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  1. desertmafia21

    Dehydrated food

    Peak refuel is my favorite for meals
  2. desertmafia21

    NL Pure 12x42

    I waited 6 months for mine. It’s worth the wait!
  3. desertmafia21

    NL pure 12x42's

    Still bitter about how long it took! They were worth the 6 month wait but dang it would have been nice to have them when they first came out like you! Don’t forget who told you buy them!
  4. desertmafia21

    NL pure 12x42's

    I agree! I love everything about them over the EL’s
  5. desertmafia21

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    Yea I missed that party by a few minutes! Deposited some money to buy today before I got ready for work. Come back 15 minutes later and it went right back up. That was a huge opportunity to get in at cheap prices!
  6. desertmafia21

    Need glassing gear advice

    A pair of SLC’s or meopta meostars are solid for what you’re looking at doing. I would definitely get a 12x50 in the meostars if you go that route. I wouldn’t worry about weight so much as you’ll more than likely be carrying them on your chest. You can’t go wrong with anything swaro so if you find a reasonably priced set of EL’s that would be another good option.
  7. desertmafia21

    Need glassing gear advice

    He said he didn’t need top of the line! Lol
  8. desertmafia21


  9. desertmafia21


    Ttt $1050 shipped!
  10. desertmafia21

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    This figure haunts me everyday I see it shoot up! I’m now holding 7695 shares at an average of .07. Really kicking myself for not putting my last stimulus check into it!
  11. desertmafia21

    GPO 12.5x50 passion HD price drop again

    Solid Binos here. I personally spent some time behind them and enjoyed them!
  12. Interested in your 15s. I see you are in Tucson and I am In Globe. Right now I don't know when I can make it down there?

    Any chance you are headed this way?

    1. desertmafia21


      Not heading up there anytime soon. I can ship if you want them

    2. buckshotaz


      Let me see if I can make an appointment with my Dr at U of A, would like to look through them before I buy. What part of town are you in? 

  13. desertmafia21