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  1. Crazymonkey

    20ga shells ***FREE FOR KIDS****

    Get some before there all gone !!!
  2. Crazymonkey

    Thompson Center Contender Rifle SS in .223

    New pics it comes with rings and bases and the scope is a weaver v16 .there are no marks dings or damage to stock or blue .
  3. Crazymonkey

    Thompson Center Contender Rifle SS in .223

    Trade savage modle 14 7-08
  4. Crazymonkey

    Card hits??

    Got hit but not sure javi or turkey .
  5. Crazymonkey

    New to long range

    Bullets are built and the gun is shooting sub 1/2 moa at 100 yds and grouping good out to 200 .we are 2 weeks till hunting. I was due to meet my dad on the 8th for a week and I get a message that my grandma passed on Thursday.So hunting is on hold and ill be out for a funeral instead.I wish I could honesty say I wish I could live to be 95 like her but I could see how she felt about it when we talked last and every single person she knew was gone and she was Lonley .she will be missed but she is no longer Lonley. Love you grandma!!
  6. Crazymonkey

    After market trigger for Interarms Mark X

    The timmney is absolutely the way to go .I just got done with a rebuild on my grandpa's old mark x went from 243 to long range 7-08 .
  7. Crazymonkey

    Alec Baldwin

    Prop gun or real gun loaded or not its his responsibility to check .if you are even remotely familiar with guns and the very basic rules of safety all guns are loaded and don't point them at things you don't want to shoot .it's the job of the girl in charge of the safe handling of the guns to insure all are up to the very basics in safety .so the bolth of them are responsible in one way or another.
  8. Crazymonkey

    20ga shells ***FREE FOR KIDS****

    Sunday bump.
  9. Crazymonkey

    State of the Ammo industry

    Absolutely true !!! And it's only getting worse in all industries as equity firms buy everything and consolidate .
  10. Crazymonkey

    Thompson Center Contender Rifle SS in .223

    Your absolutely correct it is stainless if it has the s and armor alloy if it has a A for a serial # I had to ask my dad he is big into them he also said the engraving is different .it is a beautiful gun and as a rifle would be great for a youth gun as most had a little shorter length of pull he said.
  11. Crazymonkey

    20ga shells ***FREE FOR KIDS****

    Down to the last 100 to 150 shells left come and get them before there all gone!!!!
  12. Crazymonkey

    Thompson Center Contender Rifle SS in .223

    Beautiful gun but its probably not stainless I would bet it's a armor alloy coated frame .if you can stick a magnet to it that would tell you for sure.I could be wrong but I thought only the g2 was stainless .the alloy was made from the 70s thru the80s .if it's a alloy gun the hinge pin is smaller and most uncoated barrels won't fit without modifying the frame or the pin slightly.