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  1. rugermack

    Taurus Raging Bull 41 mag

    PM sent
  2. rugermack

    Taurus Raging Bull 41 mag

    Wish you were in Tucson
  3. rugermack

    FS Remington 700 25-06

    My son stole mine. JK, he liked it so its his now
  4. rugermack

    SPF. 🐗 Leupold Bx-3 12x50 binoculars $300

    I bought a pair on ebay, they wouldn't focus, sent them to Leupold and got new pair of 12x50 BX-4 HDS. Throw them on the ground and send them back for a better pair 12x50's
  5. rugermack

    HOWA 1500 6.5 Creedmoor HS Precision

    Price without scope ?
  6. I can't believe this is still for sale, I have too many guns or I would have bought it
  7. rugermack


  8. rugermack

    Ruger M77 30-06 - SOLD

    Location ?
  9. rugermack

    Trade: AR10 Hunting Rig for Bolt Rig

    I have a 25-06
  10. rugermack

    Guns, Archery, Bino

    I'll text you
  11. rugermack

    Trade: AR10 Hunting Rig for Bolt Rig

    What caliber ?
  12. rugermack

    Guns, Archery, Bino

    Attractant, are they all the same kind ?