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  1. forepaw

    Deadly Gila Monster Bite?

    Gila Monster: Facts and Folklore of America's Aztec Lizard Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com › Gila-Monster-Folklore-Ame... Very good read by David Brown and Neil Carmony, for anyone interested. This is probably also available at AZ university bookstores if you live close to one.
  2. This. Or the fire hazard.
  3. Batteries are heavy!
  4. I couldn't agree more. The problem is, in many states, we have too many people who are not paying their share. This shifts the burden to other residents, but also to other US taxpayers in the form of federal funding that could otherwise have been generated locally. Nevada has a much fairer system IMO. There is no personal income tax, but fuel taxes are very high. Everybody bitches about it, but it causes the pain to be spread to everyone who drives (except for EVs). And NV has nicer roads and infrastructure, so at least you feel like you are seeing some results for the higher fuel costs.
  5. This scam has been around for years. There used to be a website, something like www.taxcheat.com to report these people. Montana had, or maybe still has, vehicle and business laws that allow folks to start a phony business with nothing but a P.O. box and name, then buy vehicles (mostly high dollar RVs) with no sales tax, and low vehicle registration fees. Reprehensible.
  6. forepaw

    Arrow gun

    Based on discussion at the last Commission meeting, it appears they are going to allow them but only for CHAMP, and must also have a crossbow permit.
  7. forepaw

    2023-24 archery deer tracking

    Those units can't stand that kind of harvest. Especially not with 2000 donkeys between Katherine Landing and Hoover Dam. Generally, it is a treat to even see a mule deer in the 15s. Between BLM and Park Service, the land managers are paralyzed in terms of taking action. Too many career bureaucrats and tree-huggers. I remember years ago at Grand Canyon NP, when the Chief Ranger discovered he had a backcountry or river ranger who could shoot, and also keep their mouth shut, the instructions were to sneak up the side canyons and kill every donkey they could find. Death Valley NP the same, though that is mostly in CA (and a little sliver in NV). Feral donkeys have a 20% per year rate of reproduction, and no natural enemies. They are pretty good eating however, as I have been told. AZGFD needs to get moving. They have too many frivolous programs catering to urbanites. These folks are not going to pay the bills when the boomers die off or age out of the outdoors. AZGFD has a lot of smart people, and I am sure they know that the cash cow that they have enjoyed for the past 60 yrs. (the boomers) is now drying up. and the gen. Z, gen. X and millennials do not have the same values, affinity for the land and wildlife, and likelihood of sufficient financial means over their lifetimes to fund outdoor hobbies and volunteer work, I know there are a lot of good, motivated kids, and parents who are trying to pass on outdoor ethics and values that they learned from previous generations, but overall, I do not see it happening. If hunting and fishing in AZ is going to survive in any form resembling what we have now, they better be planning to hire a LOT of lawyers. I don't know what business model AZGFD is planning on to keep themselves funded at the same level they are now, but I suspect we are in for some real changes in the hunting and fishing community.
  8. forepaw


  9. forepaw

    Wanted non-working or unwanted lawn equipment

    https://www.northerntool.com/ Northern Tool is your friend if you're putting used equipment back together. Discounts and gift cards available, nothing crazy but at least something. Great idea to show use of hand tools and how to refurbish still useable equipment. Research model #s and parts, cross-reference, learn to use charts, diagrams, read measuring instruments. We need more of that!
  10. forepaw


    Man that's some good shooting right there.
  11. forepaw

    Cudahy Meat Packing Plant

    . . . a military surplus store, I think the name was Laradas . . . I knew of it. The gunsmith (before it became military surplus) was Larry Beavers. His name was Larry, wife's name was Ada, thus Larada. His dad was Del Beavers, who owned Shooter's Haven in Phx. Both were crackerjack gunsmiths. Drill and tap heat treated receiver, alter bolt handle on mausers and springfields, install low-scope safety, convert to cock on opening, glass bed, trigger jobs of all kinds, recoil pads done right, match condition .45 auto, tune and triggers on Colts and S&W, old-fashioned polish and blue, engine turning bolts, floorplates, etc. Everything except checkering and engraving. Highest quality work, but not nearly as well paying as military junk. Even during the worst days of the Viet Nam war, and everyone sweating the draft, there were Chris Kyle wannabe types - nothing like now though. We can thank the GWOT and Hollywood for that, among other things. You could bring them a .22 rifle or shotgun in a box or bag that someone had taken apart and screwed up, and they would put it back together and it would work like new. Larry Beavers was a marketing genius as well as top gunsmith, and later moved the storefront down by Tri-city Mall. I guess he moved it to Chandler or Gilbert before he finally retired.
  12. forepaw

    Ruger #1 405 Winchester - and ammo!

    Post from a friend's e-mail who is way more knowledgeable than I am. "I know I would like to have any 405 of any kind. Its the 30-40 Krag case if reloading brass is needed. Craig Boddington claimed his daughter used a Ruger 405 to take all the big four in Africa no sweat. (no rhino) Said it was more than he would ever try. She claimed that with her no. ones in 7x57 and 405 she would never need another gun. Love to have sufficient experience to make that claim."
  13. forepaw

    Cudahy Meat Packing Plant

    Not sure of that one - had been gone from Tempe for awhile by then. I do remember Livingston's Locker. Just W. of Mill Ave. near downtown. I believe the owner or co-owner was Ron Livingston. Skipped class and brought my javi in one cold February morning for cutting and wrapping. Still have the receipt somewhere. I think it cost me $7.50 or something.
  14. forepaw

    Cudahy Meat Packing Plant

    Almost forgot, Thomas Locker on Arizona Ave. Downtown (at the time) Chandler.
  15. forepaw

    Cudahy Meat Packing Plant

    48th St. just S. of Washington was the approximate location of the stockyards I believe. Not sure about the packing plant. I remember the huge red neon sign, and the aroma when the wind shifted. There was a pkg. plant at 72nd Ave. and Southern, Swift Meat Co. at about 91st Ave. and Indian School in Tolleson, one at about McKellips and Stapley (Stone & Randall) in Mesa, a locker plant at Main and Extension (Tucker's Meats and Locker Service) also in Mesa. I expect there were quite a few others. All gone now, unfortunately. There was also a small one at I-17 about 16th St. Another at 24 St. just S. of I-17, right across from Thunderbird Bank. It was more of a meat provision outfit - slaughterhouse to restaurant or retailer.