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  1. Flatlander

    Is big lake Jake still around?

    Another one?! Dammit.
  2. Flatlander

    Anybody been on the Bab

    Not really. Everyone will still just sit in the same spots they are now. It will be a lot harder for the non-guides dudes to figure out where the buff are without a bunch of other eyes and ears.
  3. Flatlander

    this gets more and more creepy

    He was recovering from intestine surgery he had a week or so prior. He already had complicating health conditions. If you believe the vaccine had something to do with his death you are just searching for ways to reinforce a conclusion you have already drawn.
  4. Flatlander

    Anybody been on the Bab

    Here is a link to the thread I did on my sons august cow hunt last year.
  5. 33 is a solid unit with just about every habitat type from the desert floor to tall pines. It gets busy being close to Tucson but you can deal with that.
  6. Flatlander


    That dang cat came at me like three times when I visited. He thought it was hilarious.
  7. Flatlander

    Anybody been on the Bab

    I helped during the bull hunt at the beginning of July. There was a thread on it but I think it got deleted. There was lots of conflict between the 3 competing outfitters up there and their respective clients. If you go I would put cams on the salts you think will produce and then pick one and stick with it. With everyone taking the same approach (sitting blinds all day every day), the more you move around the more you will run into friction with other hunters. If you pick a spot and stick with they can know what to expect and plan around you. When we drove through Saturday it was looking pretty wet on the plateau so sittIng water could be tough but hopefully the bison are more dispersed and salt should always be good.
  8. Bring your mountain boots and low expectations. That unit gets pounded by the local crowd + PHX folks. It’s steep and there are bucks but it’s a miserable buck:doe ratio. You’ll glass 30-40 does to turn up an average buck.
  9. If you’re from Montana you should reach out to AZGFD and see if they will sponsor you and a bunch of buddies to the tune of $60k. Maybe you could make a YouTube video.
  10. Flatlander

    Anyone have a Raptor?

    So… what’s the scoop?
  11. Flatlander

    This Weeks Welcomed Monsoons and 24A

    I wonder how much flash flooding and erosion there has been?
  12. Flatlander

    Loren McReynolds Goes Down

    Nice to see a bad guy get some real time for their crimes. It’s be nice if our state game laws carried more weight. Poaching 4B bulls should carry prison time.
  13. And if it became a question with a WM, they would likely check the other state for license status. That saved me one time.
  14. According to the definition he would need to be able to demonstrate that he was living in AZ for 6 months immediately preceding the date of application. “Resident” means a person who is do- miciled (claims the state of Arizona as their true, fixed and permanent home and principal residence) in this state for six months immediately preceding the date of application for a license, permit, tag, or stamp and does not claim residency for any purpose in another state or jurisdic- tion;
  15. Flatlander

    36A hunts

    Some buddies of mine went down there and went 3 for 3 in 3 days on the rifle hunt last year. Can’t be too awful 🤷🏻‍♂️