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  1. BowhunterAZ

    Choosing a bow

    Did you choose correctly?
  2. BowhunterAZ

    Choosing a bow

    Here’s a great breakdown. Hope it helps. matthews- a favorite of eastern tree stand hunters and noobs. It’s important to note that every Hoyt, bowtech, pse, and prime fan are closet Matthews fans too. PSE is for everyone who swears vortex are the same as swarovskis and male domestic partnerships. prime is the choice of the country’s best, brightest, and most good looking people. Hoyt is the choice of the prime shooters slightly uglier and dumber little brother. i hope this completely objective review helps guide your decision. P.S.- I know you didn’t ask for a bowtech review but bowtechs are for everyone who thinks it’s a good idea to put spoilers on Honda civics.
  3. BowhunterAZ

    Crispi boot recommendations

  4. BowhunterAZ

    Elk unit breakdown

    I guess it depends on what your tiers represent... if it’s based on pure trophy quality, unit 1 is no longer in the top tier. 2015 was the last really good year in there. What I can tell you is if you want to chase 300-330 bulls around unit 1 is the best in the state for those expectations in both numbers of 300-330 bulls and how they rut.
  5. BowhunterAZ

    Truck tuning

    Good to know. I’ll call the dealership. Thanks
  6. BowhunterAZ

    Truck tuning

    It has nothing to do with racing or power. When you put on bigger tires all of those factory settings like shift points and speedometer gets thrown off. Just want to align the computer with tires on the truck.
  7. BowhunterAZ

    Truck tuning

    Thanks for the replies. it is an f150 with the 3.5 liter eco boost. I know 5 star has some good tunes that’ll adjust shift points and such, but again, I don’t want to spend $500 if I don’t have to
  8. BowhunterAZ

    Truck tuning

    I would like to get my truck tuned for the bigger tires I put on it but everyone I’ve called has told me I need to buy the actual tuner for $500. If I planned on switching tunes all the time I’d definitely buy it but I just want a one time tune. Does anyone know of a place in town that’ll do this?
  9. BowhunterAZ

    Draw Results!

    No, late rifle 23 excluding burro
  10. BowhunterAZ

    Draw Results!

    Lol, I wish... turns out I have the other high demand $355 tag in 23 😩. I fudged up and thought there was only one high demand tag in there.
  11. BowhunterAZ

    Draw Results!

    I drew a late burro mountain tag 👍🏻. I can’t believe it.
  12. BowhunterAZ

    New Mexico draw

    I drew a late burro mountain tag 👍🏻
  13. BowhunterAZ

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    And they have an awful tow capacity because of the independent suspension. I think it’s like 6k pounds.0
  14. BowhunterAZ

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    I’ve owned two 2013 3.5s one with a 6.5’ bed and my current one is the 5.5’ bed. Longer bed and longer wheel base handled my horse trailer better but the shorter truck is a lot better off road. I put 203,000 miles on my first one and my current one has 61,000. Both have been great trucks and do a great job towing but you’ll get 5-10mpg. They will run a little hot with a big load (8,000lbs) and 105 degrees or hotter between here and flag. It dominates it in cooler weather. Both trucks have a weird intermittent rear door lock actuator issue where about once a month they seize up and you have to manually unlock them. I did change the throttle body on the first one. Overall, I’ve loved both trucks!
  15. BowhunterAZ

    Remington Nitromag 887 12ga black

    Price drop. $200