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  1. 25-06

    .243 Ammo

    Yep still in Tucson. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. 25-06

    .243 Ammo

    If you think .243 is hard to find try looking for.25-06. I can't even find bullets for loading. It's a mess out there.
  3. 25-06

    Hip replacement

    My neighbor just had one done I believe yesterday. He's probably 130 pounds and close to 70 years old. Only about 5 foot tall and already home and doing well. As soon as he's well enough they're going to do the other hip.
  4. 25-06

    5th choice

    Nice buck Greg. Thanks for the write up. Too bad you didn't catch the bear in the act.
  5. 25-06

    Remington Rifles

    Apparently not.
  6. 25-06

    Go Vote

    I've already voted, here's my proof.
  7. 25-06

    Go Vote

    Yep, it's not just Maricopa county. It's happening all over.
  8. 25-06

    12 gauge amo

    13 gauge huh?
  9. 25-06

    retaining judges

    So does this mean you won't send this to the dungeon?
  10. 25-06

    Pls delete :)

    It's called a b!tch biscuit...
  11. 25-06

    6.5 creedmoor rifle

    Do you ever come down to Tucson?
  12. 25-06

    New world record long shot

    You'll never know unless you try...
  13. 25-06

    Stupid hunter

    Just more cookies and milk for the anti's... just saying.
  14. 25-06

    Just wondering

    If you frequent this site you should know that there's scammers. Hard lesson to learn but learn from it. People now day's can be deceived from these evel bastards.
  15. 25-06

    Savage Model 24 combo gun in 22mag/20 gauge

    I think it's a 2022.