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  1. Flatlander

    Backing out of driveway

    My dad’s got lots of those stories. He grew up in Mammoth during the 60’s, Bears were more common visitors than the mailman.
  2. Flatlander

    Wife's First Elk Hunt

    I don’t know how I missed this way back when. Congrats to you guys and glad to see she is back on the road to her next adventure!!!
  3. Flatlander

    Canada Bear hunt

    Holy heck guys. Seems like this conversation has covered it all. Bob drunk posts and now he is good for nothing and washed up. Let’s lighten up a bit ok. Can we give Mike his thread back now?
  4. Flatlander

    Canada Bear hunt

    Go home, you’re drunk!
  5. Flatlander

    ISO Southeast Valley Mechanic to Install Leveling Kit

    Hit up CT Racing Raptor. He did my last one and will likely do my next. Actually we may be able to get a group rate.
  6. Flatlander

    Pray for Daisy

    Wow. This is terrible. Prayers for the girl.
  7. Flatlander

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    Try 75-95. Holy cow, this thing just hauls butt. Too much so. Got pulled over twice on the drive home from Washington.
  8. Flatlander

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

  9. Flatlander

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    Kinda crazy to think of it, but the Chevy Silverado is a pretty distant 4th when it comes to half ton trucks.
  10. Flatlander

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    Just landed in Spokane. Headed out to look at an F-150 that meets all the criteria tomorrow AM. Hoping for a long drive home instead of a flight.
  11. Flatlander

    UofA seriously?

    I’m an ASU fan and work on the campus. I promise this kind of bass ackwards thinking is not limited to Nogales Tech.
  12. Flatlander

    Flooring installation question

    If you didn’t tear out the tile would you just run the vinyl up to the base board? That’s going to be funky.
  13. Flatlander

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    Bad butt, but definitely out of my price range. They want $10k over invoice for those. That’s a non starter.
  14. Flatlander

    2007 F150 FX4

    Price drop. $7900
  15. Flatlander

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    So here is the biggest question. 6.5’ or 5.5’ bed?