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  1. desertmafia21

    Hungry Mountain Lions

    An arrest has been made in connection to the remains found
  2. desertmafia21

    My late rifle buck

    I feel you on the weather! Best weather down here in southern az was the last 3 days
  3. desertmafia21

    DEC Rifle Hunt Roll Call

    Weekend warriors this weekend. Took the 20th-31st off to hunt hard. 3 tags for us total
  4. desertmafia21

    Unit 33 Late Rifle?

    Yes get a lion tag! That is one thing you never want to leave home without!
  5. desertmafia21

    Unit 33 Late Rifle?

    10 days in 33 is a good amount of time especially considering the time of year. If I were you I would be somewhat picky, that is probably one of the best hunts in the state for coues. Lots of bucks in the 85”-90” range but if you have patience you should see at least one 100” buck in those 10 days. Deer activity should be awesome. In the end it’s up to you but I would take every chance you get to hunt these awesome animals. You won’t be disappointed!
  6. desertmafia21

    Nightforce SHV for sale

    Good deal. Have the same scope and love it
  7. desertmafia21

    How much water to take, 2 day pack-in

    With all the rains/snow the past couple days. 100oz bladder on the back and a filter. There should be an abundance of water in the bottoms
  8. desertmafia21

    Wood Stove Questions- UL/Backpacking

    I got the 18". It weighs just over 2 lbs so not too bad. It will hold more capacity and I've heard it can burn for about 2 hours. Box stoves might be more efficient for burn time and cooking. I'm still green in the hot tent department so I'll see how it goes
  9. desertmafia21

    Wood Stove Questions- UL/Backpacking

    Which luxe model? I was looking into them but decided to get a good cheaper used setup this year (in case floorless isn’t for me). I got a nemo pentalite w/ Ed T cyclinder stove. Can’t wait to try it out next month in the backcountry. I hate being cold! The luxe shelters look good for the price point and they have good reviews on rokslide
  10. desertmafia21

    Updated 12/2/19 -- A Few Good Kaibab Bucks

    Saw the left one in person today. Rough scored 207 and change. Awesome bucks for sure
  11. desertmafia21

    Mt. Lemmon fire

    It was that one are that burned a couple years ago. It's on the left right before you get to the old toll booth. It's heading north into Molino basin just north of the campground. Hope the get it put out fast before it drops into prison camp and beyond
  12. Awesome bull! Was looking forward to your post about your hunt. Congrats!
  13. desertmafia21

    Found Bow & case

    OUCH! That would really suck
  14. desertmafia21

    Kowa 662 spotter (straight) SOLD. $450 shipped

    You will not find a better spotter for the price! Can't believe this hasn't sold yet.
  15. desertmafia21

    ISO Sig Sauer Kilo2400

    https://www.rokslide.com/forums/threads/sig-sauer-2400-abs-kifaru-highcamp-4800.142889/ Pretty good deal here!