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  1. Bird Dog

    Bull Bison 2024

    The more I have shot this rifle the more I do like it. A new recoil pad has helped tremendously. I have settled on 260 gr. Accubonds at almost 2700 fps., so all is well in the sight in department. I have really enjoyed the adventure so far with the .375 after years ago selling my .338. The push is real but fun.
  2. Bird Dog

    Bull Bison 2024

    That has been a minute! Thank you for your help. Where oh where is Flatlander.......... hahah. I did have a great conversation today with AZGFD WM. So, I will just keep on taking notes and trying to figure this out while winter shows itself.
  3. Bird Dog

    Bull Bison 2024

    Well, that is the question I am trying to figure out. A fully guided hunt most likely will not be an option due to $$$, although looking into semi-guided options as I did with my sheep hunt years ago. The Co-op seems interesting but I have not hear much on this yet. Most likely a DYI option I will have to go with, and frankly if you separate out the conflict and look at just doing my thing, staying out of others way while making the most of my opportunity seems most attractive.
  4. Bird Dog

    Bull Bison 2024

    Hello CWT! I wanted to start a topic to get this going. I drew the 1st bull hunt starting 3/29. I put in for this hunt as a tribute to a friend whom pass away last year after working with him 25 years. After helping his family settle his estate I was willed his 375 H&H Ruger No.1. I had been adding bonus points and 23 points I decided to put in. Much to my surprise, my card was charged last fall on his birthday. Any other members or friends out there whom have the 1st hunt for bull starting 3/29? I was wondering if the drama has decreased recently? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Bird Dog

    2023 Kaibab Bison Success!

    Hey K-rub, I sent you a PM if you are available to talk some time I would appreciate it.
  6. Bird Dog

    Daughters sheep hunt

    Love reading your daughters story every time!
  7. Bird Dog

    A Friends Desert Tag

    Awesome MM! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Bird Dog

    2011 Kawasaki Teryx

    Updated post.
  9. Bird Dog

    2011 Kawasaki Teryx

    2011 Teryx Kawasaki 750. 6600 miles, 450 hrs. Full tilt windshield, Hard roof, winch and new battery. Asking $4500.00 OBO Additional: Will consider including 5'X10' Tilt bed Trailer. Asking $5000.00 OBO for both. Trailer has 3 new tires with less than 200 miles and new trailer lights. This is a very sturdy trailer Trailer picture added Contact: Jim 520-921-0991 Leave a message for a reply.
  10. Bird Dog

    2016 Desert Ram

    Great job Man! The pleasure was all mine to spend some quality time in the desert and a few fires with you for sure. I am happy you were able to harvest such a beautiful ram. Congrats! I am sure Clay will turn out an awesome mount and I can not wait to see it some day.
  11. Bird Dog

    YOU - Huntress Success

    I wanted to thank the volunteers of the YOU (Youth Outdoors Unlimited) Javalina camp. My daughter and her friend Addie decided to put in together for a Javalina permit. Neither girl had ever harvested a Javalina a were excited to begin the journey together. The first weekend they participated in the YOU hunters camp and met a couple volunteers (Wayne and Kevin) whom assisted with locating Javalina. Unfortunately, we did not have any opportunities to harvest a pig opening weekend but the girls had a great time and quickly asked if we could come back for the second weekend. On the second weekend we were blessed with great warm weather and the pigs did not disappoint. The first location, Wayne, Jessica and I located pigs. We were able to get both girls set up in time for a coyote to spoke the pigs into cover forcing us to wait for a good shot opportunity. We decided that the first good opportunity should be taken due to the presentation we were being given. Addie was the lucky huntress whom had a good shot. With a good 200 yrd shot Addie had harvested her first big game animal and Javalina. Way to go Addie! Unfortunately, the javalina spooked to quickly for Jessica to get a quality opportunity. Way to go Addie! The next day, we were back at it. Kevin, Jessica and I checked multiple areas finding every type of animal except for pigs. Jessica was hanging in tough and hunted all day long. Minutes before we were to hang up the last day and last hour we located pigs tucked down deep in a protected draw. We quickly moved to a difficult downhill 155 yrd location. Jessica selected a very black pig and after some readjustment she was able to make a solid hit with a good follow up to anchor her first Javalina. A moment of silence and she was ready to see her first pig! These girls were awesome camp mates and the best part was how much fun we had even with out the pigs! I am very proud of these ladies and their efforts. Thank you Wayne, Kevin and Nate whom were willing to join us both weekends.
  12. Bird Dog

    Have you seen this big boy

    I hear back in the day Madglasser was a sort of "sheep" whisperer. He could pet wild sheep and would share his lunch with them.... primarily "baby" carrots.
  13. Bird Dog

    Have you seen this big boy

    Madglasser, now that is a name we have not heard in a very long time..... indeed! Madglasser is a Myth. You would be better off waiting for a documented account of Sasquatch.
  14. Come on Glock........ Bump for a good deal.
  15. Bird Dog

    My 2016 Coues!

    Very nice honoring your Grandfathers memory. Congratulations on a beautiful buck....