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  1. ike

    Lee Pro 1000 Free

    I would take this item.
  2. ike


    I am just hoping they get it done in early March. However, like most people I am looking at BPs.
  3. ike


    Over under odds of azgfd running the draw in a timely manner? CC hits starting on 3/3?
  4. ike

    23 late cow help

    Yep. They had figured that out and went home. WM called them and chatted about it. Thanks for letting us know but they had already figured out their mistake...
  5. ike

    23 late cow help

    Hi Fellow Hunters, my sister-in-law has the December cow tag (12/9-15). I went up this weekend to help. We mostly worked the area east of the Young rd as we *thought* we knew this area. We glassed up lots and lots of bulls. Including 2 really big guys. However, not one single cow. From the OW ranch and south all we saw were bulls. We realized that in the past we have only been in there in sept and oct. Do the cows go else where during December? We are at a loss on what we are doing wrong. Again found lots of elk. Just the wrong sex... Any tips or areas to look over would be appreciated.
  6. ike

    Elk Processing from MIllers 6-8 Weeks

    My buddy used https://www.taggedoutgameprocessing.com/ for his bull last year and liked the results.
  7. ike

    North of the ditch

    Looks like a 22LR.
  8. ike

    Biggest to Date

    Awesome buck. Congrats!
  9. ike

    Early Hunt Reports????

    Took this bad boy this week. My first. I am a late onset hunter.
  10. ike

    Boys first cow elk hunt in 22

    Congrats. Hopefully, now hooked for ever on hunting!
  11. ike

    Limited Entry call today

    Awesome. Glad to know one of us regular folks got drawn.
  12. ike

    Applying on mobile for special tags?

    Anyone get a call today? No tags for me this year...
  13. ike

    4B North limited opportunity Bull hunt!

    Congrats! Way to get it done!
  14. ike

    FS/WTT 15x56 Vortex Vulture

    Hi Have some Diamondback 10x50s. Would you be interested in them?