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  1. My son shot his muley doe at 200 yds. I can’t remember what viler we used. I think it was something federal. It worked fine.
  2. Flatlander

    Hit the lottery

    Yeah, that’s real unfortunate.
  3. Flatlander

    One of those years . . .

    Well our family has made some good memories the past few years. In 2017 I took my first archery bull in 3C. Last year my son Hunter lived up to his name by taking his first antelope in unit 10. I drew a once in a lifetime Idaho Shiras moose permit that I put on a 40" bull. This year Hunter has his own OIL tag as we head up to the Kaibab for a cow bison hunt later this month. I am headed to MT for my first ever archery elk hunt in that state. And to top it off Hunter's little brother Nash will be hunting Mule Deer in 12AW during the late hunt. Yup, we are living in the good ole days . . .
  4. Flatlander

    One of those years . . .

    Thanks Hector. He’s 11, this may ruin him, but it really couldn’t happen to a nicer kid. He is so excited to kill his first deer. Hopefully we can make it a good one.
  5. Flatlander

    One of those years . . .

    What a country!!!
  6. Flatlander

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    Wonder if that kid is about to get a deer tag without a dad to take him.
  7. A prayer answered.
  8. Flatlander

    Anyone know the family washed away in Tonto Basin?

    So then should the adults who lead a family to Water Wheel for a swim be charged similarly (this was also in Gila County)? There are signs warning about flash floods: https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona/2017/07/16/payson-flash-flood-results-four-deaths/482805001/ How about the family who let another family stay in their cabin that didn't have a carbon monoxide detector? https://www.azfamily.com/news/family-of-found-dead-in-cabin-from-possible-carbon-monoxide/article_eba36f01-89ff-5723-9251-a3e44c1b744a.html To be clear here, I don't hold the county responsible for this and I doubt the family does either. But I do suspect the motives of the county in moving these charges forward. It was pretty dang clear that GCSO was enjoying their day in the sun while the search went on. It was also they held strong animosity for the family and volunteers who showed up to help they refused to even coordinate with the civilian effort which had far more man power and significant resources. And, ironically enough, it was the volunteers who found all 3 bodies. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.
  9. Flatlander

    Anyone know the family washed away in Tonto Basin?

    Sure. How about if every county in America just decides social distancing is great and they tell everyone they are only allowed to go to work and the grocery store for the rest of forever. That would be great protection, right? Wouldn’t that prevent a lot of traffic deaths? And reduce annual flu deaths? So let’s just post a sign that says if you leave your house you are endangering your family, and if you leave, if anything happens we will charge you with manslaughter.
  10. Flatlander

    Anyone know the family washed away in Tonto Basin?

    They post those stupid “barricades” every time there is water in that wash, knowing full dang well that people have to cross there. heck the barricade is nothing more than a portable sign they put on the road. The water was calf deep on Saturday but it was supposedly closed and all 60 homeowners who live over there were supposed to drive clear to the Young road and back to get in and out of their homes. Because of calf deep water. So pretending that they had all this warning and should have known better because of a dang sign is dumb. He should have known better cause he is a native Arizonan and has spent a lot of time in Tonto Basin. But Gila County pretending that they were protecting anybody with their fake barricades is ridiculous. To say you are going to put someone away for decades because of that is crap.
  11. Flatlander

    Anyone know the family washed away in Tonto Basin?

    I, along with about 20 other vehicles, drove around those barricades and made that crossing yesterday. Like it or not, that’s a way of life for people who live there. My 10 year old was with me. I dare the camera hungry jackasses at Gila County to come charge me. They won’t, because there is no media opportunity in it for them. I hope the Rawlings and Sherwoods sue the heck out of them.
  12. Flatlander

    Anyone know the family washed away in Tonto Basin?

    What’s that supposed to mean?
  13. Flatlander

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    Post em up. I need new reading.
  14. Flatlander

    Carol Baskin

    Fixed it for you
  15. Flatlander

    Greatest Cwt post of all time

    The puzzle rock buck was a magazine quality write up and one of the first threads I ever read on here. “Show me the kids” still rocks today. The live action post of Fred’s strip hunt was amazing. Coach had an awesome strip post. I am pretty proud of my documented antelope hunt. All the drama threads listed above... I could live without them.
  16. Flatlander

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    I care. Does that prove your point?
  17. Flatlander

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    I know. That’s why I said that.
  18. Flatlander

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    There were like 20 people in the pics with that bull. That would be a tough secret to keep.
  19. Flatlander

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    I learned at a young age from the first guide I ever knew personally that almost all the bragging, chest thumping, braggarts bend the rules to their advantage. When I saw someone poach for the first time in my life Marc Lopeman was filming for him. So later when I saw members of that same group claim to have made an “honest mistake” I learned the routine. The fact of the matter is it’s much more rampant in the industry than anyone would like to admit. I just assume most of the “pro’s” have been involved with something in their career. This doesn’t surprise me at all and I don’t know why anybody would feel the need to defend A3. There has been plenty of drama over the years. So Matt, what’s your point, that your brother and Jed are cut from the same cloth? Cool. It’s stupid how getting to brag about stuff takes over people’s minds. It makes hunting lame. But whatever, it happens in every sport, hobby, industry. It’s not right but it can’t be avoided either.
  20. Flatlander

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    I have a poaching conviction. Can I be a big-time outfitter?
  21. Flatlander

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    The irony here is hard to overlook. For the record, I wish poaching was punished with jail time, for everyone.
  22. Flatlander

    Factory Hsm .223 Rem 55 grain psp

    Brass or steel cased?
  23. I volunteer to be one of the 7 new guys.
  24. Flatlander

    Ruger .357 magnum $450

    Does it have rear sites?
  25. Flatlander

    Change of Plans

    I am wondering how many people have changed their hunting plans this year in some way because of the Covid 19 issues. I know this effects people a lot of different ways and I am just curious have people had to cancel trips or hold off on applying out of state? I am trying to figure out a new plan for this year after my non-hunting plans got canceled.