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  1. Chef

    Hunt Hard packs

    I just sent you a private message. My buddy will reach out to you to figure something out. He is in East Valley/Queen Creek area
  2. Chef

    19A 2021 General Antelope tag

    I loved this video! Granted, at the beginning all I could think of were rattlesnakes. Superb footage of the live buck. This is what it’s all about! Congrats again to all of you.
  3. Chef

    19A 2021 General Antelope tag

    Phenomenal buck and stupendous write up! You are going to be so happy down the road when you can come back and relive your hunt through this post. My hats off to you for putting in the time to scout and have a game plan. Sometimes it all goes out the window because better things come up, like in this case! You had a great set of buddies up there, and it shows they are just as proud of your success.
  4. Chef

    Late Season Archery Bull tag Unit 22N

    Neither! He’s living his best life.
  5. Chef

    Late Season Archery Bull tag Unit 22N

    Andrew coming in with high caliber & level headed advice! Love it man and as always thanks for your contributions to the site.
  6. Chef

    2021 AZ archery bull *story added*

    Congratulations! Opening day, wow!
  7. Chef

    AZ 4B rifle antelope success

    Nice write up and better photos. Congratulations!
  8. Chef

    Pronghorn Sucess

    Congrats Gentlemen!
  9. Chef

    NatureBob turns 65

    Happy Birthday. I hope you get to enjoy a favorite meal!
  10. Chef

    Fast-paced 2021 NM Pronghorn Hunt

    Great write up as always! You guys have been slaying them in NM year after year. Congrats to all of you.
  11. Chef

    Tessa’s freak goat

    Sweet bucks! Tessa's rare goat sure is impressive. It's always great to see her accomplishments as we've sort of seen her grow up here on CWT. Tremendous photos too. It pays dividends to take your time and set everything up right, you nailed it! Congratulations to the both of you.
  12. Nice bucks and thanks for sharing your success! That last trophy photo of your buddy is excellent. The lighting from the sunset, the antelope pose, his smile that captures the moment, photo shot from a low angle, just great. Congrats to the both of you.
  13. Chef

    Range visit

    I love running into Gila monsters! So cool.
  14. Chef

    Legendary Arms Works 300 Win

    This should be a nice set up for someone looking for a 300 Win. I too have heard stellar reviews about their stocks. Great to see you on here Stan. Best of luck this upcoming season.
  15. Chef

    Help with Kaibab 101

    I've ran Mr. Buddy Heaters up in the Kaibab during both the early and late hunts. I normally run them up until I'm in my sleeping bag and start it up first thing in the AM. I wouldn't have an issue running it all night as long as I have a couple vents open. For the most part, I'm trying to save fuel so as to not run out. I recommend using plenty of sleeping bags and blankets both between you and your cot, as well as on top of you as you sleep. A great trick that I have is to use bungee cords to keep the top blankets from moving around and falling off. I just wrap the bungee around the cot and the blankets while I'm tucked in.