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  1. Markleo21377

    Need a partner

    Yup, fantastic hunt…lot’s going on so no write up yet…topped it off with a beautiful coues yesterday on a 3 hr stalk
  2. Markleo21377

    Need a partner

    If you are still coming send me a PM and I’ll send you to an area that will not disappoint. Remember, any info us residents give is a gift so please treat it as such!
  3. Markleo21377

    General Bull Hunts.... Who's going?

    Stanley, good luck!!! If I’m not mistaken you will be in unit 8. I have 2 kiddos with that tag and we been watching a pile of good bulls living their best lives in some nice canyons. We have put a couple of them on notice that their days are numbered. My dad had that 2019 tag in 8 and it was a crazy couple days we killed in 30 minutes of hunting opening day. Take care, Mark
  4. Markleo21377

    otc changes--> increase in trophy quality?

    I think your spot on. Deer recovery is very slow from hardships such as drought and predators. Our farm we hunt in kansas was hit terrible with EHD in 2012. That area used to have approximately 40 deer per square mile and it went down to like 15. Couple that with fawn kill from coyotes and bobcats and it takes over 10 years to get back to those numbers assuming you harvest enough predators each year and you have minimal kill from EHD and winters. We still don’t shoot does because we don’t see enough fawns. We smack the heck out of the yotes and they seem to never go down in number. Enough negativity though, I have a 3A/3c December tag to focus on and can’t wait to see what shows up during the rut. My buddies holding my bullets so I don’t get antsy 🤣🤣
  5. Markleo21377

    otc changes--> increase in trophy quality?

    Here’s a buck my buddy killed on his ranch in Colorado couple weeks ago….this is 178” and shows how big a deer has to be to hit 180”
  6. Markleo21377

    otc changes--> increase in trophy quality?

    I have to echo what sneaker said. Some people throw 180” around like they are killed frequently. Even on the strip and kaibab the average deer checked is consistently below 180”. Of course the age class and genetics greatly increase your odds in those units though. I have seen plenty of deer in the desert units pushing 180 and sometimes even bigger. I had a friends dad kill a 203” desert Muley in a unit that non residents can draw with 4 points. Here is a buck killed by my buddies farm two days ago that hits the magic mark. Unit can be drawn by nonresident with 4 points. OTC units will naturally get a bit better when you get rid of some stress from the ridiculous amount of hunters in the field. Those desert hunts are a grind and we spend a bunch of time to turn them up. If you decide to burn points on a hunt south of the ditch hit me up and we can give yah some assistance. Sincerely, Mark
  7. Markleo21377

    2021 Wyoming Hunt

  8. Markleo21377

    2021 Wyoming Hunt

    Decided to burn 1 point and hunt a unit with very little access to see how hard Wyoming antelope hunting can be. Took 2 hrs in the field in two different units to fill my tags. Helped a couple buddies on day 2 fill their doe tags as well. I’m officially hooked and can’t wait to burn the wife’s points next year!
  9. Markleo21377

    Kids KUIU gear size medium

  10. Markleo21377

    Sunday unit 23 cow tag filled!

  11. Markleo21377

    Kids KUIU gear size medium

    Hey all, My boy has outgrown his KUIU gear. I have the following in perfect condition and live in North Phoenix Peloton crew long sleeve Rubicon hooded jacket Sierra pants $200 for all. Thx, Mark
  12. Markleo21377

    36A Muzzleloader Help

    That unit is stupid with deer. Don’t get hung up on hunting north side of mountains. In my opinion I would focus on foothills heading into rough, steep terrain and particularly the thick ocotillo stands. Been hunting there for many years, during multiple seasons and can’t remember a day we didn’t see 5+ bucks. Patience is the key. Stay in your glass and slow grid every inch. Keep with it and good luck. Sincerely, Mark
  13. Markleo21377

    Sept 2021

    Awesome!! Thanks for sharing
  14. Markleo21377

    Nash’s first buck

  15. Markleo21377

    Montana General Elk Help

    Thx man. Unfortunately, her dad passed on Thursday morning. He was 84 and one heck of a guy. Played football with Johnny Unitas on the Colts back in the 60’s. He had so many incredible stories and will be missed. My boy only lost his sense of smell and no other symptoms. I came so close to killing 2 different herd bulls on my hunt but the country was so thick and steep they almost had to step on you to get a shot. Late season rifle hunting is surely not the same but hopefully I can connect as the meat tastes just the same! Take care, Mark