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  1. forepaw

    Payroll deposits without a bank account.

    Ajera and Deltek. forepaw
  2. forepaw

    Replacement boot laces?

    Either Duluth Trading Co. or Kennetrek Boots. Both good. forepaw
  3. forepaw

    Anyone in Vegas or north of there?

    Have a friend in Pioche, I can see if he would accept them and meet you for the handoff. Be glad to do it myself, but I am 23 mi. SE of Las Vegas. Might be a bit out of your way. forepaw
  4. forepaw

    30-30 NonLead Loads

    I use the following loads in both my pre-64 M94 and Marlin 336: 34.2 Varget/150 Barnes TSX H.P. and 32.5/AA2520, same bullet. Seat to cannelure. I mostly use W-W primers, and either R-P, W-W, or Federal brass, depending what I most recently picked up off the desert. forepaw
  5. forepaw

    Close- Rifle sold

    Very sorry to hear about your daughter. Prayers sent for best possible treatment and recovery. forepaw
  6. forepaw

    Belgium Browning Superposed 12 gauge

    Very nice. That would be 5/8" cast off by the way, for us lefties. forepaw
  7. forepaw


    There's some real history in this thread. I worked at A.J. Bayless my Sr. year of H.S., and it was a good job - and good people. Bought my first vehicle, a '56 Ford pickup from one of the produce clerks and drove it for a couple years. It had a 292 that ran like a scalded cat. Did a lot of prowling around the desert in that old pickup Senator Carl Hayden used to come and sit on the bench outside while his family shopped. He was a very ancient guy at that time (1969 - '70). I never worked at Basha's, but they were good too, and I always try to do some shopping there whenever I get back to AZ. forepaw
  8. forepaw

    Questions for the unit 10 antelope gurus

    Well I am anything but an antelope guru, but I had that hunt last year. Since your question is specific to antelope behavior and locations, I will limit my comments. This was my first archery pronghorn hunt, though I have taken a few on various rifle hunts over the years. The best way to describe the antics of the relatively few antelope we saw would be unexplainable. They were the craziest-acting bunch of goats I have ever been around. Squirrelly and flighty doesn't being to describe their behavior. They were hyper wary and crazy. One minute, they would be grazing peacefully, the next they would explode into activity, running helter-skelter for no apparent reason, sometimes for a mile or more, other times stopping to graze again still within sight. This was big time schizo behavior in my opinion (compared to rifle hunting), which I attributed to the rutting urge, and for the few days I hunted, I was unable to put myself in position for a shot. Compounding the difficulty was the overall topographic relief of the area we hunted on the Big Bo. It was flatter than flat. There was almost no vegetation and no gullies, hills, swales or any other feature to offer concealment during a stalk. Nor was there any concentration of animals near water, or apparent use of waterholes (not allowed on the Bo anyway). We found not a single goat using water, which was plentiful, though some appeared to be en route to or from, though taking their time about it. Best advice I can think of, based on a possible single shot opportunity which did not happen, would be to make sure you stay between the does and the herd buck if you can. If the buck moves away from the does for any reason, try to find a way to intercept him on his return route. This may not be fruitful as a buck separating from some does, may be doing so because he has found another more desirable group of does to spend time with. However, there is no way to know this, and they may return to their original group (or may not). As far as spot and stalk (which is about all you can do on the Bo unless you can plan an ambush), be sure and bring a number of decoys if you can. We used two different decoys with no success, but you never know, the right one might allow you to get within shooting range. Probably, a life-size full body type might pay off, but we did not have one, and can't offer any insight. Real gurus will know techniques and strategies, but it is not common knowledge, and not really needed for a rifle hunt. Archery is something else. Be ready for long hikes and long days of hot, dry, windy conditions, blistering sun/mirage, and no shade - unless you bring your own. forepaw
  9. forepaw

    LOUD buzzing Desktop

    Could you have a capacitor that is retaining a charge? If so, and if a relay or other component has failed or become stuck, that could be a possible source. A capacitor has to be manually discharged using a screwdriver or other conductor across both poles. It sounds like some component is trying to start or run. forepaw
  10. forepaw

    Wtb 300 win mag

    I have a friend who wants to sell his Win. M 70, .300 Win. mag. I will let him know to check this forum. forepaw
  11. forepaw

    Northern AZ bow shop

    There are two shops in LV that I stay away from. There are also two that are pretty decent. What part of town are you in? forepaw
  12. forepaw

    Marlin 795 22lr

    Doesn't that have the same action as the Model 60? That .22 has been around for a long time - multiple versions, stainless, laminated, etc. forepaw
  13. forepaw

    270 win barrel life

    AZAV8ER, what you are describing is a barrel just getting broken in! My 1980 .270 Win. has about 2k rounds through it, most of them hot hunting loads. It still shoots good - with some loads the groups open a little, but it is a fairly consistent 1 1/2" rifle. (I have a spare barrel, but don't see any urgent need to install it). OTOH, I have shot out 2 - 25-06 barrels. The last one, installed by Sam May, Apex Rifle Co. Flagstaff, only got to about 750 rds. The barrel that's on it now, a Douglas stainless, is showing some erosion in the throat, and is not as accurate as it once was, but still ok for most hunting. I have heard the .243 is hard on barrels. forepaw
  14. Also, just to make sure, check yourself for dominant eye. Maybe you already have, but if you are cross-dominant it can do strange things to your sight picture. forepaw
  15. I tend to agree w/ this poster. You may be inducing parallax into your sight picture. Normally, factory scopes are pre-set for parallax at 150 yds. (depends on brand) and will only be a few fractions of an inch off at normal hunting ranges - assuming you line up with eye box and cheek weld. If you are noticeably off to one side or the other, your POI will be different from your POA. forepaw