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  1. Markleo21377

    Sitting Water

    Agree with you for sure. It's all up to interpretation and of course in this world passing gas can be considered by some as threatening 😂
  2. Markleo21377

    Sitting Water

    Sir, this is the quote from the regs book in regards to hunting water. It can certainly apply to someone with or without tag "Ethics about “First-Come, First-Served” “First Come – First Serve” is a common courtesy that should be used when more than one person wants to hunt the same area or waterhole, regardless of who has a tree stand or blind in the area. Confron- tations in hunting situations can involve firearms and hot tempers. Whether you are in the city or next to a waterhole, any threats, intimidation, assault, or disorder- ly conduct can result in citations, arrests and/or jail time. Refrain from confron- tational behavior — ethical hunting is everyone’s business."
  3. Markleo21377

    Sitting Water

    Sir, It is pretty simple. If you are sitting water and someone approaches you politely ask them to leave. If they refuse you let them know you are going to call the game warden and let them know they are in violation of ARS 17-316 and it is hunter harassment which is a misdemeanor. Game warden is probably to busy to respond but it is the best you can do and if the person has any ethics they will leave.
  4. Markleo21377

    First Archery Antelope

    Very grateful for the opportunity to help you out....you put the work in for sure and was equally rewarded!
  5. Markleo21377

    Az 6a archery

    The quiet areas are great places to start but remember to be flexible. Lot's of guys and gals have the same idea. Rocky Park Rd is a good place to access rattlesnake snake from the north and will typically have less guys especially if it's wet. Second week tends to have a little less pressure and can be great. Here's a few bulls we've had opportunities at in 6a last couple years. PM me as hunt draws closer if your struggling.
  6. Markleo21377

    First Time applying

    Hey bro, What hunt did you decide on for him?
  7. Markleo21377

    Speed goat Wyoming

    Awesome! The antelope I killed last year is still the talk of our friends on how amazing it tasted. So good even my wife who usually doesn't hunt has been putting in with me for Wyoming!
  8. Markleo21377

    2019 youth deer hunt

    Howdy everyone, Hope all of you and your families are well! Took my boy, Max and 2 neighbor youths, Stella and Aislen down on the youth deer hunt last November with only 2 1/2 days to hunt. Was going to be a tall order to shoot 3 bucks as my help fell through, so we would be hunting together in one group. 11 year old Stella was up first as Max had just killed a good buck in Kansas and Aislen killed last year on the youth hunt. The first morning found us on my favorite glassing hill looking over approximately 40 deer before we found 2 coues bucks@500 yards. I left 2 kids on the hill and we took off to get closer. We settled in at 200 yards but her inexperience and nerves kept her from feeling confident with the shot.The evening was much of the same with no shot presenting itself that she felt comfortable taking. The following morning we quickly spotted two great bucks that would push the 90" mark. With no cover between us and the deer Stella conceded to let her 16 year old sister take the 650 yard shot. The bullet went just high and the bucks bounded out of sight. That evening we went to some flatter mule deer country and quickly spotted a forky horn. Stella got settled in for the shot at 180 yards and anchored him on the spot with her 6.5. That was followed by alot of dancing and high fiving. That evening was spent dressing him out and celebrating around the fire. The final morning found us back on the glassing hill and just after first light we found another nice coues buck. Max was up and we moved two ridges towards him to get within a couple hundred yards. We got behind the binos and glassed but were unable to pick him back up. It was at this point dad made a rookie mistake and moved to soon to glass a different off shoot of the draw. The buck was bedded in tall grass under a Palo Verde at 150 yards and bounded over the ridge. Max was bummed but we sat down and talked about what I did wrong over snacks. We headed for home already anticipating next year!
  9. Markleo21377

    2019 Youth Deer Hunt Success

    So awesome 👍
  10. Markleo21377

    Youth Turkey?

    My 10 year old son has same tag. We plan on heading up the evening before to hopefully get some located on the roost. We will be up off Stoneman lake Rd. Hoping the warm up this week will dry those back roads up a little. Safest place I can think of to do some social distancing.... except those Tom's, hope they haven't got the memo! Take care, Mark
  11. Markleo21377

    Bull Elk hunt in November unit 3a & 3c - need ideas

    Lance is spot on. Grab a flat line map for sure. I don't know that unit well but once you learn what elk need you will be in good shape. Start with taking your flatline map, locate water and draw a 2 mile radius circle around each one. The circles that intersect are a good place to start. Hills that get the 🌞 most the day or what is referred to as south facing will have good forage and that will have most of the sign. Then move north and find draws with benches that face north. These will be where they bed. Find these areas in places that you figure 70-80% of people would be apprehensive to go and things will start to make sense to you. Good luck and let us know what you turn up👍
  12. Markleo21377

    Bull Elk hunt in November unit 3a & 3c - need ideas

    Art20, Please don't take offense at people busting your balls here. That's what us hunters do, especially to a someone who uses a term out of context😂 We rag on each other and exaggerate about the size of the one that got away! In all truthfulness, go put some miles on your boots and find elk right now. Get a friend to go with you even if they don't hunt to keep it fun. Get a good map with good topography lines and find elevation that let's you look into canyons. Find water on your maps. Once you do this report back to us. Well ease up on you a bit at that point👍 Take care, Mark
  13. Markleo21377

    Youth cow unit 22 help

    If she is a new hunter the chasing bugles thing is fun and a sure way to get into elk, but can be a little challenging getting an ethical, high percentage shot. Grab a flat line map and check some tanks below the rim for activity. It is usually a little dry in October and those elk will be watering almost daily. I usually set up mid day on a vantage point with kiddos between 100-200 yards downwind of water or area you suspect elk are coming from and have always had great opportunities that way in a more controlled environment. If your scouting doesn't turn up anything you like send me a message and I can get you guys on a couple tanks that are historically producers. Take care, Mark
  14. Markleo21377

    7E Late Season Bull Elk Hunting

    JimR, That time of year bulls are pretty banged up from the rut and are looking for cover, food, and water where they are most protected from pressure and weather. That is an easy draw hunt and those bulls are more than likely right now in the same areas they were late November. If it were me I'd get a good topography map, find some vantage points, and glass. Look for canyons with good cover and food well off the beaten path. I would observe from a distance as those bulls don't need anymore stress this time of year. Good luck, Mark
  15. Hello Markleo

    Thank you for you reply, your generous offer and your info.

    I'm Steelhead fishing in Oregon right now, I'll be home tomorrow.

    I'll check in with you tomorrow.

    1. Markleo21377


      Sounds good. Take care, Mark

    2. GoldToyBox


      Ended up applying Unit 22 South early Muzzy and Unit 1 early archery.

      I believe we'll draw the tags unless the "Point Creep" get us or someone writes about them in a Magazine or Internet Blog and create a ton of interest.

      Talked with a couple of guides, probably hire one of them ….. not sure which one, pretty wide variation in prices.

      thanks for your offer to help in the field, we may take you up on it.


    3. Markleo21377


      Sounds good. Let me know if you don't choose a guide....last year a gentleman from Wyoming had the 22 south tag and after we tagged out I took him in and killed the biggest bull in 22 south that I am aware of. I  had hundreds of pictures of him and killed him right out from  under 2 guides by knowing the area so well. Here's a picture of him. I am happy to help so please let me know and good luckIMG_20191001_181145.thumb.jpg.55d3cee2bf3080f312050be19ecfdd63.jpg