise. Well, the Chuukese know to not tell the visitors what they were eating (dog) until AFTER the meal. They would get a kick out of seeing them distraught, appalled, and you can think of everything else. Ahhhh, good times.
  2. Chef

    Poaching ring busted

    I lived and worked as a Chef in Guam for a couple of years right before Y2K. I befriended several of the Chamorro and Chuukese and they taught me how to deep dive snorkel and spearfish. We hunted everything from parrotfish to octopus, great times and fond memories for sure. They told me that in Chuuk they loved dogs and had them as pets. During a bad typhoon season, when they couldn't fish, they would eat them. "They make good pets and are tasty too" is what one told me. I remember that to this day. Interesting to note, they would only eat the black ones. They deemed them safer to eat and less prone to getting you sick as they had less likelihood to have vaccines etc. (!?)
  3. Chef

    Anyone own a tourist shop

    Tom, if we catch up again in sheep camp this coming season, I’m interested in one of your burl bowls or vases!
  4. Chef


    Be prepared to know your pressures coming from your well pump. Also distances and elevation changes from your water source to the farthest starting point on your field/s. This will correlate to what components will work best for you with reels. (diameter hose etc.)
  5. Chef

    defiance deviant 6mm dasher custom rifle

    Diggin' that rifle stock
  6. Chef

    Looking for youth tag team partners

    Yes. This.
  7. Chef

    Cinco de Mayo Gould’s- 4 bearded tom

    Congratulations! The smile says it all. I had never seen a 4-bearded turkey before.
  8. Chef

    Muzzleloader Shotgun Goulds

    Nice. Super sweet you went muzzy shotgun too.
  9. Chef

    Opening Morning Goulds

    Way to go Christian!
  10. Chef

    2023 Kaibab Bison Success!

    Dude! You are on a roll! Congrats to the both of you. Shout out to Eddie C!
  11. I don't know who Carrie J is from here but CONGRATS!
  12. Chef

    23-24 regs up online

    I have only found the harvest data for sheep. BSSUM22.xlsx (live-azgfd-main.pantheonsite.io)
  13. Crazy buck. Even better ending to the story.
  14. Chef

    Best HD Scope Mount Setup?

    I'm in the process up setting up a somewhat lightweight rifle and went with the DNZ Game Reaper set up. I like the one-piece base and have run them before with no issues.
  15. Chef

    New Mexico draw

    Same here. Nada.