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  1. Sketchy Tom

    Draw still pending

    How did you not even draw javi?
  2. Sketchy Tom

    Tree Spider Harness

    Never used this before and its just taking up space. Size S/M. Looking for $50 OBO.
  3. Sketchy Tom

    General Hunt Weather Report

    For those of you who have a general tag this weekend for pigs, Im sure youve checked the forecast by now(cloudy and rainy/snowy all weekend). Is it still worth getting after them or will they be tucked away and impossible to find? What kind of hunting strategies work best in this scenario?
  4. Sketchy Tom

    WTB Youth Camo

    Youth L-XL or Adult S
  5. Sketchy Tom

    WTB Youth Camo

  6. Sketchy Tom

    WTB Youth Camo

    Looking for some youth camo as my old stuff is falling apart/fading out, and id rather not buy new if at all possible. If anyone has some camo not in use, please PM me
  7. Sketchy Tom


    Pm sent
  8. Sketchy Tom

    First time turkey hunter

    How many points did you draw it with? Also general question for anyone, how many points (roughly) does it take to draw a decent turkey hunt in az?
  9. Sketchy Tom

    2023 youth gun giveaway

    will i get a conformation email or something after entering?
  10. Sketchy Tom

    Anyone else have a fall tag?

    Saw a group of 7 toms but couldnt tag out
  11. Sketchy Tom

    Anyone else have a fall tag?

    do turkeys shock gobble in the fall?
  12. Sketchy Tom

    Bartlett Flats

    Are the flats closed right now? Thats what ive heard but im not sure.
  13. Sketchy Tom

    West Texas aoudad hunting question

    Black Water guide service
  14. Sketchy Tom

    Bartlett Flathead Fishing From the Bank

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows anything about bank fishing for flatheads at Bartlett Lake and where would be a good area to start out. Me and my buddy are planning an overnight trip there so any tips or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!