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  1. S&B PMII 5-25x56 DT CCW MIL/MIL H2CMR Comes with: Seekins 34mm .92" "Low" rings Flatline Ops 34mm level Tenebraex front cap Aadmount rear cap Original box Glass is perfect A few very minor dings I am sure, I will get closeup photos later. Magnification rubber cover was loose, but has been reglued. Hasn't moved in 2+ years of adjusting. Just want to be upfront. $2500 with rings and level (rifle not included, unless you want it for an extra $2K, ask for specs) No trades These were taken about 3 weeks ago.
  2. lancetkenyon

    S&B PMII 5-25x56 DT H2CMR w. Seekins Rings & Flatline Ops

    Thanks for the Bump, guys.
  3. lancetkenyon

    I-8 dead antelope?

    I have seen a few down there. They are all over the Goldwater bombing range.
  4. lancetkenyon

    Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX boots

    Dang it! I just put about 20 miles on mine in the last 3 days. They are super comfortable.
  5. lancetkenyon

    Good Guy Seller List

    I have seen these on another board I frequent. It really helps people know they can deal with individuals with confidence. I would be more than happy to keep the list up to date on this first post if you let me know your experience with a seller. Post up, and I will add them in alphabetical order here for all to see who the good guys are. If you see a name and you have had a bad experience, PM me the details there too. 060785 1shot 116coues1 257wby 300WM 452b264 4huntrs 5alivefishing 5guyshunting Adicted Amanda Apache7mm AZarcheryhunter AZ bow AZCO AZpredator@work AZSugarBear AZ Wildcat Baloo27 BassSlayer bbd1234 BeardownAZ Beasty69 Becker Ben Brown BigBrowns Big Moqui Bonecollector Bostonfan12 Bradaet BrianTAZ BryceCanyon Bubbacoues Buckhunter Buckmaster21 Buckskin Catfishkev Cessna Cj2010 CJNAZ ClintB Coachave Codeman1 cohofishing Coues assassin Couesdan Couesdeer Couespursuit Coueswhitetail Cramerhunts creek hunter Crowhunter Cruisingforcoues ctafoya dchamsr06 Deserttrecker Djaws1 Douglas-gun-guy dpr64 Duckhunter175 Edge El Diablo Elkaholic1 elwood FDH88 Glazer1972 Goatse Grey curse Greyfox Greyghost85 Grunt GSPJimmy Hawkens HmdOrr Hoghntr Hunter1981 Hunter4life09 huntjunkie Huntn Hardr HuntHarder IABorn Ike Jhedg JimmyC JLW joshy25 Jp0212 Jwhunter Kaffer62 KaibabHunter KDL Kelco KennyAZman Kimberx2 Knothead lancetkenyon Lark levers Lucafu1 Mattman Mattys281 MDH meta mfernaz mjdavis2448 MRL1984 MT_Sourdough muledeerarea33? Muley Hunter Mvgreene My Rights As An American N2horns Nature Girl No Worries Omenflyer Pac8541 Papajohn PelaPapas Pixman PRDATR Presmyk PseAZ Rageinthesage Regisranger rifleman Rkennedy23 Rkv08 RM762x51 rossislider runningbird Rweaver24 rszkutak Sako300 SeanP Sebhunter ShedhunterAZ Sherman Shooter McGavin Shooterpar Sinwagon1 Sjvcon So I Hunt Southernxpress Standman SWdesertrat TAC TAM Tanclan4 Thegunsmith2506 _the_kodiak_ Tines TJHunt Tmurphy4 Tomkat12 treestandman Trphyhntr Tucson John Twigsnapper Upland81 Varget Vbraley Vincefmx vizsla-dog Vmartinez Weston Wilderness1 WildernessMark204 Willhunt4coues Will K Winchester
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    My Wife

    Prayers sent continuously Bob.
  7. I have a S&B PMII 5-25×56 DT w. H2CMR, MIL/MIL CCW.
  8. lancetkenyon

    Wyoming Archery Antelope Semi Live Hunt

    Good luck buddy. I want buck photos like last year!
  9. lancetkenyon


    Large in Major Brown. Awesome jacket. I have the same one. Great price too.
  10. lancetkenyon

    Clinton Body Count Tally

    Why the long face??
  11. lancetkenyon

    Popcorn thread

    If...IF...the charges are true, I wonder if aiding and abetting, conspiracy to commit, or obstruction charges will be forthcoming to other persons possibly involved or that had knowledge of alleged crimes.
  12. lancetkenyon

    Taxidermy advice

    Yep, 2017. Non-typical @ 139 2/8", by a member here. Typical is 130 1/8" from 2001. It could very well be a Coues he killed with a bow several years ago...wearing a set of eastern whitetail horns (either real or replicas) in place of it's natural horns. B&C world record is typical 144 1/8", non-typical 196 2/8".
  13. lancetkenyon

    S&B PMII 5-25x56 DT H2CMR w. Seekins Rings & Flatline Ops

    Yes you do....yes you do....yes you do....your voices are changing their minds....
  14. lancetkenyon

    Son got bored tonight!! Smoked yote

    Nice! Deer killer down!
  15. lancetkenyon

    S&B PMII 5-25x56 DT H2CMR w. Seekins Rings & Flatline Ops

    I see you are in Scottsdale.....I can deliver it tomorrow if that helps....
  16. lancetkenyon

    S&B PMII 5-25x56 DT H2CMR w. Seekins Rings & Flatline Ops

    No time like the present.....I have it on 3 sites, but a local sale would be nice. Comes ready to mount and shoot.
  17. lancetkenyon

    S&B PMII 5-25x56 DT H2CMR w. Seekins Rings & Flatline Ops

    Well buy it then! Anyone who HASN'T looked through an S&B.....DON'T! You will become addicted.