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  1. desertmafia21

    Kowa big eyes

  2. desertmafia21

    Kowa big eyes

    I have a set of kowa big eyes for sale. (2) 664 spotters w/ 30x wide angle eyepieces. Will sell spotters separate or with flatline dual mount. $1700 for just the spotters or $1900 for the whole setup tyd
  3. desertmafia21

    Swarovski spotting scope SOLD

    Pm sent
  4. desertmafia21

    Kowa 12x56

    There’s a pair of razors on here for $750. Get those and you won’t be disappointed like you were with these
  5. desertmafia21

    Kowa 12x56

    Wow that bad!? That’s something you would expect out of a $200 pair of Binos not this price range
  6. desertmafia21

    Vortex Kaibab 15x56 For Sale

    A guy can hope right? This was 5 years ago lol
  7. desertmafia21


    I hope someone does because I need a tag! This will be the first year in 24 years not hunting deer during rifle season for me. Couldn’t even land a leftover....Still sad about it ☹️
  8. desertmafia21

    Kowa 12x56

    Yes please do. I’m looking for a backup pair and would like something in this price range/quality.
  9. desertmafia21

    Bino harness for heavy glass???

    I have many years of experience making 2 lb bass look like 10 pounders and 330 bulls looking like 380’s. It’s all about the camera angle 🤫
  10. desertmafia21

    Bino harness for heavy glass???

    I run the marsupial with it
  11. desertmafia21

    Bino harness for heavy glass???

    It’s awesome for smaller pistols. Larger guns are harder to get in and out
  12. desertmafia21

    Bino harness for heavy glass???

    It rides nice like nothing is there. It’s thin padded material. That’s why it’s so comfortable because it hugs your back. Thinner straps tend to dig in with heavier binoculars
  13. desertmafia21

    Bino harness for heavy glass???

    Muley freak traverse has pistol storage on the bottom. It’s been my favorite for the past year and most comfortable by far
  14. desertmafia21

    Kowa 12x56

    I’ve always wondered the same thing. Never have pulled the trigger to try them though
  15. desertmafia21

    Slik, Manfrotto SOLD

    Wow that’s a steal for that setup!