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  1. forepaw

    Good ole days on ammo prices

    Must have been Gryphon Gunworks on 12th St. PSS recommended them to install choke tubes on a Rem. M 11 for me. Those guys were the REAL deal. Top notch gunsmiths and professional quality work - not necessarily rifle builders or barrel fitters, but full journeymen all around gunsmiths. I bought a pre-64 M70 .30-06 from them, and almost bought a couple other guns - one a pre-64 M 70 featherweight in .270. I don't know what happened to them, but I can tell you if there were still gunsmiths like them around, I would have bought a lot more guns over the past 30 yrs.
  2. forepaw

    My Mentor

    Gerry Blair. Jack Cain.
  3. forepaw

    My Mentor

    I looked at my list of ADBSS Charter Members, but no match there. Jack and Bradford O'Connor partially match, but they were known for more than one hunting discipline. I guess I am about to learn something new.
  4. forepaw

    My Mentor

    Sam Fadala.
  5. forepaw

    Good ole days on ammo prices

    Here is a blast from the past. One of these guys started a range, one a range was named after him, one was a gunsmith who wrote at least one book on the subject, one owned a gun store that is discussed in this thread. What's your guess kneeling left to right 1-4. Standing left to right 1-6. Sorry the pic isn't the best. Looks like Camp Perry. Gunsmith Roy Dunlap?
  6. forepaw

    Good ole days on ammo prices

    Would it have been Manuel Sinohui?
  7. forepaw

    First hunt for Enoch, 35a second hunt.

    Hey Kev, you are more than welcome! I am always glad to help a young person have a positive hunting or fishing experience and enjoyed it like I would my own hunt. I am glad everything came together, as it was far from a guaranteed outcome. You deserve a lot of credit for coaching and judgement, and keeping Enoch's spirits up. And like you mentioned, it was really touch and go. You both had to race up that hill, with light fading fast, wind blowing, spooky deer dancing around, and get set up and make the shot. Enoch stayed calm and made it happen, which I could tell was not that easy to do under those conditions. I am glad he was pleased with his deer and the hunt. His first thought was making sure he had hit the deer solidly, which says his ethics are on the right track. Great job!
  8. forepaw

    Cold weather tent camping

    Have a way to keep your water thawed. Single digits and below, keep a couple liters in your sleeping bags. Even in cold weather, you have to stay hydrated (clear urine), and it is also nice to have some water to sponge off with. You can easily wash from head to toe with two or three coffee cups full. Use lotion on exposed skin, and powder in socks and skivvies. You may want to set up two tents - one for sleeping, and one for cooking and warming. Also, start your vehicle daily if possible, to keep the battery charged and oil fluid. Another handy trick is to have two each Jone hand warmers and fuel. In bitter cold, it makes a world of difference to have one in your shirt pocket and one in pants pocket. Have a dry pair of socks in your pack at all times, and a dry change of clothes in the tent. Recognize what early hypothermia looks like, and don't let yourself get into that condition. Build a fire, drink something hot, put on extra layers, whatever it takes to avoid uncontrollable shivering. Your menu should include high-calorie, easily digestible food items and snacks. Lots of good comments on this thread re: sleeping warm and portable heaters.
  9. forepaw

    6a Halloween Buck

    Handsome deer. Neck shot at 175 yds. with lightweight sporting rifle and scope. Good shooting. No ruined meat. What caliber and load?
  10. forepaw

    Credit card hits tomorrow ??

    So what's the deal with the $25 charge. Is it just a placeholder until status confirmed or???
  11. forepaw

    First Backpack Hunt ???

    It looks to me like you might be low on calories. If you can lose a pound a day, and still hunt effectively, you might be ok, since it's only 4 days. I agree with the above posts on additional grub. Specifically, consider adding some dried fruit, jerky, nuts, hard cheese, bagels, and some sort of candy like jolly ranchers. Powdered Gatorade doesn't weigh much. Avoid at all costs, "hitting the wall" due to physical effort and low calories resulting in inability to convert calories and protein into energy. I have let that happen a few times, and found I was pretty worthless until I ate something and then waited for everything to stabilize.
  12. forepaw

    Elk kill range

    You might also try picking up some practice broadheads (or even tips) of 85, 100, and 125 gr. and see which weight groups better. Save you from all that pin adjusting, until you really get ready to dial in.
  13. forepaw

    Badlands 2200 Pack $150

    PM sent.
  14. forepaw

    San Carlos Turkey hunt cancelled?

    Sounds like they are having a rough time with COVID. Sorry to hear. I was through there a couple weeks ago and it looked like they had checkpoints at intersections to screen for locals vs. NR. It will be a struggle until a vaccine is available. Hope they can sort things out. It has been a real blow to the Navajos.
  15. forepaw

    Kuiu- first lite- kings camo

    PM sent.