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    Outdoor Writer

    For those who have not heard, Tony Mandile aka Outdoor Writer on CWT passed away yesterday from complications related to COPD. Another AZ legend has returned to the dust. Rest peacefully my friend.
  2. Flatlander

    Razor 20-60x85 HD $650

    Check your PM’s.
  3. Flatlander

    Antis at it again. Lions and Bears.

    I don’t know why this never occurred to me. I wish we had bear baiting. We should ask them for it. If all it takes is a bunch of public comments let’s get started. 2 can play this game.
  4. Flatlander

    Antis at it again. Lions and Bears.

    There are two very problematic assumptions in your statement. 1. AZGFD’s mission has nothing to do with hunting. From their website: To conserve Arizona’s diverse wildlife resources and manage for safe, compatible outdoor recreation opportunities for current and future generations. If you are relying on a government agency to protect what you love, you are in for disappointment. 2. This point has been made, but in AZ, you do not have a right to hunt and fish. We have that opportunity because the so far the public has supported it. The second that changes and some anti organization can pass a ballot measure to end it, it will end. I understand that many people are frustrated by what is happening. I also understand that bitching about AZGFD has become a normal pastime around here, and I have participated plenty. But there is nothing to blame them for here. The HSUS is using this process to go on public record and establish the fact that thousands of Arizonans are opposed to predator hunting. Unfortunately, when the comments are posted in their entirety for everyone to see, there will not be a record of how many lion and bear tags are sold each year unless someone submits it as a comment. AZGFD manages wildlife in the interest of the public, so if the public doesn’t want them hunted, guess what? I know how dumb and frustrating this seems to people who are using common sense. Unfortunately, democracy doesn’t always follow the rules of common sense. It follows rules and processes. Right now the enemies of hunting and fishing are monopolizing one of those processes to paint a picture. The fastest and best way to combat that is to overwhelm their effort. I am begging the CMT community to set the snarkiness and apathy aside. This is important. Please comment in support of lion, bear and bobcat hunting. AZHuntGuidelines@azgfd.gov
  5. Flatlander

    Need a partner

    You can find trees to hang a hammock in.
  6. Flatlander

    Antis at it again. Lions and Bears.

    Public agencies who manage public resources are required to have a formal process for public input. If the anti’s flood the public comment process with requests to end lion, bear and bobcat hunting then if the department doesn’t consider those comments, the anti’s can sue the department on some liberal court and object to the policies, taking wildlife management away from science and into politics. Amber was likely doing hunters a favor by speaking up in a meeting with a well organized sportsmen group who could mount a response. Email your pro hunting comments here: AZHuntGuidelines@azgfd.gov
  7. Flatlander

    Doubledup today

    Very cool, congrats!
  8. Flatlander

    Regulations for 2022

    Unit 1 and 27 alternate muzzleloader and rifle for the early bull season.
  9. Flatlander

    Arizona Update: OTC Archery Deer

    You are correct, anything can change through the public comment period. This is the current direction given to the department by their governing body, the commission.
  10. Flatlander

    December late pictures

    Pretty awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing, some of those photos are amazing.
  11. Flatlander

    Arizona Update: OTC Archery Deer

    The commission gave direction to the department at the 12/10 commission meeting to proceed in this direction as part of the 2023 hunt guideline development process. The audio can be found here: https://azgfd-portal-wordpress-pantheon.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/archive/Commission-12-10-21-WEB.mp3
  12. Flatlander

    2021 Rut....

    Saw one big muley buck in the desert today. He was with 3-4 does. Got to 79 yds but I haven’t been shooting beeping to feel comfortable with that one. 👎 Thursday and Friday in 22 bucks were following does. But nothing big.
  13. Flatlander

    Day Dreaming for Antelope

    That’s a beautiful buck, the prongs are unreal and the coat is pristine. You definitely have something to look forward to this year. I hope we can get lucky and snag an AZ tag this year, but if not, Wyoming is a possibility.
  14. Flatlander

    Where's Casey? 5 in a row baby!!! 38 - 15

    That game wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. Actually pretty impressed with how well our defense held up without Jones and Lucas. Definitely not the season we hoped for. Jayden Daniels definitely doesn’t look like a WB that is taking this team anywhere.
  15. Flatlander

    Are you really going to shoot a fork?!?!

    Probably early December.
  16. Flatlander

    2021 Rut....

    Saw one cruising and scraping this morning and one mature buck with does tonight. Couldn’t put an arrow into either unfortunately. IMG_1369.MOV
  17. Flatlander

    Are you really going to shoot a fork?!?!

    Man, what a buck! Congrats.
  18. Flatlander

    Was this the buffalo incident everone was talking about

    Good question and I don’t know. That’s something everyone’s got to sort out for themselves. I do know that I wouldn’t plop down a blind 30 yds from a salt I had nothing to with and think that was going to go over well. All these dudes pretending that anyone is arguing something else is nonsense. Their feelings for Russ makes people justify their desire to take advantage of his work. I have no great affinity for him or anyone else up there. But I sure do know what will and wont keep me up at night.
  19. Flatlander

    Was this the buffalo incident everone was talking about

    I have 0 bias for anyone here. If you’d like to chat about my personal feelings toward all the parties, I’m happy to do so privately. I frankly don’t care who’s side I am taking or who disagrees with me. But I do respect another person’s work. Whether Satan himself or anyone else put that salt there, it took time, effort, money and sacrifice. The fact that so many people feel that they should be entitled to those efforts simply because they show up first one morning is absolutely baffling. I don’t contest that anyone owns that boundary or any other piece of public lands. But to set up a blind, 30 yds from a salt someone else put the time in to establish and monitor is BS. The only reason to be there is because of the salt, which somebody out there. The opportunity was created by that person. I sure as heck wouldn’t show up at a trail cam and take pics off someone else’s SD card. It’s no different in this situation. Established water sources (with or without salt), saddles, roads, etc. all belong to the public and first come first serve makes sense there. Other guides and DIY hunters can easily throw a salt out and put up a cam. They can hunt any tank in that unit. Walk the boundary. Drive the highway and wait for them to come out in the open. Those are all options, why the heck would they feel the need to go sit somewhere that they someone else established and then get all sideways when that person shows up. Yes it’s legal, still chicken shoot. This is the same argument that people use to justify stealing trail cams. It’s on public property, it’s illegal to leave on FS, therefore it’s abandoned property and I am entitled to take it. Technically it may be true, but that doesn’t change the principal of it.
  20. Flatlander

    Was this the buffalo incident everone was talking about

    I could give 2 shits who puts a salt out. Your distaste for one man is making your arguments silly.
  21. Flatlander

    Was this the buffalo incident everone was talking about

    The salt lick in question is not on a water source. There is nothing else there to make a Buffalo come to that spot other than the salt. That is the case for about half of the salts there. But if you have been there, you know this. The guys pretending that a salt block next to a public water source is the same thing are the ones building a straw man.
  22. Flatlander

    WTB: Who's selling their Christmas presents?

    Took one out of Nature Girl’s playbook. I like it.
  23. Flatlander

    A coues with my kid, and a puppy

    Congrats Kev! The real question is, did you wear your heels on the stalk?
  24. Flatlander

    Was this the buffalo incident everone was talking about

    It’s not about the blind. If someone else hauled water or salt out there to create an opportunity, I am not going to set up a blind and then try to beat them to the spot they created. Other than being to lazy to build my own salt, why would I need to do that? If I want to sit salt, I will put out my own. End of thread.