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  1. forepaw

    LOUD buzzing Desktop

    Could you have a capacitor that is retaining a charge? If so, and if a relay or other component has failed or become stuck, that could be a possible source. A capacitor has to be manually discharged using a screwdriver or other conductor across both poles. It sounds like some component is trying to start or run. forepaw
  2. forepaw

    Wtb 300 win mag

    I have a friend who wants to sell his Win. M 70, .300 Win. mag. I will let him know to check this forum. forepaw
  3. forepaw

    Northern AZ bow shop

    There are two shops in LV that I stay away from. There are also two that are pretty decent. What part of town are you in? forepaw
  4. forepaw

    Marlin 795 22lr

    Doesn't that have the same action as the Model 60? That .22 has been around for a long time - multiple versions, stainless, laminated, etc. forepaw
  5. forepaw

    270 win barrel life

    AZAV8ER, what you are describing is a barrel just getting broken in! My 1980 .270 Win. has about 2k rounds through it, most of them hot hunting loads. It still shoots good - with some loads the groups open a little, but it is a fairly consistent 1 1/2" rifle. (I have a spare barrel, but don't see any urgent need to install it). OTOH, I have shot out 2 - 25-06 barrels. The last one, installed by Sam May, Apex Rifle Co. Flagstaff, only got to about 750 rds. The barrel that's on it now, a Douglas stainless, is showing some erosion in the throat, and is not as accurate as it once was, but still ok for most hunting. I have heard the .243 is hard on barrels. forepaw
  6. Also, just to make sure, check yourself for dominant eye. Maybe you already have, but if you are cross-dominant it can do strange things to your sight picture. forepaw
  7. I tend to agree w/ this poster. You may be inducing parallax into your sight picture. Normally, factory scopes are pre-set for parallax at 150 yds. (depends on brand) and will only be a few fractions of an inch off at normal hunting ranges - assuming you line up with eye box and cheek weld. If you are noticeably off to one side or the other, your POI will be different from your POA. forepaw
  8. forepaw

    White Mountain Lakes

    Not quite. forepaw
  9. forepaw

    White Mountain Lakes

    Remember them both. Spent many hours listening to H.G. Listiak on the way to, and coming back from all kinds of outdoor trips, year round, early morning and late at night. KOY was a great station. Ned Smith was the first thing I would read when the paper came. Even with the war raging (and it was pretty ugly), life was more relaxed, more optimistic, and just about every neighborhood much friendlier than now. forepaw
  10. forepaw

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    Otherwise known as parts per billion. The 1/2 of the test population (assume rats) that survived must been sick for days. By the way, very good reading about venomous AZ reptiles can be found in the book "Gila Monster - Facts and Folklore of America's Aztec Lizard" by David E. Brown and Neil B. Carmony. P. 73 references the death of well-known physician and herpetologist Frederick Shannon, M.D. following a bite by a Mohave rattler in 1965. forepaw
  11. forepaw

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    Great photos and vid. Thanks for posting. Looks like that might be it. Usually don't see them with such well defined markings - the ones in the photos are more mottled which is consistent with the ones I've seen, but I know they can vary quite a bit from place to place. Good stuff. forepaw
  12. forepaw

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    A park ranger friend stepped out onto his driveway one evening and a speckled bit him on the ankle. He got life-flighted pretty quickly, and still spent 3 days in ICU in Las Vegas. They are pretty dangerous. forepaw
  13. forepaw

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    I don't think it's a speckled. Son has my buzztail handbook, but I think it is another species. forepaw
  14. forepaw


    Curious as to reasons for going back to the gen. 4. The gen. 5 is for many folks, an improvement in handling and shooting (according to reports). Good luck with your sale! Thanks. forepaw
  15. forepaw

    1916 Spanish 7x57 Mauser

    Shooter's Haven? I thought that was on Camelback or Glendale Ave. The owner was a guy named Beavers, but he may have had another gunsmith working for him. Just curious. Some of the smiths from those years were real craftsmen. forepaw