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  1. 12 RING

    WTB Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer or frame only

    There was a guy yesterday posting an optics pack with frame and atlas for 400. You may wanna see if he will part it out
  2. 12 RING

    WTB Ecollar

    If you’re new to using an e collar I highly suggest training yourself before you train your dog. I’ve had great results with an e collar used properly and I’ve seen dang near animal abuse from them incorrectly.
  3. 12 RING

    Anybody have beetles for skulls?

    @NOTAGS probably has the business card for the gentleman on the west side
  4. 12 RING

    Anybody have beetles for skulls?

    There’s a guy in the NW valley. I don’t have his business card but i Can get his info for you. Where are you located?
  5. 12 RING

    Email change

  6. 12 RING

    Looking for a grader.

    Call Dr dirt Steven Stultz +16023777397
  7. 12 RING

    Traded, no longer available.

    Would you sell?
  8. 12 RING

    Anyone need h4198?

    How much and where?
  9. 12 RING

    WTB Glock 17 or 43x

    A lot of people posting wtb guns are getting scammers in the inbox. Vet your messages before committing
  10. 12 RING

    ISO rim for 2016 Dodge 1500

    i have a set of four from my big horn 18" with lugs and tpms stems.
  11. 12 RING

    Rigid Industries Light Bars

    pm sent
  12. 12 RING

    *Sold* Eberlestock F1 Mainframe

    Price drop $100
  13. 12 RING

    Outdoorsmans Spur 50

    Just for good knowledge. I recently got this pack new from outdoorsmans about a week ago. I ordered it may 15th...All these packs are on extensive backorders because of Portland’s failures. Truckers aren’t going in to Portland to drop off supplies or pick up orders. And I don’t blame em. But If you are interested in this pack, buying it new will have it delivered probably after hunting season...