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    somewere out looking for my dogs
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  1. 25-06

    Which Name?

    Blow and Go Pest Control...
  2. 25-06

    Covid, whos had it and how are you recovering?

    I still don't feel 100% since I've had it. My son and I got it back in December. Both of us felt like we had a bad cold with a headache in the center of our brain. Worst headache I've ever had. Since then I get winded easily and have a foggy head.
  3. 25-06

    Favorite Westerns

    They're all good. Never have watched a bad western. Beats the he!! out of what's out there nowadays.
  4. 25-06

    Favorite Westerns

    The cowboys, True grit.
  5. 25-06

    Favorite Westerns

    Jeremiah Johnson, dances with wolves. Lonesome dove.
  6. 25-06

    Tick Tock

    I missed the due date to put in. Do you all think I still have time to do so?
  7. 25-06

    Sig elite performance .300 win mag

    My son TJ will take this ammo. Please give him a call. (520)979-4500
  8. 25-06

    Lion hunt

    Congrats. Any pics with the dog's in it?
  9. 25-06


    Keep it up and you'll be in a wheel chair soon. Its best for you to get out now. Explore new country and be active. Best of luck.👍
  10. 25-06

    Outdoor Writer

    Just like Lark. Them old folks have thinner skin than one mite expect.
  11. 25-06

    300wm, SOLD please delete

  12. 25-06

    300wm, SOLD please delete

    If you decide not to ship I'll take them. I'm east Tucson.
  13. 25-06

    Need help identifying

    Heck and I thought it was a chicken hawk.
  14. 25-06

    Lion time!

    Because you're a jack a$$.