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  1. tinyturtle

    Mathews V3 27 *price drop

  2. tinyturtle

    Mathews V3 27 *price drop

  3. tinyturtle

    Mathews V3 27 *price drop

    Price drop
  4. tinyturtle

    Mathews V3 27 *price drop

  5. tinyturtle

    Mathews V3 27 *price drop

    Mathews V3 27 right hand 70lbs in first light cipher camo, " matching mathews two piece 6 arrow quiver, has not been shot much. 950 obo with quiver Willing to trade for a 10mm, or long gun in 6 5 prc or 300 prc Will pay shipping, located in flagstaff 928-606-7019
  6. tinyturtle

    2 LHD bows for sale

    Selling mine and my brother in law's back up bows. His is a hoyt pro hawk with 4 arrow quiver and fall away rest. 50-60lb draw weight set at 26 inches. Mine is a bowtech guardian bare bow but with a 6 arrow quiver, 60-70 lb draw set at 26. 5 inches. Both are left hand draw and shoot great. 150 for the prohawk 100 for the bowtech Located in flagstaff 928-266-7927
  7. tinyturtle

    Mathews vertix

  8. tinyturtle

    Mathews vertix

    2019 Mathews Vertix, Right Handed, 70# E mods currently, can/will change if need be. Willing to sell Bare bow or set up. (Packaged with a whisker biscuit, subalpine 7 arrow right spot, and 6 pin option (original series) sight if wanteded set up, also have AXT fall away rest if interested , brand new string.. 1200 obo for package or 850 bare. 928-606-7019 located in flagstaff
  9. tinyturtle


    Accidently posted in wrong forum. ..
  10. tinyturtle

    Swaro 15x or Razor UHD

    I have the uhd 18s and a pair of non HD swaro 15s(but have looked through my buddies HD swaros, for comparison) and it really depends what your gonna be using them for. We don't have spotting scopes so it was good combo. We both found and glassed up a ton of animals in the low/grey light but some of the further animals had to be judged by me. But for shed hunting or even archery hunting or fast paced scenarios I chest carry my 15s in the kuiu bino harness
  11. tinyturtle

    OTC Javelina

    I don't travel that way ever I live in Northern AZ . Otherwise I would be in!!!
  12. tinyturtle

    OTC Javelina

    Basically, it's only some select units and archery
  13. tinyturtle

    OTC Javelina

    I have, it's a ton of work . I see them alot when I'm shed hunting in Northern AZ units but I don't carry my bow when I'm shed hunting.
  14. tinyturtle

    Vortex Razor vs Kaibab 18x56 Binos

    I ordered a pair of the razor uhd 18x56 (they were back ordered @ the time), then 2 days later I won a pair of kiabab 18s. I did not enjoy the kiababs at all. Then when the uhds came in , loved them. If you can pony up and go uhd for big glass. I chest carry my 15 swaros most the time but I love to use the uhds for sit down glass sessions
  15. tinyturtle


    Pm you