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  1. For sale or trade. 1200 rounds of winchester 45 gr. hollow point. Let me know what you have or make cash offer.
  2. 25-06

    Recycling rims

    When the dollar tanks metals will go up in price. Let's just hope it doesn't happen anytime soon.
  3. I call that pond the trap.
  4. 25-06


    Do you ever come down to Tucson?
  5. 25-06

    SCCY CPX1 9MM for sale

    This should go quick. But if you still have it come Friday I'll take it.
  6. 25-06

    Unit 7E tank poisoning

    Really? Late for the "party" huh? Not my kind of "party". Some sick sh!t going on. This ain't no party there amigo. Unless it's a hangin "party"😉
  7. 25-06

    How Was Your Day?

    Pretty cool. Thanks for posting it Tony.
  8. 25-06


    Kinda seems like it in a way. But then again everyone deals with this stuff a little different I guess? One thing for sure though. God Bless us All. And United We Stand.
  9. 25-06

    Hunting in the whetstones

    We were following some lion tracks in a sandy wash. Came around a corner and seen what looked like a jacket in a tree. As we got closer we realized it wasn't just a jacket. We were 16 miles from the truck without phone service. When we got back into town we called the sheriffs department and took them out there to recover the body. I didn't get back home until 1:30 the next morning.
  10. 25-06

    Hunting in the whetstones

    Get a lion tag too. And keep an eye out for illegals. Found one hanging in a tree a few years back.
  11. 25-06


    That's what I was just thinking.?
  12. What are you using for marinade?