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  1. forepaw


    Me too.
  2. forepaw


    In hunting pack, or vehicle?
  3. forepaw

    Eye spy

    Wonderful eyes. Good job.
  4. forepaw

    Score help

    No way. 150 maybe. Class III. Note how much room on the scalp, between the bases.
  5. forepaw


    Years ago, ASU (Tempe) had a lab in the animal sciences dept. or maybe wildlife sciences, where they kept a culture of beatles and would do a skull upon request. Not sure if the guy who ran this function has handed it off to someone else or not, but might be worth giving them a call.
  6. forepaw

    Vortex razor HD 85mm spotter

    PM sent.
  7. forepaw

    Pair of nice bucks for my boys.

    Thanks for sharing that story. What barrel is on your m700? Also, is that a VX-5 or VX-6? CDS or turret? Lucky kids right there!
  8. forepaw

    Sheep with a Pistol

    Ram looks like a nelsoni, vs. mexicana. Landscape looks like nelsoni country.
  9. forepaw


    A quick way to judge for age is to look for the old ram with a pot belly and sunken hindquarters.
  10. forepaw

    Early Hunt Reports????

    Man talk about easy on the eyes! Wonderful to see a classic, in a true all-around caliber, treated right by someone who really knows how to shoot. 3031 was what I used in my first .308, a long time ago. Thanks for posting. She is a lucky gal.
  11. forepaw

    Early Hunt Reports????

    That's a good story. Would be great to see a photo of the m70. What load did she use?
  12. forepaw

    280 ammo and 260 ammo +6.5 x 55 Swedish

    I will take the 6.5x55. PM me w/ details.
  13. forepaw

    Couple rifles (30-06,.300 win) Lefty!

    I think that's the .300 mag.
  14. forepaw

    View from my office window

    Must be near Concho. Dense population of tweakers I understand.