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  1. Flatlander

    Woodbury Fire

    Dude I still remember that pic. You put a guess the location thread on here and then sent me a $10 sportsman’s card for getting it first. I am glad they saved it. And in a year, the rest of that area will be coues heaven and actually glassable.
  2. Flatlander

    Woodbury Fire

    They have to save something. But the sheep habitat there is screwed. Looks like just about everywhere I have seen them is moonscaped.
  3. Flatlander

    Woodbury Fire

    Halfway through the orchard . . .
  4. Flatlander

    Woodbury Fire

    Yeah, the habitat will come back better than ever. But the cliff dwellings and the orchard could be gone forever.
  5. Flatlander

    Woodbury Fire

    This makes me sick.
  6. Flatlander

    RIP GameHauler

    Still a favorite thread. Thanks for sharing this news. Prayers for his family.
  7. Flatlander

    font color

    I agree. Nice improvement.
  8. Wait... so there was a time when CWT was centered around the exchange of useful information and sharing ideas relevant to hunting coues? 2010 must have been a weird time.
  9. Flatlander

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    That’s correct. And that third choice has to be a hunt with 100% draw for choices 1-2. That basically limits you to an October or November coues tag in a southern unit.
  10. Does it come with a bedding block?
  11. Flatlander

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    Interesting you went for 13A as your only choice over 13B. Maybe you know something the rest of us don’t.
  12. Now that everyone’s apps are in, what is everyone hoping for in their draw “stocking”? For us it was a bunch of different things, but we have a pretty full fall already so we swung for the fences on most apps: 3a3c rifle on a couple apps 20a as a second choice for a few, never been there, be fun to hunt something new. Mom and grandma put in for late Kaibab tags, which would probably be signed over to one of my kids. The hunts I am probably most hopeful for is my two boys who put in for the Kaibab youth hunt. Last year it was tons of fun. Their second choice is a youth desert mule deer hunt and then coues rags for choices 3-5. We had 5 apps for sheep and it pretty much covered the map: 9/10 late hunt, 27/28 rocky, 37B. Good luck everybody!
  13. Flatlander

    help coues unit 24b

    I would focus on an access point as far as possible from a major highway. I wouldn’t worry too much about east/west. I’d just find a remote access point, climb up high and start glassing. You’ll find coues deer.
  14. Flatlander

    2001 Ford F150 4x4

    Wish I still had one of my 2V 5.4’s. Awesome trucks.
  15. Flatlander

    Range day

    That’s some good shooting.