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  1. rugermack

    Wtb Leupold scope

    I have a 3x9x40 Leupold QD manager, with scope coat(cover) also have a Leupold backcountry slotted rail for a Marlin 336, no rings Can send more pics later
  2. Kelly blue book would be the fair price for both party's, asking more for it is just like the ammo rip offs or any other over priced item to rip people off. I've been using kelly blue book for years(35), always fair on private party. Saying it isn't fair is just an excuse. KBB is $42,406-$48,069, how is that lower ?
  3. If I was selling or buying I would go by Kelly Blue Book private party price.
  4. rugermack

    Matthews 2020 VXR 31.5"

    Location always helps
  5. rugermack

    SOLD Hoyt Helix Ultra

    I just ordered one of these, good deal. I guess I missed this one
  6. rugermack


    Might want to put your location in you sig so everyone doesn't keep asking you.
  7. rugermack

    Free Turkey in Tucson

    I'd put it in the smoker
  8. rugermack

    Weatherby 308

    If I didn't have 3 308's already, I'd buy it
  9. rugermack


    Me too
  10. rugermack


    PM sent
  11. rugermack

    Burris Oracle bow sight-sold

    PM sent
  12. rugermack

    Ruger M77 Wood Stock

    Nice condition, they sell for $100-150 on ebay, I sold one that looked worse for $137
  13. rugermack


    shoot always in phoenix