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  1. Couesdeer

    Vortex Vper PST 6-24X50

  2. Couesdeer

    Vortex Vper PST 6-24X50

    $480 Add $10 to ship for you Phoenix folks!
  3. Couesdeer

    Vortex Vper PST 6-24X50

    Buyer backed out. Back up for sale.
  4. Couesdeer

    Vortex Vper PST 6-24X50

    Deal pending on this scope.
  5. Couesdeer

    Vortex Vper PST 6-24X50

    More scopes than I need at them moment This one is in excellent condition. No box, but I do have a sunshade to fit it. 1st Gen Vortex Viper PST 6-24X50 30mm tube FFP Illuminated EBR-1 (MRAD) reticle $500 OBO
  6. Couesdeer

    Credit Card hit thread

    $50 here..... My 17 year old son gets one last youth elk hunt.
  7. Couesdeer


    I will take this if we can make a meet up work. Text sent.
  8. Couesdeer

    Muzzleloading powders (Triple Seven and Pyrodex)

    Triple seven pellets are gone. $100 for all of the remaining triple seven. I will be in PHX tomorrow (2/18)
  9. Couesdeer

    Sold Winchester model 74

    I will take this, Text sent
  10. I have accumulated a good quantity of BH209, so these will only sit in my shop gathering dust. Triple seven: 3 full pounds plus 10 oz left in an open container plus an almost full box of 50/30 pellets. $120 Pyrodex: one full pound plus 11 oz $40 FTF only North of Tucson Catalina/OV area.
  11. Couesdeer

    Ammo: .410 and 45LC

    410 shells are spoken for.
  12. Couesdeer

    Ammo: .410 and 45LC

    Clearing out some Ammo that I won't be using: 410 shotshells Remington Express Long Range 3" Two full boxes of #6 and one of #7 1/2. SPF 45 Colt Two full boxes (40 ct in all): Winchester 225 Gr. Silvertip Hollowpoints 3 bags (74 in all) Cast RNs and SWCs 1/2 box (25 ct) 250gr JHP plus 25 1x fired cases 139 loads in all plus 25ct 1x fired brass $100 for the lot. FTF transactions only, please Ammo is located in Catalina, North of Tucson.
  13. Couesdeer

    Factory ammo: .300 Win Mag.