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  1. desertmafia21

    2019 Bull Elk Hunts in the Book (Part 1)

    Awesome bull! Was looking forward to your post about your hunt. Congrats!
  2. desertmafia21

    Found Bow & case

    OUCH! That would really suck
  3. desertmafia21

    Kowa 662 spotter (straight) SOLD. $450 shipped

    You will not find a better spotter for the price! Can't believe this hasn't sold yet.
  4. desertmafia21

    ISO Sig Sauer Kilo2400

    https://www.rokslide.com/forums/threads/sig-sauer-2400-abs-kifaru-highcamp-4800.142889/ Pretty good deal here!
  5. desertmafia21

    Successful Handgun Hunts

    Used a XD .40 sub compact a few years back for this guy
  6. desertmafia21

    for sale

    Lol got the same email this morning. So what does he want? $1100, $1200 or $1400 😄
  7. desertmafia21

    Popcorn thread

    Uh oh!
  8. desertmafia21

    AZSCI Indoor Swap Meet at PSE in Tucson-August 10

    Looked in my closet tonight....yep I’ll be there with a table
  9. desertmafia21

    Home for sale in 22S

    Distance from Pete's place?
  10. desertmafia21

    Swarovski Spotting Scope

    That’s a deal!
  11. desertmafia21

    Where Am I? And What Was I?

    Hmmm. 36B?
  12. desertmafia21

    Slik backpacking tripod with ball head

    That's a slik sprint mini gen 1. I just sold the same one last week. The mini 2 has a different head and the foam leg protectors. Great lightweight tripod
  13. desertmafia21

    Leftover Shrinkage

    The exact number of general (Rifle) leftover tags. I found the numbers from 2017 and 2018 on an older post
  14. desertmafia21

    Leftover Shrinkage

    General deer tags 2017: 1508 tags General deer tags 2018: 1614 tags General deer tags 2019: 968 tags Definitely getting to be interesting...
  15. desertmafia21

    Leftover Shrinkage

    Not one 36B tag?! That's strange! Every year there used to be a couple hundred. Something is fishy