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  1. 25-06

    Any Tile guys on here?

    I'm a tile contractor but I'm in Tucson.
  2. 25-06

    223, 9mm, and .40 For Sale

    I'll give you 25 bucks for the 9mm. Let me know and thanks.
  3. 25-06

    Name that gun!

    Not sure what it is but my guess would be a Browning.
  4. 25-06

    VIntage Leatherworking Tools

  5. 25-06

    Are The Gun Stores Really Empty?

    Ya you already said that. Maybe you should have got there earlier and bought the pallet yourself.
  6. 25-06

    Stuff and Things for sale.

    So are your mamas combat boots still for sale? Asking for a friend.
  7. 25-06

    Stuff and Things for sale.

    Location and is it still available? If so I'm sure someone what's is.
  8. 25-06

    Urgent need of Hornandy 6.5 Ammo for hunt

    So does this mean you're not rockin a b!tch biscuit?
  9. 25-06

    Name that gun!

    No it had a pin to pull to swing the cylinder open. And it held 9 rounds.
  10. 25-06

    Name that gun!

    H&R 929?
  11. 25-06

    Spot and Stalk Mountain Lion Hunting

    Here's a embarrassing pic that gives hunters a bad name.
  12. Hey everyone my son Cody is selling his Xterra. here's all the details and his contact info. It’s time for me to part ways with my 03 xterra. It has been nothing but good to me for the past 2 years. Only reason for selling is I need a truck for work. It has 182k miles on it. (Runs like a dream) Recently replaced- Lower control arms on both sides All 4 ball joints. Both cv axels. Rekeyed torsion bars. Clutch with slave cylinder After market parts list- Doug thorley headers with a full exhaust with 2 cats and muffler. Upper control arms and upper ball joints. Volant Cold air intake. Warn locking hubs. BFG KM3 33X12.5X15 with matching wheel spare with a KM2 mounted and balance. Cobra CB radio with a 4ft red firestick adjustable whip. Aftermarket torsion bars. (Not sure who makes them) Comes with the sub and amp. All new kenwood 3 way speakers with tweeters. Head gasket. Fuel tune on it. Newish steering components. New leaf spring packs from AZ spring co. All new AC lines and new charge. Limit straps on rear axel. Now for the somewhat cons- Crack on windshield. Tear in the driver seat. $5,850 OBO Call or text Cody at 520-3zero5-86zero8 I have more pictures on my phone that im not able to get onto my computer. ( im using my computer to type this up)
  13. 25-06

    What is this?

    I wouldn't pay much attention to it. Could be anything. I'd leave my cam right there. Looks like a safe spot for a cam.
  14. 25-06

    Garymills is a scammer

    Kiss my lilly white a$$ you honky boss...