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  1. lancetkenyon

    KemmerCur/Hound cross pups

    Photos? Not that I need a 5th dog...….but you never know.
  2. Non-res are capped at a MAX of 10% of tags. Meaning that 10% does not necessarily always go to non-res applicants. Not saying you don't have a decent chance, but I wouldn't count your 100% guaranteed chickens until they hatch. Good luck in the draw. December hunts can be great. But can be tough like any other hunts. I had a buddy who drew a Dec tag in the "land of giant Coues bucks" (as he claims) last year. Bad weather knocked him out of 85% of his hunt.
  3. lancetkenyon

    2005 F350 tailgate

    Color? Photo?
  4. lancetkenyon

    Utah Pauns Rifle Management hunt

    3 points or less on one antler. https://dwrapps.utah.gov/huntboundary/hbstart?SP=Deer&SE=Buck&TB=true
  5. lancetkenyon

    The Draw ?

    People.complain about how.long the draw takes anyway. Going live would.take weeks. It would need to be more like Barrett Jackson. Know what lot you are hoping for, and be there at the scheduled date and time.
  6. lancetkenyon

    Gun License/Registration

    Ask him how he plans on getting the felons and criminals to register their guns? Once he can guarantee that, then you can reconvene the discussion.
  7. lancetkenyon

    Kuiu Guide jacket $125

    Good deal on an awesome jacket
  8. lancetkenyon

    Any boat guys want to give advice?

    Best advice to give a person looking for a boat.... Don't. Rent one whenever you want to go.
  9. lancetkenyon

    Popcorn thread

    As for the deer rut south of the Canyon, depends on how far south and how low. November-February.
  10. lancetkenyon

    Sight In Question - Help Needed

    Inconsistent cheek weld, recoil management, and body position will absolutely cause L-R errors. Get a cheek pad and get consistent. I ALWAYS zero my hunting rifles 3/8" left and 0 elevation @ 200 yards to allow for spin drift at distance in the position I will be shooting from. If shooting long range, that is 90% of the time prone. Shooting from a bench afterwards will always produce shots that are about 1" right for me. Shooting from a sitting position will cut that error in half. I take that into consideration when hunting. With allowing for 3/8" left @ 200, it keeps spin drift to within 1" +/- @ 700-750 yards or so.
  11. lancetkenyon

    Are there Turkeys in unit 7 ?

    Tons of turkeys in 7. I saw the biggest flock I have ever seen in 7W last year. No joke, I would say 90-100 birds. I see turkeys in the same spots, year after year after year. All over both 7W and 7E. Look for green grass and grasshoppers near tanks.
  12. lancetkenyon

    ISO Muzzle Break

    I have a Badger Thruster that I took off my 6.5SLR when I rebarreled it. It is tapered down to about .820" right now. Can have the base tapered down to your contour. It is Cerakoted Coyote Tan now. Needs the carbon cleaned out some. $50 and comes with a shot out 28" Bartlein 1:8" Sendero 6.5mm barrel.
  13. lancetkenyon

    Popcorn thread

    So....WHERE did he hunt this buck and take videos of it? Because we all know it was killed in 21...or 22, or 23? Migration happens you know.
  14. lancetkenyon


    That photo of the dog up in the tree with the cat above him is awesome. Great looking dogs. Walkers?
  15. lancetkenyon

    Home Depot

    You can use my pro rewards number too. Text me after 7:00am tomorrow. I think I have a $20 off $150+ coupon on my desk at me office.