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    Wyoming Antelope advice 2023

    Travis, I am unsure why so many are generalizing the winter kill. It is terrible in some units and many really good units had minimal die off and have same amount of available tags as last year. There are a ton of units you can easily shoot a mid seventies buck. 32, 46, 47, 48,51. All of those units you will see multiple bucks over 70”. All can be drawn in regular draw with well under 8 points. Good luck, Mark
  2. Markleo21377

    Card Hits!

  3. Markleo21377

    Card Hits!

    Don’t give up boys….my 13 year old just hit either 3A/3C early rifle or 6a muzzleloader seconds ago
  4. Markleo21377

    Card Hits!

    Me and 2 buddies Drew resident archery bull
  5. Markleo21377

    Card Hits!

  6. Markleo21377

    Card Hits!

    And I just hit same archery bull tag….we gonna have some fun 🙌
  7. Markleo21377

    Too Early Draw Results Countdown

    Thank you sir!
  8. Markleo21377

    Too Early Draw Results Countdown

    Archery bull 7east. I just got hit for same one also
  9. Markleo21377

    Card Hits!

    Buddy from Michigan just got CC hit 🙌
  10. Markleo21377

    Too Early Draw Results Countdown

    By buddy in Michigan just got CC hit 🙌🙌
  11. Markleo21377

    Muzzleloader information for beginners

    Traditions Vortex Strikefire is exact make and model
  12. Markleo21377

    Muzzleloader information for beginners

    Not interested in any trades but send me a PM when you are ready. I’m not in a hurry. thx,Mark
  13. Markleo21377

    Muzzleloader information for beginners

    If you want a great midrange gun I have mine that I am going to sell since switching to CVA paramount. Traditions strike fire with Cabelas slug master scope. Shoots really well to 200 yards and has 3 az bulls under its belt. Paid $500 for gun and scope. Will sell for $350
  14. Markleo21377

    Muzzleloader information for beginners

    Same as crazy monkey posted above. Start at Blackhorn 105 by weight and shoot elr 280’s. Shoot be lights out.
  15. Markleo21377

    Muzzleloader information for beginners

    Some good recommendations but in my opinion none of them touch a CVA paramount in 45 caliber. Has a renowned Bergara barrel and threaded barrel for a muzzle break which is a big deal shooting magnum loads. They shoot lights out way beyond 300 yards. Shoot Blackhorn 209 with power belt ELR’s and you will shoot MOA out to 500 yards. Price point is decent and best box muzzleloader out there. good luck in the draw! Mark
  16. Markleo21377

    Anyone going to 36a?

    I think you are spot on for the right time to go for best rut activity as peak rut is early-mid January. Good luck!
  17. Markleo21377

    Late Bull Hunt Success!

    Awesome job bro!!
  18. Markleo21377

    Wife’s Semi-Live Late Bull Hunt

    Super awesome and love the day by day updates!
  19. Markleo21377

    Mathews Z7 $350

    Finally big the bullet and bought a new bow. This Z7 has been a great bow. 30" draw length. 50-60 lb limbs. Replaced cables 3 years ago. HHA single pin adjustment sight.
  20. Markleo21377

    2022 Alaska Dall Sheep

    After 2 years of preparation everything came together to harvest the ram of a lifetime in Alaska an 11 year old monarch! Hardest hunt I have ever done both physically and mentally. My pack was 60 lbs for the first 6 days sleeping bivvy style wherever we ended up each night. Out of 9 days it rained, sleeted, or snowed 6 of them. Ram down morning of day 7 and my pack went to 100+ pounds hiking 27 hours over 3 days to get out of the mountains. Truly an incredible adventure!
  21. Markleo21377

    Guess the score.

  22. Markleo21377

    Recommendation for a backpack for my daughter...

    My boy is 12 and has the Kuiu divide 1200. Perfect for kiddos. Lots of pockets, spot for his 2 liter water bladder, and a couple big pockets for clothes and gear
  23. Markleo21377

    My son's 2022 Elk hunt

    Awesome bro! Glad you guys got to spend quality time together even though it was limited. Great bull and super happy for him.
  24. Markleo21377

    Colters 2022 Elk Hunt

    Heck yeah!!! Awesome!
  25. Markleo21377

    Isla’s First Elk

    Our friends from Texas traveled here last week for their 11 year old daughters first elk hunt in 3A/3C. Opening morning was the type of experience you hope a first time elk hunter gets to be a part of. Multiple bulls screaming leading you into a herd. Unfortunately, the fog rolled in so thick that we could not ever get a good opportunity but knew where they bedded. That afternoon we hiked down a ridge that allowed us to look south into the canyon they were in. Not 30 minutes in and the bull had them up and moving giving Isla a 294 yard shot with her 6.5 creedmore. One well placed shot through the shoulder and she had her first elk. Man these youth hunts are so fun to help on!