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  1. Markleo21377

    Kids KUIU gear size medium

  2. Markleo21377

    Sunday unit 23 cow tag filled!

  3. Markleo21377

    Kids KUIU gear size medium

    Hey all, My boy has outgrown his KUIU gear. I have the following in perfect condition and live in North Phoenix Peloton crew long sleeve Rubicon hooded jacket Sierra pants $200 for all. Thx, Mark
  4. Markleo21377

    36A Muzzleloader Help

    That unit is stupid with deer. Don’t get hung up on hunting north side of mountains. In my opinion I would focus on foothills heading into rough, steep terrain and particularly the thick ocotillo stands. Been hunting there for many years, during multiple seasons and can’t remember a day we didn’t see 5+ bucks. Patience is the key. Stay in your glass and slow grid every inch. Keep with it and good luck. Sincerely, Mark
  5. Markleo21377

    Sept 2021

    Awesome!! Thanks for sharing
  6. Markleo21377

    Nash’s first buck

  7. Markleo21377

    Montana General Elk Help

    Thx man. Unfortunately, her dad passed on Thursday morning. He was 84 and one heck of a guy. Played football with Johnny Unitas on the Colts back in the 60’s. He had so many incredible stories and will be missed. My boy only lost his sense of smell and no other symptoms. I came so close to killing 2 different herd bulls on my hunt but the country was so thick and steep they almost had to step on you to get a shot. Late season rifle hunting is surely not the same but hopefully I can connect as the meat tastes just the same! Take care, Mark
  8. Markleo21377

    Montana General Elk Help

    Hey guys, 2 weeks ago I left for Montana to archery elk hunt also with 2 Wyoming antelope tags in my pocket as well. Unfortunately my trip was cut way short with a call from my wife that her dad was passing away and my boy had Covid. Needless to say I had to head home 6 days earlier than anticipated. I still have the opportunity to use my elk tag on the general season rifle hunt. I was hunting Northwest Montana and although it was good hunting with bugling elk it is crazy thick and not really interested in rifle hunting it. If any of you guys have hunted the general rifle season in southwest/south Montana and wouldn’t mind sharing some of your experiences I would appreciate a PM. Thx, Mark
  9. Markleo21377

    Wife's Rifle Bull

    Super awesome! Congratulations to you guys!
  10. Markleo21377

    Unit 8 early archery bull

    I have watched your videos before. Didn’t realize that was you. Enjoyed the Colorado one recently. Sounds like you guys had a great time and look forward to seeing your latest video. Appreciate you sharing it will us. Take care, Mark
  11. Markleo21377

    Unit 8 early archery bull

    How did your wife do?
  12. Markleo21377

    2021 4b az archery elk

    Awesome bull and great shot! Congrats and good luck to the wifey!
  13. Markleo21377

    19A 2021 General Antelope tag

    Craig, Congrats again on such a magnificent goat and thankful I had the opportunity to help. After a couple hours together you’d have thought we’d been hunting together for years! Look forward to catching up again in the near future. Appreciate Jake’s hospitality and here’s the link to the short video I made.
  14. Markleo21377

    Early Archery Unit 10!

    Beauty! Congrats!
  15. Markleo21377

    2021 19A Rifle Tag

    Best of memories!! What it is all about. Congrats!