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  1. hamboneaz


    Pm sent
  2. hamboneaz

    7mm rem mag ammo (reloads)

  3. hamboneaz

    7mm rem mag ammo (reloads)

    I could meet near Florence or Coolidge but that’s about as far as I go. I’d ship if you want to cover shipping
  4. hamboneaz

    7mm rem mag ammo (reloads)

    I just rechambered my tikka and don’t have a 7mm rem mag anymore. I have 51 reloads I’m looking to sell. 162 gr eldx bullets, h1000 powder, cci 250 LRM primers, Barnes cases. Powder charges were all trickled to exact measurement of 69.5 gr. OAL is 3.360” - $50 Work in Glendale and live in QC. Will meet anywhere in between
  5. hamboneaz

    WTT for large rifle primers

    Yesterday Bruno’s had large rifle primers. 100 bucks per 1k though 😳
  6. hamboneaz

    Items to trade for H4831 powder

    Trade pending
  7. In need of H4831 for a new rifle build’s load development. Have a few items I’d be willing to trade for some. Some items are valued about the same other than the 556 ammo and the eldx bullets. But pm me and we’ll work out a deal. Can meet anywhere in the valley but located in queen creek items to trade: h1000 powder 1lb hodgdon superformance powder 1lb 7mm hornady eldx 162 gr bullets winchester m855 green tip 62 grain 556 ammo - 150 round box Winchester 9mm 115gr fmj ammo - 100 round box variety of 38 special/357 ammo
  8. hamboneaz

    WTB 209 shotshell primers

  9. hamboneaz

    WTB 209 shotshell primers

    I’ll give them a shot how much are you wanting?
  10. hamboneaz

    WTB 209 shotshell primers

    In need of some 209 primers for a muzzleloader. CCI, Winchester or whatever. Looking for 1,000.
  11. hamboneaz

    Southern Xpress 6.5 PRC

    Awesome rifle at a great price! Can’t believe this is still available.
  12. hamboneaz

    Bullets (7mm, .308)

    Withdrew comment
  13. hamboneaz

    Looking for a scoped muzzleloader.

    Pm sent
  14. hamboneaz

    2013 Polaris Ranger Crew 500 EFI/ trailer

    Interested! Pm coming
  15. hamboneaz

    CCI Large rifle primers no. 200 Trade for magnum

    Thanks I will let you know