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    The best 3 weeks of the year...

    After I turn in all my applications and before I find out I didn’t get drawn. This year we have a very mixed bag... Kids: 4 pts Youth cow hunts (of all the hunts this is the one I hope for the most) 3 pts and 4 pts Rifle antelope Wife: 6 pts Early rifle bull, early archery bull 6 pts Rifle antelope Grandma: 3 pts Early Rifle bull 3 pts Rifle antelope Me: 4 pts Late Archery (You know where) and a really crappy early archery hunt 7 pts archery antelope Go ahead and tell me what you will be dreaming of the next 3 weeks!
  2. Flatlander

    The best 3 weeks of the year...

  3. After seeing my son hunt with a suppressed rifle for the first time this fall I realize this is hands down the way to hunt, especially for kids. A few questions I have as I try to get started: - If I don’t have a trust set up can I use my can on multiple rifles legally? - Without a trust I believe only the registered owner of the suppressor can technically shoot the suppressed rifle. Is that correct? - I am hoping to purchase a single suppressor for use across several rifles. It looks like the best way to be able to do this is to install a flash suppressor with quick detach on each rifle and then quick-connect to that. Is that the best approach? Or is there a way to just install a quick-connect without the flash hider? - Any recommendation on a can for such an application?
  4. Flatlander

    The best 3 weeks of the year...

    7 more days to dream
  5. Flatlander

    Broke ankle in 16A need help

    Where is AZLance and his array of meaningful contributions? Glad you are ok and didn’t need rescued, but certainly would have been happy to do it.
  6. Flatlander

    2020 Ham- double down

    Its no 4B but I guess its ok.
  7. Flatlander

    Broke ankle in 16A need help

    Just talked to him, his phone battery is getting low so he asked folks not to call. His kid is pretty close and he thinks he can limp out with crutches and the help. If he needs more help he will get in touch with the guys that have talked to him and we will post it up here. CWT is good people.
  8. Flatlander

    Burro Solution . . .

    I just saw this while reading about the Coronavirus connection to the Chinese animal trade, seems like a win-win to me . . . Donkey populations have also been hit as gelatin from donkey skins is used in the traditional Chinese medicine ejiao. At least four countries in Africa have barred sales of donkey products out of concern that demand from Asia will quickly outstrip local supply.
  9. Flatlander

    The best 3 weeks of the year...

    That 5BN early archery hunt will be awesome. Kind of cool that they moved the dates back even though the early early rifle hunt is only in 5BS.
  10. Flatlander

    The best 3 weeks of the year...

    Words out. Everyone got jealous of my posts.
  11. Flatlander

    71 yrs old with 19 bonus points, what unit for a Bull

    Guess you weren’t so lucky in the past 18 years for elk? I’d rather collect hunts than bonus points but to each their own.
  12. Flatlander

    71 yrs old with 19 bonus points, what unit for a Bull

    I would rather have a unit 1 late archery tag than a 3a3c late rifle tag any day.
  13. Flatlander

    WTS/WTT Ruger Precision Rifle RPR Gen 2 6.5CM (18029) - $999 OBO

    I will start the bidding at $32.67
  14. Flatlander


    Told ya. Most hunters only believe what they want. Truth is wolves kill elk. Lots of them. They need to be managed. But they are not responsible for every elk decline in the last two decades. Almost never discussed is that the herd numbers in the mid 90’s were over carrying capacity and needed some reduction.
  15. Flatlander


    Uhoh. You presented science?! The people will have none of this.
  16. Flatlander

    Another combining apps question

    Only the NR will count against the NR quota. So if the hunt has 100 tags then there are 10 available for the hunt. No more than 5 of which can come from the bonus pass. So if 5 NR tags have already been issued during the bonus pass and your three person application is selected then none of the three would be issued tags. Same goes in the regular pass. If 10 tags have already been issued to NR then your entire application would be rejected. This is not typically a concern on youth hunts because very few NR apply for them. As far as the number of points it goes like this: 0 + 3 = 3 / 2 = 1.5 which rounds to 2.
  17. Flatlander


    2 Valve 5.4, that’s a beaut right there.
  18. Flatlander

    Montana General Elk Tag

    Aren’t the Elkhorns a 300 series unit? I appreciate you bashing it, but judging by the draw odds most everybody in the West knows something about it.
  19. Flatlander

    Can’t wait to take my kids hunting

    You will find plenty of help here. Pick a youth elk hunt and apply them. The odds aren’t great so be prepared to wait a few years. Deer hunts are much easier to draw. Pick one closest to you and have fun.
  20. Flatlander

    5 To 1 Odds.....Why Not?

    Sometimes I get scared too
  21. Flatlander

    New Addiction

    Jeans...hoodie...trad bow. Well done my man!
  22. Flatlander

    Popcorn thread continues on MonsterMuleys>com

    It was stated somewhere, I think 10 years. And the interstate compact is like 48 states now.
  23. Flatlander

    3 preference points - suggestions

    You let me ride those points and I’ll give your elk a free ride out of the woods
  24. Flatlander


    Shoot me a text, I got your guy. 480 266 4811