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  1. tinyturtle

    Marsupial Gear Bino Harness (2018)

    If it fits a pair of 15 swaros I'll give 80 if you can meet Tues, (assuming your in phx)
  2. tinyturtle

    WTB left handed bow 70lb

    Sent you a text
  3. tinyturtle

    When do desert mule deer shed?

    I did pick up a big brown in early February a couple yrs ago . I assume that was a fluke of nature though. But I have picked up 2 small brown muleys to start my shed season last yr on March 4th(fyi I'm in N.az)
  4. Interested in the glock PM you
  5. tinyturtle

    Taurus Ultra-Lite 38 Special

    Where are you located?
  6. tinyturtle

    Taurus Ultra-Lite 38 Special

    Would you be interested in a mossberg 30-06?
  7. tinyturtle

    Mossberg 30-06

    Bump willing to trade for a carry pistol also
  8. tinyturtle

    Mossberg 30-06

  9. tinyturtle

    Mossberg 30-06

    Mossberg patriot in 30-06 Also includes reloading dies Asking $310 Located in flagstaff but will be in phx on wed 1/9 928-266-7927
  10. What was the original carrier?
  11. What cartridge does that #1 shoot, and how much is it?

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    2. Stray Horse

      Stray Horse

      Wow a 6mm.  Very nice.

    3. tinyturtle


      Would you be interested in it if I negotiated the price?

    4. Stray Horse

      Stray Horse

      I have two 6mm remingtons.  A Ruger #1 in that cartridge is also something that I would like to have too.  I would keep it.  Thanks for the offer.

  12. tinyturtle

    Trade: AR10 Hunting Rig for Bolt Rig

    Also comes with original butt pad and reloading dies
  13. tinyturtle

    Box of unused rage broadheads

    I have a box of 12 unused rage 3 blade broadheads with 4 practice heads and extra o-rings( g5 not included) asking 60 bucks. In flagstaff but will be in phoenix on wed 10/24 928-266-7927
  14. tinyturtle

    Iso monster chill series LH

    Been trying to track down a Mathews monster chill series X or R . Left hand draw and my draw length is 27.5 . Preferred poundage is 60-70