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  1. 25-06

    WTS - S&W Model 17 - .22LR Revolver

    That's definitely a gem you have there. Wish I had the extra money for it.
  2. 25-06

    Another Flooding Reminder

    Ya Casey. Post up some pics.
  3. 25-06

    Turkey Day Part 1

    So how did it turn out?
  4. 25-06

    Turkey Day Part 1

    Looking good. Please keep us posted. Thanks.
  5. Sure is nice to see a family enjoying a meal without looking at their cellphones. Lots to learn from that pic. Thanks for sharing and happy thanksgiving to you as well.
  6. 25-06

    Prayers for my Daughter

    Prayers sent. God is good.
  7. 25-06

    Taylor-Biggest Buck In The House

    You are truly blessed my friend. Tell Taylor big congrats from me. There's definitely a special bond you too share to get er done in a big way.
  8. 25-06

    Need a tile guy in the Prescott area

    If you where in or around Tucson I'd take care of it.
  9. 25-06

    What am I?

  10. 25-06

    Teton XXL cot and pad- SOLD

    If in Tucson I'll take em.
  11. 25-06

    Cool Finds

    I'd go in there with a metal detector.
  12. If snow is in the for cast you might need this bad boy.
  13. 25-06

    37A history

    Nice. Love them old pics. Thanks for sharing.