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  1. Couesdeer

    Youth rifle for girl

    I have a friend who is looking to sell his daughter's rifle. He is in Tucson. Send me a message and I'll give you details. I was unable to send you a PM.
  2. Couesdeer

    High Standard Flite King .22 short

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  3. Nice condition for a 50+ year old pistol. Functions flawlessly. Comes with one magazine and whatever 22 short ammo that I can scare up (100 rounds or so.) $350
  4. Couesdeer


    What is the chambering of the Kimber?
  5. I'll take this. PM sent.
  6. Couesdeer


    I will take that reloader 17
  7. Couesdeer

    AB Arms Chassis for RH SA Remington 700

    Sold to Weldor. Thanks!
  8. I would be willing to assist in installing the barrel and as well as fresh cerakote if you have your own action..........
  9. My daughter outgrew her set-up last year, so we rebarreled and bought a stock with more LOP. Gracie killed two deer and a Javelina with this setup on her action. The barrel is an 18.5" take off from a model 7. Cerakoted pink. The stock is was originally a wood 700 ADL SA stock that I cut down and slimmed. I also built the grip forward with bondo to accommodate the petite hands of a 10 year old girl. pink flip-flop recoil pad. Overall LOP is 11 3/4 inches. "Custom" Krylon paint job. Hopefully somebody else's daughter can kill stuff in style. One could repaint if pink doesn't tickle your fancy. Load data available for the buyer if interested. $90 shipped for the stock and barrel. $75 FTF
  10. AB Arms chassis for a right handed Remington 700. my son used it for one season and has decided to go back to a traditional stock. $425 FTF (North Tucson, OV, Catalina area) $450 shipped Here are the website's details on the chassis. https://www.abarms.com/MOD-X-GEN-III-Modular-Rifle-System-p/abamx700b.htm
  11. Couesdeer

    Youth lefty?

    If you are able to find a lefty 700 in a short action, I have a youth stock as well as one I cut way down for my daughter. Otherwise, I believe savage makes an youth LH axis. Best of luck to you.
  12. Couesdeer

    Remington .300 SAUM ammo

    Sorry for the delay. I have been out of town. Yes, they are still available. PM on the way.
  13. Couesdeer

    Remington .300 SAUM ammo

    $40 takes both boxes...