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  1. Crazymonkey

    Why do they keep doing this?

    Saw a show on one of the outdoor networks that did just that.Teachers were put thru training in real world drills then certified to carry on campus.My dad being a gun instructor is real admit that this is the best solution.California did the only one entry and metal detector thing along with guards at the only entry point and kids still figured out how to get around this.Training the teachers is the best possible solution .It lets those that would do harm think twice about going to schools .As it sits now they are weapon restricted zones and a place for easy targets.I'm a firm believer in the best solution for a bad guy with a gun is the good guy with a gun doing everything he or she can to stop the threat.
  2. Crazymonkey

    Why do they keep doing this?

    Sad thing is that they just want more restrictions and laws that they will not enforce with real punishment.Felons with guns do not serve the time required by law because they get out for good behavior and we don't have a place to stuff them.Add to that all the mental health issues and lack of help and its just a horrible environment.Kids don't get the discipline we did growing up and most are tied to there games and phones and all the social media crap .It wasn't like this when I was growing up .Kids went out and played and had real lives not all the current crap they think is real.
  3. Crazymonkey

    Ruger 10/22 Custom Stock

    Pm sent
  4. Crazymonkey

    Akc lab pups 2 chocolate and 1 black $500 or trades

    Bump for great looking pups.My buddy picked up two over the weekend.
  5. Crazymonkey

    Wtb 45/70 brass or ammo

    I've got two or three boxes I'd probably sell .Ill get a total and send you a pm later today.
  6. Crazymonkey

    7mm-08 Who Shoots It?

    Mine runs 140 ttsx and r17 or 140 tsx and r15 need to run the mono's for C.A. pig hunts with my dad.
  7. Crazymonkey

    7-08 shooting faster than it should?

    I'm still learning this stuff the barrel will have little effect on brass life but the 40 degree shoulder helps with case stretch and powder volume.Something to do with the angle helping to prevent brass flow there for increasing brass life.
  8. Crazymonkey

    Guide Recommendation

    A couple buddies and some good glassing will turn up something.It usually helps to feed them and offer them a drink at the fire afterwards.As for the sxs thing I have yet to find a spot I couldn't get my defender into or out .I bought it to hunt and am not worried about scratching it .Hunting is way more enjoyable with good friends in camp for me.
  9. Crazymonkey

    7-08 shooting faster than it should?

    We talked about my goals for the 280 build and twist rates .I'm still going to build it and will be ordering the proof barrel and trigger in July after my hunt in June.As for prdatars question on twist .I'll have to check as I don't remember off the top of my head.But Keith and I had a conversation about what I'd be shooting and I didn't want to go above the 140's so it was built to run the lighter stuff.The case volume in the Ackley will let me run 168's and 175's with a 9 twist no problem and the brass life will be better I've heard.
  10. Crazymonkey

    Iā€™m RICH !!!!!!!!

    Just send them your bank info and the few thousand dollars in taxes and transfer fees and your set for life.šŸ˜‚
  11. Crazymonkey

    7-08 shooting faster than it should?

    I had the perfect 280ai build in my head till that moment where I went Damm that's fast with the 7/08 .It might still have more in it also .Will need more testing to tell.The 280 was to be a light weight in between caliber not a magnum but not a slouch.I don't have the twist to push a heavier bullet with the 7-08 and its heavy probably pushing 14 lbs .I'm now in a spot do I build the 280 or something else?I already have a rem 700 long action waiting to go.
  12. Crazymonkey

    7-08 shooting faster than it should?

    Yep it ran from 3026 to 3042 and was a big surprise.Me being new to most of this it had me thinking I was pushing it to hard .But everything checks out ok .The primers are good and the brass is not stretched at the head .I do need a front rest like yours and a rear bag for sure .So I can take out as much human error out of my group size while I'm testing. Thanks again for letting me check out your stock and scope its definitely the direction I want to go with my 280 ai build.
  13. Crazymonkey

    7-08 shooting faster than it should?

    Outa ten cases I got a avarage of .0003 expansion.I'm set .05 from the lands .I didn't get a stub but I can call Keith and get reamer specs.I'm probably worried about nothing.It was definitely a surprise at how fast it was running.I didn't have a Cronograph to start loads and went old school and just started low and worked for good groups.The first time I Cronographed was Saturday when I was checking out stocks and scopes with Lance .I figured I'd be 2800 to 2900 with a mid range powder charge and was surprised.I've got a hunt in a few weeks but when I'm back ill probably do some more testing with a chronograph this time.
  14. Crazymonkey

    7-08 shooting faster than it should?

    Before the primer shortage I was only loading pistol and 223 and magnum stuff and would pickup a sleeve or two of large rifle primers for my muzzleloader and didn't have any to run .Now I try and keep a brick of each around .My dad being a old school metallic shooter said they were safe to run if you start slow and work up slowly.Not having a chronograph to use for load development I started slowly and found this groups .I'm assuming its the first accuracy node and I stopped there .The accuracy is good the speed is outstanding I've got a hunt in a few weeks but will test more and see what the gun likes.
  15. I was out this weekend and finally got to Cronograph my 7-08 and its shooting above barnes velocity .Here are the gun and load specs. Custom 7-08 brux #5 26inch barrel work by Phoenix custom rifles. Lapua brass trimmed to spec 140 gr ttsx barnes 45.6 gr r17 middle of the recommended charge weight per barnes Federal mag primer Coal is 2.755 2.165 to the olgive Bullet seated .05 from the lands as checked with a Hornady gauge. Labradar has me at 3026 low and 3042 high . I'm not getting any pressure signs but barnes has 47.8 gr r17 as a high and 2910 for velocity.I'm no where near max but above the speed .The gun groups outstanding if I do my part but that seems way fast given the charge weight.Anything to worry about or run it up the ladder and see what it gives me for max?Accuracy always trumps speed but this seems fast .