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    Covid, whos had it and how are you recovering?

    Fellow outdoorsmen/women, I would first like to express my condolences to any who may have lost someone to this virus and for those that continue to deal with challenges from it. I pray for your endurance and speedy recovery. Despite all the varied opinions on best prevention, rights, and other nonsense the one thing that is certain is this has taken its toll physically, psychologically, and emotionally on people especially our young ones and elderly. We can't control alot of things but what we all can do is treat each other with dignity and respect. We never know what it took for that other person just to get out of bed each day. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Let go of old grudges. Tell our family everyday that we love them. Teach our kids to do good deeds for our elderly community. Be humble enough to allow ourselves to be wronged for the sake of peace. Stay safe and shoot straight, Mark
  2. Markleo21377

    Audad hunt

    Just got to see these in person as they were getting caped. Awesome animals! Congrats!
  3. Markleo21377

    Elk draw: ( my mistake!)

    I now see. If you apply for a higher fee tag then automatically have to pay full price even if 2nd choice youth is drawn....bummer. I did not realize that was how that was applied.
  4. Markleo21377

    Elk draw: ( my mistake!)

    Elkaddict, I may have missed something. If he drew the hunt you highlighted it is in fact a youth only hunt and should be $50. Am I missing something?
  5. Markleo21377

    22N Early Rifle Elk

    What an old warrior... awesome 👍
  6. Markleo21377

    22N Early Rifle Elk

    Excellent, I am excited for you guys. Grab a flatline map of the area and if your circumstances allow get up there camping this spring and summer and get to know roads, water sources, and trails. As it gets closer keep us posted on how things are going. Mark
  7. Markleo21377

    22N Early Rifle Elk

    Do you mind me asking how old your boy is?
  8. Markleo21377

    22N Early Rifle Elk

    Typing to fast/spell check.....sorry. Raghorns Prerut/rut
  9. Markleo21377

    22N Early Rifle Elk

    In my opinion his research is fairly accurate. The unit as a whole has gone down in quality. I have helped 5 guys on late rifle hunts and went 4 for 5. Mostly taghorns but saw a couple dandies. That said it still holds some great bulls and having a rifle in hand, the pretty/rut, and first crack at them leans some odds in his favor. Keep me posted on how your scouting goes. I know that unit well and might be able to help. Congrats to to him! Take care, Mark
  10. Markleo21377

    22N Early Rifle Elk

    Burn 12 on a hunt that takes 20+ to hit bonus round? I wouldn't say that is burning. I believe they switched that to an early hunt this year and may impact how much bugling and rut action you encounter. If his heart is set on a trophy early rifle hunt and willing to potentially wait 10-15 more years than turn it in. If he wants a really good hunt for a 320-350 bull with potential for better it's a great choice. My opinion of course, Mark
  11. Markleo21377

    The peaks tag

    Congratulations on the tag! Yes, calling is very effective in there that time of year. I took a buddy from South Carolina last year on archery hunt and saw over 30 bulls before he killed his. Look at topography, location of springs, avalanche chutes and you will find the elk prefer a certain elevation and type of topography. We ran into lots of guys who couldn't turn up a bull and I was sick of calling taghorns in. It's not magic just need to know what elk need and how they behave....comes from lot's of time in the field. Good luck, Mark
  12. Markleo21377


    Bull elk late rifle 27 or 8 for my 11 year old!!
  13. Markleo21377

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    Best part is it's my 11 year old...either 27 or 8 late rifle bull!!
  14. Markleo21377

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    Just got a hit....bam!
  15. Markleo21377


    Desert guide, I had a early bull muzzleloader tag in 2019 and ran a bunch of cameras. I think I pretty much knew most bulls in the area up until the hunt. I ran into and actually developed pretty good relationships with two guides on that hunt. Neither ran cameras because they knew every glassing nob, preferred bedding area, and food source around from boots on the ground and years of experience. No cameras needed as they said. I tagged out early and ran into a guy from wyoming who was struggling and took him in on biggest bull I knew of 366 net and helped him kill it. I did it for free of course. However, had I been contacted in advance and asked by him to perform a service "guiding" at an agreed upon cost and met legal requirements to do so perfect! We killed that bull 1/2 mile from where guides were glassing...I showed them bull, we high fives, and wished each other well. This guide vs DIY is just one of many ridiculous issues dividing us.