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  1. couesaddict13

    156 eol bergers

    I was, thank you!
  2. couesaddict13

    156 eol bergers

    Okay thank you
  3. couesaddict13

    156 eol bergers

    Anybody have a box they are willing to part with?
  4. couesaddict13

    Leica geovids HD-B 10x42

    Solid price
  5. couesaddict13

    WTB RL26

    Up, any available?
  6. couesaddict13

    WTB RL26

    Any buddy have any to 26 they are willing to sell? Let me know thanks!
  7. couesaddict13

    2009 Bow Madness xl

  8. couesaddict13

    WTS 30-30 brass

    If no one above wants it, I’m interested.
  9. couesaddict13

    Christensen Ridgeline 7mm RM + brass SOLD*

    Pm sent
  10. couesaddict13

    Looking for a 300 wsm

    Located in the verde valley or Payson
  11. couesaddict13

    Looking for a 300 wsm

    If you can pm pictures that would be great.
  12. couesaddict13

    Looking for a 300 wsm

    Looking for a 300 wsm for a friend. He is wanting to keep it around 1500 for a scope combo or 1000 or less for the gun. Let me know what you have.
  13. couesaddict13

    Pse evolve 31 70lb

  14. couesaddict13

    Pse evolve 31 70lb

    Adjustable from 24.5-30 I believe
  15. couesaddict13

    Mathews v3 ambush

    😂😂😂😂😂😂Go into a shop and get the bare bow for 1200.