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  1. Couesdeer

    Advice wanted - crazy gun sale

    What a horrible tragedy if what she is telling you is true. That being said, I'd be very leery of any conversations with the family of the deceased in fear of some kind of future litigation. You weren't a friend of this kid. you didn't know him. If he hung himself with a rope, would she go to Ace hardware and try to strike a conversation with the fellow that sold him the rope? Maybe I sound heartless, but If I were you, I wouldn't meet her.
  2. Couesdeer


    I'll take both.
  3. Couesdeer

    LH Bow, Bow Cases

  4. Couesdeer

    Cabela's bighorn 3 Tent

    Great tent! These are a breeze to set up and are very durable. I wish I had gotten the vestibule for mine. Olmos, send me a message if you think you'd be willing to sell the vestibule separate from the tent.
  5. Bell and Carlson m40 style stock. Fits Long action Remington 700 BDL, long range, sendero barrel fits the barrel channel nicely. Cerakoted coyote tan. Very good condition. $200 FTF Tucson area. I am happy to ship for an extra $15.
  6. Couesdeer

    LH Bow, Bow Cases

    After three shoulder surgeries, my friend is still unable to pull a bow back. He now has a crossbow permit and has asked me to help him sell off some of his archery gear. The bow is a Lefty Darton Maverick CP6 Set at 60# and 31" draw. $75 Hard/travel bowcase made by SKB sports. Measures 52X17" $100 Nice leather bowcase. 21X53" He had it made for him when he lived in Turkey. Hard leather exterior, soft leather interior. 2 accessory pockets and one large pocket for arrows. $200 Located in Catalina, can meet in the Tucson/OV/Marana area. Buy both cases and the bow comes free. Shipping is most likely going to be prohibitively expensive.
  7. Couesdeer

    Lots of scopes.

    I am down to one of the SWFA 10Xs: Now $190 and the Weaver Tactical: Now $400
  8. Couesdeer

    Lots of scopes.

    SWFA 10Xs are now $200 each, or take both for $375.
  9. Couesdeer

    Lots of scopes.

    I have deals pending on the Leupold 2-7 and the 3-9.
  10. Couesdeer

    Lots of scopes.

    Minox scope has been sold.
  11. Couesdeer

    Lots of scopes.

    I have a few scopes that I would like to sell. All are in very good condition or better unless noted. Glass on all of them is excellent. Prices are shipped. Knock $10 off the price of each if able to do a face to face deal in the north Tucson/OV/Catalina area. 1,2. SWFA SS 10X, MOA turrets, Mil dot reticle, $210 (I have two of these) 3. Leupold VX-II 3-9X40, Matte black, Duplex reticle, M1 elevation turret $225 4. Leupold VX-2 2-7x32. Matte black, Duplex, CDS elevation turret. $215 5. Minox ZA5 3-15x42 HD This one does have a dent where the rings were tightened too much. Does not affect function of scope. otherwise excellent. $275 6. Weaver Tactical 3-15X50. Model 800362. 30mm tube, mil dot reticle, First focal plane. $425 Here is the ringmark on the minox.
  12. Couesdeer

    Norlund axe. $20

    I'll take this if still available.
  13. Couesdeer