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  1. BowhunterAZ


    I’m still trying to find a pair of 15s for my buddy. He’s got $1,800 to spend.
  2. BowhunterAZ

    new to shed hunting, advice?

    Just look in the areas where the bulls shed their antlers and you’ll find horns. -John Madden (probably)
  3. BowhunterAZ

    ISO auto repair shop in Tempe

    I highly recommend tri-city transmission!
  4. BowhunterAZ

    Crispi Nevada boots

    Can’t vouch for Danner but my Nevadas fit true to size compared to Ariat.
  5. BowhunterAZ

    ISO vortex viper 12x50s

    Bump. Hoping to buy these as a Christmas present
  6. BowhunterAZ

    ISO vortex viper 12x50s

    Would like to find a pair in good condition
  7. BowhunterAZ

    Remington Nitromag 887 12ga black

    I know virtually nothing about it. I bought it new one day to do the night coyote hunts in unit 10 and got stuck in the mud on my way out and never tried to go again. It’s been sitting in the safe ever since. When I get home I’ll take a closer look and let you know.
  8. BowhunterAZ

    Remington Nitromag 887 12ga black

    Purchased in 2013 but never fired. $250
  9. BowhunterAZ

    Shout out to BDM Customs

    Yes, Tempe. i think they have plans on building them for lots of different trucks but just started with the newer Chevys and Fords.
  10. BowhunterAZ

    Shout out to BDM Customs

    Yeah, I enjoyed working with them. Its a rough country exo winch mounting system. They just released them a few months ago. https://www.roughcountry.com/ford-exo-winch-system-10762.html
  11. BowhunterAZ

    Shout out to BDM Customs

    My girl got bolt-ons! I rarely feel compelled to share my experience with businesses I use, but I can’t say enough good things about BDM Customs! They are honest and knowledgeable people who do great work. I discussed this setup with a few shops around the valley and was irritated by the fact nobody could justify their quotes with math that made any sense at all. I spent five minutes on the phone with Jason at BDM and got a fair quote with line by line detail. it’s very clear they’re not shady or trying to up-sell you. I highly recommend them. As a bonus, they support and donate to Arizona Elk Society and various hunting groups that serve disabled vets and kids.
  12. BowhunterAZ

    Off-road shop

    Thanks everyone! I ended up going with BDM Customs. I appreciate the input
  13. BowhunterAZ

    Off-road shop

    Will do. Thanks!
  14. BowhunterAZ

    Off-road shop

    Looking to get a bumper with a winch and light bar for my truck. Anyone have a good recommendation on a shop in the valley?