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  1. Couesdeer

    Survival Arms AR-7

    Survival Arms AR-7 Packable .22 Very good condition. $250 FTF (Catalina, North of Tucson) I can ship this to an AZ address to an AZ resident for actual shipping costs.
  2. Very good condition. Bright, clear, everything Leicas should be. The show minor wear as they have been hunted. No scratches or imperfections on the lenses, however. They did have a speck on the inside (drove me nuts for a few weeks). I sent them to Leica in 2007-08 (I think) they fixed the problem and repurged/sealed them. $600 shipped $575 FTF (Catalina, North of Tucson)
  3. Couesdeer

    Timney trigger- worth it?

    What he said. I don't have any experience with browning rifles, but i have dropped timneys in multiple Rem 700s, win 70s, a few mauser 98s, as well as a couple of older savage 110s. huge improvement in all cases.
  4. Couesdeer

    Ruger MKl, powder, accubonds

    I'm a sucker for ruger 22s. I will take the pistola if not already spoken for.
  5. Couesdeer

    Minox 15X58

    You got them. PM sent.
  6. Couesdeer

    XLR Element Chassis for Remington 700 SA

    This is off the market as I might have a use for it.
  7. Couesdeer

    Minox 15X58

  8. Couesdeer

    Americase Aluma Trans two rifle case.

    Last bump.
  9. I'll buy every set of $1K non HD 15X56s you can rustle up....
  10. Couesdeer

    Minox 15X58

    I think so!
  11. Couesdeer

    XLR Element Chassis for Remington 700 SA

    I just dropped my daughter's LH SA 700 into the chassis. You will have to remove a little material for the safety and file out a new bolt notch.
  12. Couesdeer

    Heavy Savage 110 7mm-08