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  1. Crazymonkey

    Nitro Fire with Fire stick?

    Get your self a good ole cva or traditions and run blackhorn 209 .inline of course.
  2. Crazymonkey

    ISO Large rifle primers

    Use a little Teflon tape on the breach plug and hand tighten the plug in or the variflame will leak and you get blow back there is a YouTube video on it .the tape keeps the plug from getting stuck and no mess like using antiseaze
  3. Crazymonkey

    Cva paramount or rem ult

    Arrowhead makes a great gun but if money is tight I'd go cva paramount pro with a anarchy radial break it shoots lights out and get the arrowhead breach plug.cva is a hard find it takes a few months on back order but its worth the wait
  4. Crazymonkey

    22n cow disabled hunter needs help

    Wife drew a 22 n cow tag again this year and after last year's hunt .I need help with spots for her to hunt .she has ms and a tummer against her spine and can't do the ruff trails and long hikes into the normal spots most hunt .I've got quads but it needs to be not to ruff or short walks in any help with spots would be great thanks
  5. Crazymonkey

    Free reloading components for kids

    Bump for a guy doing something awesome for kids
  6. Crazymonkey

    Need some of these puppies

    One post down has it as a 300 win mag .in looking for a break .I have one on my 300 made by kdf and also one on my 338 win made by hawkins one is radial and works great if your not prone and the other is side vent bolth work good had phoenix customs do one for me
  7. Crazymonkey

    Need some of these puppies

    Caliber would help
  8. Crazymonkey

    Mauser take off barrel

  9. Crazymonkey

    Getting Muzzle loading supplies

    There is one on the west side I think its Avondale also if you wish to order try muzzleloaders.com
  10. Crazymonkey

    Getting Muzzle loading supplies

    Sportsmans or cal ranch has some stuff
  11. Crazymonkey

    12a turkey is it worth the drive?

    What's the weather like up there ? I've been up in August for deer but not been able to get up for anything else.the last few years its been scouting for elk for the muzzy hunts for my dad and his buddy
  12. Crazymonkey

    12a turkey is it worth the drive?

    Nothing better than some fresh pie and ice cream after a few days in the woods chasing deer that's for sure
  13. Crazymonkey

    12a turkey is it worth the drive?

    I was wondering if trphyhntr was kidding or not.the wife told me about the leftovers and was into going again after being up in 6a for my 6a spring hunt.when the wife is into going the cost is not a problem. Just have no experience up there in October or seen birds when deer hunting
  14. Crazymonkey

    12a turkey is it worth the drive?

    As title says there are a few leftover turkey tags in 12a is it worth the drive from the valley and how's the weather in Oct .only hunted deer archery there a few Times.how's the bird population with a lot of tags seems it should be high
  15. Crazymonkey

    Antonio Zoli O/U 12g shotgun

    Good guns I've got a older antonio zoli ritmo shoots where you point so I usually don't hit shoot but nevertheless good gun