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  1. lancetkenyon

    Raffle bull

    Deep canyons are exactly where you should expect to see bulls.
  2. lancetkenyon

    30/378 Build

    Are you looking for a rifle build INCLUDING mounting the scope? Or just mounting a scope on a current .30-378 Weatherby, zeroing it, and getting load data for a custom turret (which are fine for 500 yards or so, but not so much after that)? Factory ammo or handloads?
  3. lancetkenyon

    Barrel threading in phoenix

    Axisworks, Phoenix Custom, or Southern Precision. All "east side".
  4. lancetkenyon

    Raffle bull

    Don't let the idea of seeing bulls now but they won't be there in November dissuade you. I see bulls up high every year in other units, exactly where I see them through the summer. It is HUNTING pressure that will push them. They could still be in the same general areas, but they will be holed up in the thick, nasty, inaccessible places in the unit by end of November.
  5. lancetkenyon

    Which Tires?

    Whatever you buy, Get them from Discount and buy the road hazard. I have 127k on my set of 37" BFG MT KM2s I bought in 2007 on my F250 Super Duty diesel.....of course, DTC has paid to replace about 16 of them for me.
  6. lancetkenyon

    Raffle bull

    The raffle tag owner still had to hire a guide, so yes, break out the checkbook. Although, if I was fortunate enough to win the Super Raffle Tag, I would probably hire a guide too.
  7. lancetkenyon

    Elk Mamma

    Your granddaughter might see it better if she turns her binos around.... That is pretty cool.
  8. lancetkenyon

    Ziva Red Doberman...

    Wow. That is a beautiful animal.
  9. lancetkenyon

    Scope Rings for my daughter

    Do you want Picatinny or Weaver rings? Or Picatinny rings made by Weaver? They are different. Weaver rings will fit in a Picatinny rail. But Picatinny rings will NOT fit in a Weaver rail. If you are using the bases that came with the rifle, they are Weaver bases. Picatinny rings will not fit. If you swapped a Picatinny rail on it, then Picatinny or Weaver rings will both fit. If you WANT a 20MOA Picatinny rail for the Savage Axis, let me know. I have a brand new EGW base I will sell for cheap.
  10. lancetkenyon

    Raffle bull

  11. lancetkenyon

    New 6.5 PRC

    Reloading is NOT cheaper. What reloading does is let you tailor a load to YOUR rifle using the highest end components you want. It let's you make consistant loads. it lets you pick the bullet you want to shoot. And it is 95% of the time producing more accurate loads. I agree, if you only shoot 100 rounds a year, not really worth it. Initial set up costs FAR outweigh returns. There is not enough difference between the 143 ELD-X and 147 ELD-M to warrant any decision. See which one shoots better and use it. Either will kill game the same.
  12. lancetkenyon

    Show Low/ Pinetop restaurants..

    El Rancho.
  13. lancetkenyon

    Looking for Long range scope recommendations

    There is absolutely no need for more than 24x to shoot to 500-600 unless you are shooting bench rest or F class. What you need are better optics. I would take a higher end 15x for shooting 1K over a cheap 24x any day. Since you don't mention what model of Vortex you are shooting, and are saying a $1k scope is going to be a step up, I am thinking a Diamondback Tactical? Sell your current scope and add that money to your budget. Sightron SIII 6-24×50 Vortex PST or PST2 lines. SWFA SS 5-20×50HD or 3-15×42 Burris XTRII 3-15×50 or 6-24×50 Bushnell Elite Tactical (but most are more than $1k) Sig Sauer Athlon Don't be afraid to look at used scope either. You get more for your money that way.
  14. lancetkenyon

    Best 12x50’s (Not Swarovski)

    Meopta Meostar. I absolutely love my 10x42s, 15x56s, and S2 20-70×82 spotter.. Thousands of hours behind them. Never any eye fatigue, color to me is better than Swaro, clarity for 90% of the FOV on par with Swaro. The outer 5% is where Swaro wins.
  15. lancetkenyon

    OPTICS! Swarovski, Minox, Nikon

    Can't believe no one has jumped o. The Swaro LRF. That is half price with no tax.