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  1. Chef

    Happy Birthday Amanda.

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!! Enjoy your day and enjoy your Special Split Pea Soup!
  2. Chef

    Happy Birthday CHEF

    Thanks so much Keven and Amanda! AMAZING how time flies. Appreciate every minute. Enjoy your friends and loved ones. I enjoyed Saturday morning brunch with a Bloody Mary bar at Hash Kitchen! The day has juuuuust begun! 🤩
  3. Chef

    Shipping Taxi when Travelling to hunt.

    TOTALLY worth the cost. Nothing is worse than a bad mount done by someone not very familiar with delicate coues deer characteristics. Don't ask me how I know. I've had one redone, it cost me more money in the long run than shipping would in this circumstance. It sounds like this is a one time shot for you hunting coues. (?) Not worth blemishing the experience with a bad mount. Have I said how much I hate bad taxidermy?
  4. Chef

    SOLD-Outdoorsmans Optics Pack

    In this circumstance, you are probably right Casey! Although he normally comes out way heavier than all of us!
  5. Chef

    SOLD-Outdoorsmans Optics Pack

    Here is a photo of my buddy cramerhunts wearing his without the bag attached. This was on our final pack out with me using the Outdoorsmans pack loaded heavy. I just wanted a reason to post another photo of the bull we killed.
  6. For sale is my trusty Outdoorsmans Optics Hunter Pack in Max 1.You all recognize this pack so I won’t go into the details and specs. Wear is as expected for a heavily used hunting pack but as with all of my gear, has been well taken care of. Stored indoors during the off-season, never in a hot garage or camper trailer. All zippers, straps, buckles, etc. work as they should. I can easily answer any questions regarding this pack and am happy to send you additional photos. I have attached pictures below to show the condition of the pack as best as possible. I did not take photos of the inside, but rest assured it is in better condition than the exterior. I absolutely love this pack and its weight handling capability. Being able to use the frame without the bag and pack out heavy loads is ingenious. What I find the most practical are the two long compartments on either side where I store my tripod and sitting stool. The pack is designed very well with pockets intuitively placed. I regularly open/close and easily navigate through the pack in complete darkness. The only reason I am selling is because I am replacing it with a K² 3500 Backpack. Prefer to sell local and not ship. Located in Mesa but do travel quite regularly in SE AZ. (Casa Grande, Oracle, Tucson, Green Valley, Sierra Vista) Thank you for your interest, $275 takes it.
  7. Chef

    Sous vide elk burger

    Legit! Your picture is killing me as I'm STARVING and this looks soooo delicious!
  8. You go! Loved how much you stuck with it and kept researching and ultimately gained success! Big time congratulations! Like others have said, your Dad must be very proud.
  9. Chef

    Bill Quimby

    Bill was a gentleman and class act. Not many men could fulfill a life with adventure as well as he. May his legacy live on. My deepest condolences go out to his family.
  10. One of the best hunters I have ever met. Boulanger sets the standard to strive for in being a genuine, generous, humble human being. Its terrible news to hear what he has been fighting. I will contribute for sure.
  11. Chef

    Garage doors insulated / non insulated? Gauge ? Etc .

    If you don't mind me asking, who did you buy through? I'll be in the market soon.
  12. Chef

    Happy Birthday Justin aka "gotcoues"

    Happy belated! I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your successes. Hope you continue with a great BDay weekend and EAT GOOD!