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  1. rugermack

    Winchester model 94 30-30

    Nice gun, good luck with your sale
  2. rugermack

    HUK Water shoe's forsale (NEW)

    They are nice, I have the same ones in 9s
  3. rugermack

    Price Drop: Like New Nosler Rifle in 28 Nosler

    Ever get down to Tucson?
  4. rugermack

    Savage 30-06.

    Price, location
  5. rugermack

    06 Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 off road edition

    Location always helps
  6. Wish I didn't already have 2 .270 WINS and a .270 WSM Helps to add location
  7. 7mm-08, I have cash if it doesn't sell

  8. rugermack

    Ruger SR 1911

    Location always helps
  9. rugermack

    How are Spring hunts going so far?

    Unit 27. saw hens with poults, toms only gobbled in trees, once they jumped down it was over. Mating season was early with warm weather
  10. rugermack

    Remington. ADL 30 06

    Was the year figured out ? Ruger has that info on their webpage. Doesn't happen to have "made in our 200th year of American liberty" stamped on the barrel ?
  11. K&S Marble and granite 520-909-9108 they are in Rita Ranch, Owner Steve and Kathy are my neighbors and friends
  12. rugermack

    Unit 27

    Anybody in unit 27 last weekend ? How were the turkeys doing ? FSR 25, McKibbins pond area ? FSR 24 ? Hannagans Meadow ? Snow on the ground ?
  13. rugermack

    Turkey unit 27

    Thanks guys
  14. rugermack

    Turkey unit 27

    Let me know what you see😀
  15. rugermack

    Turkey unit 27

    Thanks, that's what I was looking to hear. I haven't drawn 27 since the fire.