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  1. hamboneaz

    Reloading components for trade or cash

    I’ll take h4350
  2. hamboneaz

    AR15 Anderson Lower/AR Stoner upper

    Price drop $800. Also open to trades in tikka rifle remington 700 short action rifle good pair of 10x42, 12x50 binos quality rifle scope
  3. hamboneaz

    7mm 162gr eldx bullets to trade

    Thanks! Hopefully I can find something. I was not getting the accuracy out of the 162 eldx I was looking for. They shot great in my 7mm rem mag but my saum is not a fan.
  4. I have some hornady eldx 7mm 162gr bullets I’m looking to trade. I have a few boxes of these I’m ready to trade so I can try others out in my 7 saum. Only trade not for sale at this time. Interested in: Berger 7mm 180gr vld hunting berger 175 elite hunters I live in QC and I work in Glendale. I’ll meet anywhere in between
  5. hamboneaz

    Kids KUIU gear size medium

    Pm coming
  6. hamboneaz

    Bullets for Sale!

    Next on 7mm 162gr eld-x. Missed by 2 mins!
  7. hamboneaz

    Vortex viper HD 10x42

    Pm sent
  8. hamboneaz

    Bullet Trade 7mm 168gr Berger HVLD

    You can’t receive messages. I have some 140gr Barnes triple shock I will trade
  9. hamboneaz

    H4350 to buy or trade for

    Trade is done I will buy h4350 though if anyone is looking to sell
  10. hamboneaz

    Spartan bipod adapters

    Gunsmith adapter price drop $45 bucks
  11. hamboneaz

    H4350 to buy or trade for

    Pm sent and trade pending.
  12. hamboneaz

    H4350 to buy or trade for

    Anybody have some h4350 they’d be willing to sell or trade? Here’s what I can trade H4831sc Hodgdon Superformance 6mm creedmoor ammo; 103gr hornady precision hunter or 108 hornady match cci 250 primers cci 200 primers
  13. hamboneaz

    Spartan bipod adapters

    Standard adapter spf. Gunsmith adapter still available.
  14. hamboneaz

    Spartan bipod adapters

    I have 2 brand new bipod adapters. One is the standard adapter with the hardware and rubber shims, the other is a gunsmith adapter that after installed is completely flush. $50/ea. I live in QC and work in Glendale, I can meet anywhere in between. I also can ship.
  15. hamboneaz

    Cci 200 at midway

    Got some, thanks!