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  1. Markleo21377

    Quality Youth Gear Options

    I have had great luck with kuiu for my boy. Here is my system for buying that makes it affordable. I buy full outfit on my birthday code for my boy at 15% discount plus free shipping. Then every two years when he has grown out of it I buy again on same discount. I sell used gear for 20% discount off retail so I only pay 5% plus whatever increase is over 2 years. This keeps him in great gear for years at minimal cost after initial investment.
  2. Markleo21377

    2022 Alaska Dall Sheep

    Chef, I will post more pictures and story hopefully soon. Just got home and crazy busy. I will be putting together a video as well as I have about 4 hrs of video to edit.
  3. Markleo21377

    2022 Alaska Dall Sheep

    It was hike in only…all flying was closed. I went with a local guide
  4. Markleo21377

    2022 Alaska Dall Sheep

    Surprisingly my feet did great. Rotated 3 pairs of darn tough socks to keep feet dry. Knees took a real beating with heavy load at the end though
  5. Markleo21377

    2022 Alaska Dall Sheep

    After 2 years of preparation everything came together to harvest the ram of a lifetime in Alaska an 11 year old monarch! Hardest hunt I have ever done both physically and mentally. My pack was 60 lbs for the first 6 days sleeping bivvy style wherever we ended up each night. Out of 9 days it rained, sleeted, or snowed 6 of them. Ram down morning of day 7 and my pack went to 100+ pounds hiking 27 hours over 3 days to get out of the mountains. Truly an incredible adventure!
  6. Markleo21377

    NM Antelope

    Incredible!!! Great job amigo 👊
  7. Markleo21377

    5B Merriam - Love it!

    Awesome bro!!!!
  8. Markleo21377

    Suggestion for 6A Archery

    JackJ, 6A is an incredible unit for elk and you are hunting the rut!!!! I am not sure how many bulls you have on your wall but i would enjoy the experience and shoot whatever bull gets your blood pumping and provides you the experience your looking for. My buddy owns one of the biggest taxidermy shops in the valley and I can tell you with certainty that most bulls, including the trophy units that come through his door are between 280 and 320. That said I have helped 4 hunters since 2017 gets shots at great bulls during that hunt including a 340ish bull. Get familiar with the unit and as it gets close key in on water that is heavily tracked up. With how early the dates are cows will not be in estrus yet and bulls will still be wallowing heavy. Here’s a couple of my favor trail cam pictures in my scouting. Good luck
  9. Markleo21377

    Draw Results

  10. Markleo21377

    Draw Results

    Great tag! Let me know if you need any help. Have had that tag twice and helped a guy from Wyoming kill a 366 in there in 2019.
  11. Markleo21377

    New to elk hunting

    I hope you can take both weeks off but if not definitely focus on later rather than earlier. The last week moon will be waning and rut activity will increase, especially daytime. Keep us posted on your progress with scouting and when hunt rolls around I’ll throw you a 🦴. Focus on locating cow elk and the bulls will come. Water is the source of life so locate that and then work away from it and find elevated dark timbered northern facing slopes for bedding areas. Use for maps to find topography lines that have consistent line spacing with areas 2/3 up slopes that the lines widen creating benches the elk love to bed on. First light thermals will be drawing down still and mid morning they switch and pull up hill. Never disregard the wind to chase elk. Work perpendicular to it when you can and if wind goes bad back out and regroup. Once you educate them your odds of success drop tremendously. Good luck, Mark
  12. Markleo21377

    19A 2021 General Antelope tag

    Looks incredible bro!!! Brought back incredible memories surrounding the harvest!
  13. Markleo21377

    Draw Results

    2 of us will be there also.
  14. Markleo21377

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Funny how sideways these threads go 🤣Congrats on the cow tags you and your crew drew 👍 Bulls or Cows, man we are blessed to be able to be in the woods!!! Never had a bad steak from either. Look forward to hearing the story and seeing the pictures in a few months!
  15. Markleo21377

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Very well said 👍