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  1. 12 RING

    Looking for Rain Gutters

    R&S does seamless gutters. Randy is a good dude and fellow hunter.
  2. 12 RING

    Looking for a plumber

    Add some more pictures and I could possibly help you out. I’ve been a new construction plumber for a decade and I’m at 83rd and jomax.
  3. 12 RING

    Asus ROG Gaming Laptop

    If your child is looking to get into pc gaming. This may be a great Christmas gift for you! The portability of a laptop with all the gaming capabilities to play any mainstream game you throw at it. I have all original packaging and the charger. Computer has been reset to its factory settings to clear all of my data off of it. Never registered with asus. Never activated the 3 months of free Xbox game pass. No scratches chips or dents. Never been dropped or overheated. Asus zephyrus g14. White. This may be gibberish to some of you but to those who know, 14” 4k screen Ryzen 9 6000 series processor. AMD Radeon RX6700s gpu 16gb ddr5 RAM 1tb pcie 4.0 ssd rgb backlit keyboard Windows 10 asking $800 OBO. Nw Peoria.
  4. 12 RING

    Yellow Lab

    kinda the same thinking as giving a senial brain dead old man high energy german shepherd puppies and then transport them to the white house to be cared for by man whos thinks hes a woman
  5. 12 RING


    TTT Price droppped again
  6. 12 RING

    New scammer alert

    Nope. You just have no idea what a flipper is and you’ll probably learn the hard way.
  7. 12 RING

    New scammer alert

    That one seemed to have resonated with you didn’t it? I hope you carry an RFID wallet or I could take your cc information from a simple face to face transaction. But I mean it’s 2023. That stuffs been out for years! If you don’t have an RFID wallet by now you deserve to get scammed, right? Does your house have a vpn? Cause cyber security has been a thing since the early 2010’s. God Forbid I take your date of birth on your profile and a phone number from a dm, and link it with your username to tap into your passwords. Nah never mind. You deserve it.
  8. 12 RING

    New scammer alert

    This is the dumbest suggestion I’ve seen on this site in a while. Just because you’re a veteran of the site doesn’t mean there aren’t new people finding out about the site from somebody trusted every week. No innocent person “kind of deserves to be” punished, ever. Change your stupid mentality.
  9. 12 RING


    Price Drop TTT
  10. 12 RING


    Handguard is sold. Stock and grip still available.
  11. 12 RING


  12. 12 RING


    price drop $300
  13. 12 RING


    Price Drop or Start me off with a price
  14. 12 RING

    Rigid 40” curved light bar

    is the part number 87431?
  15. 12 RING