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  1. How close to the power lines was it? Looks like Godzilla.😁
  2. Crazymonkey

    Opinions on Rifles?

    I had a optima it was a older model and shot great.I've got a wolf and took my first muzzy bull with it.Still have that one .I opted for a paramount pro in 45 cal.My dad has the tc and likes it .I haven't had the knight out yet so I don't have a opinion on that one yet .They are making the optima in a 45 cal i do believe .It will give you a flatter shooting muzzy.The paramount pro is a heavy tank but hits hard as heck and will shoot farther than a 50 cal.
  3. Had it on a 10-22 the other day and at 25 yds I could hear the bullet hit the cardboard from the target stand over the gun blast.
  4. Ill be up that way for Turkey but this sounds like good fun during the day and I just got a can for my 22 . makes it nice.
  5. Crazymonkey

    Anyone else have a fall tag?

    Ill be in 6a .Second time turkey hunting .Last time was the spring hunt last year and called in a bear .Hope it goes better this time.Good luck to everyone.
  6. Crazymonkey

    Stupid hunter

    If you can't tell a wolf from a huskey you probably don't need to be hunting.The dog looks to be between 6 and 8 months old .The article says that the dogs had parvo and were sick.Poor dog didn't deserve that.Huskys are not a aggressive there strong as heck.My husky pup at 6 months could pull me for miles on a skateboard.Hope she gets what she has coming.
  7. Crazymonkey

    Got my archery bull

    Nice bull!!!
  8. Crazymonkey


    Sounded like my deer in 12a about 10 years ago.Matthews bow at 63 pounds and a rage at 18 yds .I put it right on the shoulder and it sounded just like I hit him with a baseball bat.Didn't get any penetration .Figure the rage didn't open .We spent several hours looking and only found a few drops.Keep at it !!!
  9. Crazymonkey

    Looking for cheap camo

    I was up on the archery hunt and the doe are everywhere.Every road trail or draw we went down had doe in it.
  10. Crazymonkey

    Looking for cheap camo

    Walmart is good for kids camo
  11. My dad is doing a 6.5 creedmoor but wants a 7-08 upper also .I got him the aero upper and lower .I'm just waiting for the missing barrel and extended mag release button that never made it into the box of all the rest of the parts I ordered.Go figure it was never put in the box even tho the pick ticket said it was there.Now its on backorder and I might get it in late October.
  12. Crazymonkey

    New world record long shot

    7,774 Yards_ New World Record Rifle Shot Set in Wyoming _ MeatEater Hunting.mhtml
  13. Crazymonkey

    Help! Need 30-30 ammo for youth elk hunt

    I'm in Gilbert and have a box of federal 150s
  14. Crazymonkey

    Help! Need 30-30 ammo for youth elk hunt

    Where are you located ?
  15. Crazymonkey

    Suppressor alignment rods?

    The rods are for insuring the suppressor is centered to the bore.If the threads were not cut concentric to the c/l of the bore the bullet could strike a baffle or the end cap and cause some serious damage.