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  1. buglethemin

    Cold gear items UA& Russell APX

  2. buglethemin

    Cold gear items UA& Russell APX

    Couple cold gear items. Russel APX L5 Whiteout Jacket size XL. Lightly used. $45 bucks. UA cold gear pants size Xl worn once to try it on. 40$ Never used in Field. Got these for an AK hunt and never used the pants and jacket a only a few times
  3. buglethemin


    I got one. I’m 6,1 and with the tall extension it’s still a wee bit short to glass standing. Great & compact for backpacking. I have original center post we can swap out if interested. Been looking for one just a tad bit taller. Pm sent
  4. buglethemin

    Where are all the scouting pictures of velvet bulls????

    Yeah most post on Instagram. Don’t see as much photos here as in the past.
  5. buglethemin

    So this is a first

    Tons if these in the desert areas south of I-8. Humanitarian groups place these for the illegals. And will gout out weekly to fill them.
  6. buglethemin

    Odd Behavior?

    Came across same thing in 2001 in unit 4 A. Small spike bull just like this walking in circles. We actually got out and we’re able to pet his fuzzy spikes. A forest service guy down the road thinks it got struck by lighting ???
  7. buglethemin

    Lab pups AKC (5days old)

    Follow up from previous post. The breeder where I got my chocolate male lab from had a litter of pups a week ago. He wanted me to post his info and prices. Photos is the dad Bear and my 6mo old lab Kodiak when he was 8 weeks and now. Call or text aaron @ 602-350-6967 700$ for Black 800$ for chocolate holding deposit 200. They will include de claws removed and shots. 1st pic is kodiak @ 8 weeks 2nd Bear the father 3rd Kodiak @ 6 months followed by new litter of 10 new pups.
  8. buglethemin

    20B December Rifle Mule Deer

    Lol on the cold. Was on this late hunt last year and we experience some of the coldest days hunting. You wouldn’t think that desert couldnt get that cold. As mentioned prior. You will see tons and I mean tons of atv and jeep traffic and target shooting. Especially on Fridays though Sunday. That area seems to be turning into the new glamis. Big rv camps. We ended up shooting two mature bucks on this late hunt and it was nice being close to home but with 10 points I would do another unit. Good bucks are there but it will be tough to pull out a 180 or better. Good luck.
  9. buglethemin

    Anyone selling Labrador puppies?

    Here is dad w the vest on. And recent pic of his off spring our pup Kodiak
  10. buglethemin

    Anyone selling Labrador puppies?

    Text Aaron. He is on the west side /Phx/Tolleson/Avondale area. We got a grea chocolate lab pup from him during Christmas. Healthy litter all AKC. And the Dad (Bear the Beast) is a 100 pound chocolate. Beautiful dog. Here is our Our 5 month pup Kodiak from Aaron. He has another litter in the way. 602-350-6967
  11. buglethemin

    Shed buyer

    Anyone have a # for Steve ? Lookin To sale elk and deer sheds
  12. buglethemin

    A couple

    Not bad for a half day trip
  13. buglethemin

    Post up your success in tags

    Unit 8 archery bull
  14. buglethemin

    Zamberlan 980 Outfitter GTX RR

    No longer avail.
  15. buglethemin

    Coleman weather master 10x16

    Coleman 10 person tent 10x16. Used only one time. Sitting in garage and need to free up some room. Nothing wrong with it 100$ bucks. Goodyear Az. Can meet at cabelas or sportsman.