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  1. Now that everyone’s apps are in, what is everyone hoping for in their draw “stocking”? For us it was a bunch of different things, but we have a pretty full fall already so we swung for the fences on most apps: 3a3c rifle on a couple apps 20a as a second choice for a few, never been there, be fun to hunt something new. Mom and grandma put in for late Kaibab tags, which would probably be signed over to one of my kids. The hunts I am probably most hopeful for is my two boys who put in for the Kaibab youth hunt. Last year it was tons of fun. Their second choice is a youth desert mule deer hunt and then coues rags for choices 3-5. We had 5 apps for sheep and it pretty much covered the map: 9/10 late hunt, 27/28 rocky, 37B. Good luck everybody!
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    font color

    I agree. Nice improvement.
  3. Wait... so there was a time when CWT was centered around the exchange of useful information and sharing ideas relevant to hunting coues? 2010 must have been a weird time.
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    What’s everyone hoping for...

    That’s correct. And that third choice has to be a hunt with 100% draw for choices 1-2. That basically limits you to an October or November coues tag in a southern unit.
  5. Does it come with a bedding block?
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    What’s everyone hoping for...

    Interesting you went for 13A as your only choice over 13B. Maybe you know something the rest of us don’t.
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    help coues unit 24b

    I would focus on an access point as far as possible from a major highway. I wouldn’t worry too much about east/west. I’d just find a remote access point, climb up high and start glassing. You’ll find coues deer.
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    2001 Ford F150 4x4

    Wish I still had one of my 2V 5.4’s. Awesome trucks.
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    Range day

    That’s some good shooting.
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    Hornady ELD-X

    Well that’s not reassuring.
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    Hornady ELD-X

    And also where was the shot placement (scapula, ribs, spine, etc)
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    Velvet Bulls

    Dude. What a year.
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    help coues unit 24b

    Regardless of whether you draw or not get a jump on getting yourself some gear. Firearms: You don’t need anything special. But if you plan to keep hunting coues you will find yourself wanting to shoot longer distances. I would recommend finding a common cartridge with a wide offering of factory loads. Any of the .30 cals are great (.308, 30-06, .300 win mag). The 7mm family have very good ballistic co-efficient and lots of factory options (7mm rem mag, 7mm-08) and of course right now everyone loves them some 6.5 mm, particularly the 6.5 creedmore. In reality, just about anything from .243 up will work just fine. Some sage advice here would be to buy something with lower recoil as you will enjoy shooting it more and will this spend more time practicing. I would suggest staying with a common factory platform that has lots of options to customize in the future. Remington 700, tikka, Ruger American Predator, and most of the savages are a great launching point. In regard to optics, you will need a rifle scope and binoculars. A spotting scope is a nice to have, but not the first place I would spend my money. I would rather hunt without boots than without my binoculars. Spend some money on your rifle optics, but prioritize your binoculars. There are plenty of low cost options these days that are far superior to what we were using even ten years ago. Expect to pay at least $300-$500 on a starter pair of bino’s and at least $300 on a rifle scope. Don’t forget a tripod. Without one you are basically wandering around the desert looking for Easter eggs. Also, this website is a good resource. If you poke around on here long enough you will find lots of info on low cost binoculars and other gear. Just look through the archives. Good luck and hit us up with other questions as you go.
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    Hornady ELD-X

    After researching this is my first choice for my .300 wm I will be shooting in my Shiras hunt this fall.
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    Guess the Scores

    Thanks for posting this Houston! A good tool for those of us who don’t look at elk every single day.
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    Checker Board Land Access

    Restricting access to your personal, deeded land is one thing. However, restricting the access to public lands by their rightful owners (citizens) is something totally different. To hold public lands hostage behind gates on private checkerboards is nothing less than theft of the American people in my opinion.
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    Hunter’s Big Chance 2019

    I have debated about what to say about this as I know some have mixed feelings about these highly sought after tags being donated. But after thinking about it I hope that if we are able to share the story that more people might enjoy the experience this increasing the good that has come The selfless decision someone made to donate the tag. A little background. In April of last year my son Hunter (9 at the time) was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Toothe. CMT is a degenerative neuro-muscular condition that causes muscle atrophy and reduced sensitivity in the extremities. As a result of this condition Hunter also had hip dysplasia in both legs which led to two separate reconstructive surgeries last year. He turned 10 in August and we squeezed in a youth Kaibab hunt as well as a cow elk hunt (from a donated tag) between surgeries. I was proud of his effort as he did whatever he had to and filled his deer tag and stuck with it through three cold days for his elk hunt but that tag went unfilled. He goes to PT twice every week and probably will do PT//OT until he is skeletally mature. We are blessed that his lifespan is not impacted and for now he can walk and ride a bike likE his friends, other than limited strength and the unknown of when and how fast the degeneration of his nerves will occur. Well a couple week’s ago Eddie Corona from OE4A called and asked if Hunter would be interested in an antelope hunt. This has been an aspiration of his for several years since accompanying me on scouting trips for my antelope hunt in 2014. So the next day, after going to PT, and the dr and getting x Rays we met Eddie Corona and picked up the tag. It’s been his top choice every year since so of course we were in. Then to find out it was Unit 10 tag, well, we were over the moon. I hope to share this experience with as many as possible and want to make sure that those involved know how much this means to a kid who has not had an easy past 12 months. Thanks to Eddie and everyone who helps OE4A in anyway and also to Darren Couturier who donated the tag. We can hardly wait to share the journey with everyone.
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    Solo kaibab Bison Hunt with help

    You are a beast Fred! Always figured you would get the best of them.
  19. Flatlander

    Elk unit breakdown

    Killing a 300” bull on a lot of the late hunts is a pretty good achievement. Even on the archery hunts, averaging 300” bulls is a pretty tall task. My guess is that even in those “top tier” units the average bull taken is less than 300”. I would say the next rank of units 6A, 5A, 4A, 5B, 8, 3B and 7W are all good quantity units with fewer really big bulls over 350”. After that I would put units like 6b, 19a, 7e which have lower qty and are not known for large bulls either. However yotebuster is right. You can kill a 300” bull anywhere in AZ. I think previously you mentioned moving to Payson. If that’s still your intent pick a unit close to there and start putting in sometime. You can figure that out and have a successful hunt in relatively short order. Good luck.
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    Moosings - Idaho - 2019

    As a kid I can remember visiting my grandparents and cousins in Idaho and Montana. We'd all be outside eating homemade ice cream and reminiscing about old times when the conversation would inevitably turn to the time Grandma got chased up a tree by a moose, or when one got a tire swing stuck on its antlers at the cabin in Island Park, or when one chased my cousin Brian home after he fell off the snowmobile. Still today at just about every family gathering just when things start to quiet down someone will call out in his direction "MOOOOSE!" These experiences and many others shaped my admiration of the largest member of the deer family. When we would spend summers at the family property in Clancy, MT, the most prized of all sightings was a bull moose. Their huge black bodies, contrasted by wide flat, white palms in the creek bottoms or black timber are mesmerizing. While attending college in Rexburg, ID I spent as many hours as possible exploring the Big Hole mountains just outside of town. I hunted elk and deer there but was always distracted when an 8' ungulate would cross my path. One day in November while looking for a cow elk I watched a behemoth bull moose peruse the timber apparently roaming for a second cycle cow and I promised myself that one day when I had the time and money I would be back for one of the beasts. Those lean college years didn't allow me the opportunity to trophy hunt, let alone do justice to a once-in-a-lifetime venture. But I took note of the favorable draw odds, especially for residents, and committed that the day would come. Before leaving my native born state again I scrounged up the few hundred dollars to purchase a lifetime license ensuring that the NR cap for such a tag would never become a barrier to entry. So this year, 10 years removed from my post-collegiate departure, I decided the time had come to begin the process of grinding away at the 18% draw odds. I figured that even without a point system in Idaho the expectation was that I would draw a tag within 5 years. So imagine my surprise last Friday when I was greeted by this
  21. Flatlander

    Moosings - Idaho - 2019

    Thank you TJ! I hope you can get some enjoyment out of the thread, and who knows, maybe it will encourage you to come around a bit more often again!
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    I was really excited about the western hunter podcast, but couldn’t get past the first episode when Nate Simmons and Chris Denham were talking about cameras and filming. Not my thing. I need to go listen to the Colton Bagnoli episode and see what that’s like, he is a childhood friend. Anyone else got feedback on the first few of those episodes?
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    Yeah those live recordings are awful. IMO since Rinella sold the ME brand they have become way too commercial/corporate. Show content is good but the ads and all the spinoffs are becoming unbearable.
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    For AZ the first couple hundred Jay Scott sponsored were really good. A bit dated now but still lots of good info. I really like Meateater for conservation topics. It’s refreshing to hear a scientific discussion about the topics confronting sportsmen today. I also like Randy Newberg’s Hunttalk Radio.
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    Moosings - Idaho - 2019

    Yes, it’s a 2006. Nothing special feel’s like a big upgrade from our 1996 Coachmen.