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  1. Krag

    Different Powders for sell

    Also interested in both varget and imr4064...
  2. Krag

    WTB single shot 12 gauge

    Not mine but saw this on armslist this morning.
  3. Krag

    Brass .308, .243, 6mm. $.22 / Piece

    I'm in Tucson and never go up that way. Unless you're willing to ship....I will have to pass
  4. Krag

    Brass .308, .243, 6mm. $.22 / Piece

    Location? Interested in the 6mm rem.
  5. Krag

    ISO 6.5 CM STUFF

    1 box of 140gr eldm...open but all there
  6. Krag

    Wtb Lapua 6.5 creedmoor srp brass

    Bluecollar reloading has em on sale. https://www.bluecollarreloading.com/products/lapua-6-5-creedmoor-brass-lrp-4ph6013?_pos=6&_sid=64f4925af&_ss=r My bad that is large
  7. Krag

    Pop up 28, small rifle primers

    What part of Tucson? I'm far nw side. Thanks, Steve 5209756829
  8. Krag

    Pop up 28, small rifle primers

    Will you be headed back to Tucson? I'd take the 450s
  9. Krag

    WTB, 44-40 Brass

    I have 34 rounds that can be pulled down. Unknown history came as part of a package deal
  10. Krag


    I have a 100 or so Fiocchi once fired and ready to load.
  11. Krag

    [FOUND ONE] SWFA 6x42 scope

    10x42 too much? I have one sitting around
  12. Krag

    Looking to trade powder

    Assuming that is Pheonix area. Thanks anyways
  13. Krag

    Looking to trade powder