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  1. JeredMD

    Savage 10 Predator 6.5 creedmoor (Updated)

    I’ll PM ya
  2. JeredMD

    Savage 10 Predator 6.5 creedmoor (Updated)

    Where you located?
  3. JeredMD

    Savage 10 Predator 6.5 creedmoor (Updated)

    How many rounds has been shot through it???
  4. JeredMD

    Marsupial Bino Chest Harness

    To be honest, I have no idea. Get me measurements and I’ll check it out. Or check the marsupial website for compatibility.
  5. JeredMD

    Marsupial Bino Chest Harness

    No to small sadly
  6. Multi cam Med size. Good shape with straps. $60 shipped
  7. I got more shoot I need to unload but can’t remember what it is so here’s what I got so far. Marsupial small bono harness that has some usage signs (see pics) I kept my vortex fury 5000 in these since Jan 1st 2020- $70 shipped killik k1000 bad- $45 Timber Ridge waist pack- $30 (honestly don’t know what I paid or what they’re worth) 2 Bino harnesses one by Allen and other crooked horn- $15 shipped for the pair streamlight TLR7 i never shot with it mounted- $75 shipped SOLD surefire x200- $75 shipped SOLD Sig Romeo 1 RDS- $175 shipped only shot 50rds with it mounted SOLD Burris fullfield II 3-9x - $100 shipped M4 block 1 clone upper- only includes what’s listed below Spikes receiver Colt m4 FDE factory barrel KAC m4 Ras BCM BCG Side sling swivel Matech sight Charging handle 600 shipped
  8. Savage $400 scope, rings, and bipod not included. The EGW rail is. Under 30rounds shot. 1927 A5 Thompson pistol: 1980s make when they were good. Collector piece. $950 Romanian AKm: decided to keep. came off a Romanian parts kit with a morrissey reciever. I have a new trigger to include with it. Got it used with very few rounds shot. Has a US made barrel. Gun looks like it came right from the caves of the Middle East. It’s an AK, what do you expect? Lol Glock 17 Gen 3 frame with internals minus trigger $85 SOLD All located in north Phoenix and FTF only with valid AZ DL
  9. JeredMD

    Late Bull Archery Tag Soup 22N

    That is a tough hunt. I hunted that unit last yr for 7 days straight until I finally dropped a bull on water. I tried the stalking game like I do deer and never could get close. They were all to spooked to get close enough. I ended up taking a 4x4 off water that I decided to sit for the entire day. I didnt leave the stand the whole day. I have the same unit again this yr, but the rifle hunt instead. Buddy of mine wanted to go or else I would have done archery again.
  10. JeredMD

    FS: 15x56 Vortex Kiabab HD

    Idk if you got my PM or not, but i will take these.
  11. JeredMD

    FS: 15x56 Vortex Kiabab HD

    PM sent
  12. JeredMD

    22N Late Archery Success AAR

    Sorry for the delayed post, had school and work stuff to do before getting on the computer. I was unable to get out on the hunt the first week cause of school and AZGFD bighorn capture, but headed up on Sunday after the rain let up. I didn't see squat for 3 days, but on Weds morning we started to see elk. First bull we saw was a spike at 80yds, then nothing for the rest of the morning. The afternoon I sat a waterhole that a couple guys let me sit after I discovered it accidentally. I sat there from noon till the first group of bulls arriving at 4:15pm. I was SO NERVOUS, I waited for the largest bull (3x2) to come in close but he knew something was not right and took his sweet time coming down the hill-while being followed by 3 spikes. I didn't realize how difficult it was to pull a bow up and the movement that was made when pulling the sting back, so when that bull was at the water (roughly 7yds away from me by the time he was moving around the water) I tried pulling back and he spotted me quick! He bolted up the hill, while a spike at 35yds was standing broadside unsure of what was occuring. I turned at the spike and took a shot, ended up putting the arrow into a oak branch above his back. After deciding to sit and see if they return, I positioned myself where I could be in a stance where I could take a much better shot and more prepared. Roughly 45min later, a bull was coming down the ridge behind me. He smelled me pretty quick, but couldn't pin-point my location. At which he decided to move back up the ridge to my left. There was a brush pile which when we moved behind I stood up and full draw. He saw me when he came out, standing broadside at about 20yds away-which is when I took the shot. Making a perfect shot! It all went by so quick, He ran about 100yds down from the water hole. I wanna give a special thanks to the guys I met on this hunt, members on here (johnyrankbull, tj hunt 2, and I believe johnyrankbull dad). Great group of guys! I accidentally stumbled on their water hole coming from a different route than where the road was, and busted one of their blinds. I felt really bad, I hate busting other hunter's spots. After they had no luck there for the week, they allowed me to hunt there- which is where I got my bull. When I told them about the elk, they congratulated me and even did what my dad and I were shocked about- came out with the ATV and pulled my elk out! Man, you don't meet great people like that everyday! I truly feel blessed to meet such great people and to take a beautiful elk. If they ever need any help, I would def be willing to do what I could! This was a rough yr for my family, we lost a love one and this hunt was def needed! Being out elk hunting with my Dad again after 5 yrs of him leaving for UT, was a great and wonderful experience. Hopefully we can get more elk hunts in, in the near future =) So my elk count: 3 Cows (All Rifle) 1 Bull (First Archery kill also) Okay so here are the pics after the long novel! HA