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  1. desertmafia21

    Kifaru highcamp 4800 bikini setup coyote brown

  2. desertmafia21

    Kifaru highcamp 4800 bikini setup coyote brown

    Price drop! $375 for the setup and $350 w/o belt pouches
  3. desertmafia21

    Kifaru highcamp 4800 bikini setup coyote brown

  4. desertmafia21

    Kifaru highcamp 4800 bikini setup coyote brown

  5. I have a kifaru bikini frame (24” and medium belt) with high camp 4800 bag, guide lid, standard lid, chamber pocket, meat shelf and 2 small belt pouches. All in good used condition. Guide lid has the mounting straps cut off (2nd pic). Bottom pic is with standard lid. Looking to get $390 tyd for the whole setup or $360 without the 2 belt pouches. 5202430754 for more pics.
  6. desertmafia21


  7. dang good prices!
  8. desertmafia21

    Christensen Mesa Long Range 6.5 CM (unfired)

    Bump for an excellent price. Almost $400 off new pricing
  9. desertmafia21

    Trail camera recommendations

    Can't go wrong with browning. Never had any issues with any of the models
  10. desertmafia21

    First time

    Lots of forums online to help you out, this one being one of them. With that said.. the three things I will recommend are a good pair of boots (that fit correctly), a good backpack, and the best quality optics you can afford. Besides that go out and have fun. Welcome to the site!
  11. desertmafia21

    Kuiu Icon Pro 5200 Pack Adjustment

    There should be some YouTube videos on how to get it setup to your liking. First load it up with gear so it’ll be like in the field. Start with the shoulder straps and get them to the right height by using the Velcro attached to the frame. The other thing you’ll need to adjust is the load lifters on the top of the frame. That is personal preference on which one you use. Both the bag and the frame have attachments. I was in the same boat but some messing around with it and a couple days in the field you should get it dialed to your liking
  12. desertmafia21

    Looking for a FFL in Tucson

    Arizona house of guns. Eric is his name and $15 is what he charges. 5205911201. He’s in and out just have to make an appt for mon,wed,Friday after 5pm
  13. desertmafia21

    For sale...

    Seconds. I’m in Tucson