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  1. Does anybody have old camo their kids have out grown? I am looking for boots sizes 6 or 7. Tops size youth L and XL. Bottoms size youth large or 10-12. My boy drew a youth cow tag this year and we are trying to get him all set up for the hunt. I am located in snowflake AZ. But go to east valley often. thanks!
  2. hamboneaz

    Stevens 87T 22 rifle

    This is an old 22 that’s just been sitting in the safe. It a Stevens model 87t semi auto tube fed 22 rifle. It can shoot longs, shorts and long rifle. Looking to get $120. I’m located in snowflake Az but heading to the valley this weekend.
  3. hamboneaz

    Wtb youth bow

    Pm sent
  4. hamboneaz

    Wtb youth bow

    Hey guys does anybody have old youth bows laying around? I’m looking at getting a bow for my 10 year old for Christmas. Wanting to get something that’s very adjustable that can grow with him. I live in snowflake but will be down in the valley quite a bit for the holidays. Thanks guys!
  5. hamboneaz

    New company doing euros

    Great find! PM sent
  6. hamboneaz

    New company doing euros

    The general javelina season starts on Friday. If you need your javelina cleaned up and whitened let me know.
  7. hamboneaz

    New company doing euros

    In Glendale, near Glendale Community College on 59th ave and Olive.
  8. hamboneaz

    New company doing euros

    Couple deer I just finished. Anybody have any heads laying around? Drop off in Queen Creek, or I go to west valley once a week for pickups and drop offs
  9. hamboneaz

    New company doing euros

    All PM’s replied too. Thanks for the support and the business!
  10. hamboneaz

    New company doing euros

    No beetles, I am doing the boil, pressure wash and whiten with hydrogen peroxide method.
  11. hamboneaz

    New company doing euros

    Pm sent
  12. hamboneaz

    New company doing euros

    Pm sent
  13. hamboneaz

    New company doing euros

    Anybody have any skulls laying around they need cleaned? Let me know I’m turning skulls around in about 2 weeks
  14. hamboneaz

    New company doing euros

    Hey guys my name is Justin Hamblin. Company name is Hamblin Euro Mounts. I’ve been doing euros for myself and for friends and family for a few years now and I’m turning the hobby into a business. I’ve had experience with all animals in AZ mainly elk, coues deer, mule deer and javelina. If anyone needs some euro work done please contact me. My prices are low because I’m still starting out and I’m looking to build up my clientele and skills. I’m using the boil and power wash method and then whitening with hydrogen peroxide. I am located in queen creek for now. But I am building a house in snowflake north of show low. I work for a valley fire department and will be in the valley once a week for deliveries. My phone number is 480-431-7396. Javelina and small non antlered game - $60 mule deer/coues deer and large non antlered game - $80 Antlered elk, moose and bison - $175 Contact me for other prices. Thanks guys!
  15. hamboneaz


    It’s SPF. Right now you would be 3rd in line I’ll update once it’s picked up. Thanks