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  1. Krag

    WTB, 44-40 Brass

    I have 34 rounds that can be pulled down. Unknown history came as part of a package deal
  2. Krag

    Dillon tool head and misc. parts SPF

    Willing to ship?
  3. Krag


    I have a 100 or so Fiocchi once fired and ready to load.
  4. Krag

    [FOUND ONE] SWFA 6x42 scope

    10x42 too much? I have one sitting around
  5. Krag

    Looking to trade powder

    Assuming that is Pheonix area. Thanks anyways
  6. Krag

    Looking to trade powder

  7. Krag

    Wtb small pistol primers

    Message sent
  8. Krag

    Wtb small pistol primers

    How many are you looking for?
  9. Krag

    Howa 204 rifle. SOLD

  10. Krag

    (SOLD)Misc Reloading Supplies

    Next if it falls thru
  11. Krag

    Bi-Pods and Scope Throw lever

    Thank you. I'm still stuck with the factory sporter.
  12. Krag

    Bi-Pods and Scope Throw lever

    What barrel profile is the greyboe bdl?
  13. Krag

    Looking for Bolt Action .22

    https://www.armslist.com/posts/13707417/tucson-arizona-rifles-for-sale--marlin-22lr-bolt-action Not wood but I'm sure a wood stock could be found
  14. Krag

    Reloading ltems Sold

    Id like the accubond 2nds