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  1. 25-06

    Free Wedding Crap (Decorations)

    Unless you merry a nagger.
  2. 25-06


    Oh yes it is.
  3. 25-06

    Tacoma 2005-2015 replacement antenna

    Phil is a great guy. He lives around the corner from me.
  4. 25-06

    Why do they keep doing this?

    Azbig10 you're a idiot if you think that would've made a difference. The shooter had all the time in the world to do what he did.
  5. 25-06

    Why do they keep doing this?

    How about let's start hanging these pos downtown for a few days. Let the public see what happens to someone who does something like this.
  6. 25-06


    I hear ya...
  7. 25-06

    FS/Trade - Hodgdon H1000

    So that means my son has one pound coming his way? Haven't heard from you yet.
  8. 25-06

    FS/Trade - Hodgdon H1000

    If you can please hold one for my son. Thanks
  9. 25-06

    FS/Trade - Hodgdon H1000

    Pm sent.
  10. 25-06

    Need tile install , simple job

    To bad your not in Tucson. I'm a tile contractor and always looking to help out my fellow coues hunters.
  11. 25-06


  12. 25-06


    It's in great condition. Only been used a few times. I'm guessing it's around 5-6 years old.
  13. 25-06


    I'll take 600 for it. Let me know. Thanks, Terry
  14. 25-06


    By the way it's located in Tucson.
  15. 25-06


    It's not free. Just not sure what it's worth. Make me a offer.