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  1. rambo

    2020 Matthews VXR 31.5 Bow

    Still for sale?
  2. rambo

    WTB Triclawps

    PM sent
  3. rambo

    2018 Bison changes

    Bonecolletor he got a nice cow the last morning of the hunt. Pretty lucky considering it rained alot the day before. Best tasting wild meat in my proffessional opinion.
  4. rambo

    2018 Bison changes

    Who knows what the hunts will be like this year based on the AZcentral article. I will have to think for a while if I will put in or not.
  5. Outdoorsmans 57MM Digiscope Adapter - New in bag - $20
  6. rambo

    2017 HR Bull

    Great job, congratulations! Way to grind it out. Monster bull
  7. rambo

    Sold Please Delete

    PM sent
  8. Want To Buy: used chest freezer, 11 to 15 cubic feet
  9. "1/2 hp Kitchener from Northern Tool." Thanks Curtis. I like to get a good review before buying something. This model looks about right for my operation and is $50 under my budget! This never happens I always spend over my budget.
  10. Slim thanks for the info and advice. I will definitely pick up the book. I process my game but stick to roasts, steaks and jerky. I am hoping to have alot of Bison meat this summer so it seems to be a good time to add ground meat, summer and breakfast sausauge to my resume. 1/2 sounds like a good size for me but then bigger is better..
  11. I would like to grind meat for Jerky, hamburger and sausage. So the internet is telling me both 33 and 44.
  12. Looking to buy a used meat grinder for grinding wild meat.
  13. rambo

    2017 Bison Tag

    Hey Mik_D, I will PM you my email.
  14. rambo

    2017 Bison Tag

    Elkaddict, longshooter: If you guys like hunting smaller Big game I guess there is nothing wrong with that.