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  1. lancetkenyon

    Brass annealing

    No need to quench brass after annealing.
  2. lancetkenyon

    Where do I purchase an outdoorsman stud?

    Absolutely. Great guy.
  3. lancetkenyon

    Photo Radar

    I may or may not have had two in a work truck. May or may not have had my face in both. My employer (who the trucks were registered to) may or may not have ignored them. They were dropped after 3 months.
  4. lancetkenyon

    2002 Tacoma or 4runner for sale

    Andy, sell the 4Runner...then tell your wife you get to take the maroon one hunting!
  5. lancetkenyon

    IDK Where You Are But it's Pouring Here

    My daughter, not my wife!
  6. lancetkenyon

    IDK Where You Are But it's Pouring Here

    Went outside, got a handful of wet snow, and yelled at Taylor "snowball fight!" And beaned her!
  7. lancetkenyon

    Antler buyers?

    Was wondering how long it would take...
  8. lancetkenyon

    What the …

    PM sent. That guy is a nutcase.
  9. lancetkenyon

    IDK Where You Are But it's Pouring Here

    Had snow up in north Phoenix near Sportsman's Warehouse!
  10. lancetkenyon

    Want to hunt NM for Antelope

    Yeah, I found them hidden in the interweb. Thanks.
  11. lancetkenyon

    Want to hunt NM for Antelope

    True. But... 95%+ of the landowners sell their trespass rights to guides. Those guides turn around and sell to the hunters for pretty steep fees. Those that don't sell to guides are usually sold to the same people year after year. Honestly, good luck in finding a tag somewhere. And make sure you have WRITTEN permission. Look at the regs for what units have tags. I don't think the 23/24 regs are out yet. I looked today.
  12. lancetkenyon

    Delete please

    Definitely not selling it. It is, in fact, a Shadow System CR920. A "Glock 43/43x clone". Just has a lot of bells and whistles and lipstick on the pig.
  13. lancetkenyon

    Delete please

    43x (MOS). I like the extra 4 to 7 round capability. Still conceals very well, even with optic and extended 13+1 mag.
  14. lancetkenyon

    MISSING since 1/8/23

    Have you driven the Salt River Canyon? I had an acquaintance go missing a few years ago, and he was eventually recovered off the side of the canyon road.
  15. lancetkenyon

    Hornady 6.5PRC Dies