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  1. buglethemin

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    Prescott. Brown bag burger
  2. buglethemin

    Hunter Ed in April, still waiting for bonus point

    My kids didn’t show up for 2 years after their field day/hunter ed. I just called them a few weeks ago and they updated the portal for me to show their points. They were always there but not showing on the portal. Just call them and they will fix it.
  3. buglethemin

    Parking Outside

    Cheaper option go get it cerama coated for less than 1k. Should help you for 5-6 years in the sun. They do the trim now as well.
  4. buglethemin

    Best Dealer for Honda Pioneer 1000

    Western Honda in Scottsdsle. Lowest out the door prices and save $thousands on extended warrant. I believe my 5 year extended bumper to bumper was like 800$ and ride now wanted to charge me 2500. Family own and all they sale is Honda
  5. buglethemin

    Bergara wilderness B14 6.5PRC for sale

    How did it shoot? And what’s the weight of the rifle ?
  6. buglethemin

    Got My Buck Back...

    Stud buck.
  7. buglethemin

    A big thank you

  8. buglethemin

    Anyone use the Hillsound BTR?

    Mine only lasted a month in sheep country glassing. Outdoorsman were great and sent me a new one. Hope this last longer. I guess we will see this season
  9. buglethemin

    Sold !!2018 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 LE

    Sorry for reply guys. Just sold it this afternoon
  10. buglethemin

    Sold !!2018 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 LE

    222 hours /2500 miles. Its the Honda poly 2-piece hard coat windshield
  11. Sold. Well kept 2018 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 LE limited edition. Original owner purchased new in 2019. All scheduled maintenance done at Western Honda. Under extended warranty until 11/23. Street legal kit w horn/turn signal/mirrors. Hard top and full front windshield. Full windshield not pictured in these photos. LED headlights brand new Quad Boss 28 inch DOT tires. Title clear and in hand. $19,800
  12. buglethemin


    Tires/wheels sold.
  13. buglethemin


    SPF. If it falls through I’ll let all know.
  14. buglethemin


    4 bfg at ko2 up for sale. sold
  15. buglethemin

    2021 37A Bighorn Hunt

    Outstanding man. Congrats. Great ram. It’s a special feeling sheep hunting. Glad you got to experience every minute of it.