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Found 14 results

  1. JakeAR15

    Custom 270 wsm $4500

    Custom rifle built by Southern Arizona Rifle Company. 270 wsm 1-8 twist barrel 5/8-24 muzzle threads. It’s built on a Terminus Apollo Lt 3 lug action. Super fast to cycle. Sitting in a MDT HNT26 carbon fiber chassis with folding stock and built in Arca rail. The trigger is a Timney Calvin elite with adjustable trigger shoe. I have 2 more trigger shoes for it. Comes with a MDT Wsm magazine. I built this gun to shoot the Berger 170 gr EOL. It has about 50 rds through it doing load development. It will come with 100rds of ammo. Winchester brass loaded with the 170 EOL’s. The scope is a nightforce nx8 4-32x50 F1 MOA sitting in Hawkins precision rings with bubble level. I can ship to your FFL or your welcome to come pick it up and do paperwork here. Asking $4500 without the scope and $6800 with the scope. Thx
  2. 300 Remington ultra mag Mcmillin stock Defiance deviant action Ziess optic Proof research carbon barrel Timney trigger Caldwell carbon bipod. I can also provide ammo specs for reload if desired, I’m playing at 1000 yards right now and would absolutely dial it to 1200 if I had the time (which I don’t right now), ballistic data showing 3030fps with current loads. Has about 50 rounds through it and was cooled by fan after every shot. Any questions text me at 9286070036
  3. n2hunting48

    Vortex Razor HD Scope 5-20 X 50

    Premium Vortex long range scope. Brand new never mounted. Beautiful bronzed anodized aluminum color. Includes hard to find premium Vortex Precision series PMR 35mm rings (see picture) and Vortex bubble level (see picture). All items sold together no separate sales. Vortex MSRP- $1700.00 Vortex 35mm Rings MSRP- $160.00 Vortex Bubble level MSRP- $40.00 = $1,900.00 Asking $1850.00 $1600.00 NO TRADES! SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!
  4. Tikka T3X Lite, black/stainless, right hand, bolt action, 300 Win Mag, Muzzle Brake, Vortex Viper HSLR 6-24x50. Excellent condition.. Asking $1500
  5. southernxpress

    McMillan stocks (Brand New)

    I have acquired a few components that I will eventually use, but I figured I would see if anyone is looking for something now and wants to save the long lead times from McMillan. The first one (gray marble) is the Game Hunter and is for a long action Remington 700 or 700 clone with BDL bottom metal, barrel channel is for a sendero contour. $650. **sold** The second one (black with green speckles) is the Game Warden and is for a short action Remington 700 clone with detachable bottom metal, barrel channel is for a sendero contour as well. $750 Text me or call and leave a message 602-677-3791 Todd
  6. I have some extra scope that I will eventually use, but figured in the mean time see if anyone is looking for a scope. Scope has been lightly used but still in good condition. Scope is second focal plane and it looks like the NP-R2 reticle. I will include this rings which are the Precision Hardcore Gear rings (Force Recon) if you haven't seen these things, they are awesome! They have 6 screws on top that hold the scope very well and then 2 screws through each ring holding each ring to the rail and they have an integrated level, which is far superior to a separate level mounted on the top or on the top ring! $1200 for scope and rings Text or call and leave a message 602-677-3791 Todd
  7. southernxpress

    Sightron Siii 6-24x50 sold

    I have a scope sitting here that hasn't been mounted in a while and may as well sell if someone is looking. These are great scopes, lots of reviews for them online and many people have switched to them from much pricey scopes. Glass is clear and clean of scratches. Tube has a slight ring mark which will likely be covered up when mounted anyways. $675 Text or call and leave a message 602-677-3791 Todd
  8. I decided to sell my Christensen Arms MPR 6.5 Creedmoor with 22 inch barrel with original box because I built a custom 6.5 PRC. There is nothing wrong with it mechanically, and shoots amazing. I only used it one year of hunting and between sighting in and some shooting at the range put 100 rounds through it. There are a few minor normal wear scratches on the picatinny rail from where the rings were, on the chassis from walking through the woods, on the magnet from folding the stock. Along with one ding on the bolt. The scratches on the chassis won't show up in photos and are barely noticeable in person, but I included the ding on the bolt and the magnet where the stock folds. Everything on this gun is stock from the factory. Any other questions please feel free to ask. https://christensenarms.com/modern-precision-rifle/ Price is $1800. They are $2249 plus tax new. Included with purchase 1 Box of 20 rounds 6.5 Creedmoor 143 grain ELD-X 1 MPR 22' 6.5 Creedmoor 1 5 round Magpul Mag Original Box. https://christensenarms.com/modern-precision-rifle/
  9. Coues_Freak

    MOA 28 Nosler

    I have an Moa rifles 28 nosler with 34 rounds through the gun it has a 26 inch barrel side port brake McMillan game warden stock triggertech trigger moa evolution action cerakote tungsten. Gun shoots amazing having another 28 built and no longer have a use for this gun will sell with Nightforce nxs 5.5-22x56 or bare gun will also come with 75 rounds of loaded ammo shooting the 195gr Berger’s extra projectiles full rcbs die set and powder. Bare gun $3800, scoped $5500 bipod not included or for sale.
  10. longshot_ultramag

    SOLD. Custom 6.5-284 built on trued Rem700

    6.5-284 that shoots 1/2 MOA or better depending on the day and conditions. Built on a trued Rem 700 action, Krieger 1 in 8” twist light Palma barrel 28” long, jewel trigger set about 1lb, all metal Cerakoted graphite black, HS precision old version sendero stock. Currently has a Sightron S-tac 4-20x50 on it. Will sell with or without the scope. Load data available. Only 320 rounds of a mild load of 48gr H4350 and 142 SMK down the tube. I shot this rifle in 2 F-class matches which I don’t shoot anymore and need the cash. Would make a Great long range whitetail rig also. Text or call Abram 623-239-8555 $1700 with scope $1350 without scope
  11. Video of Long Range coues hunt in southern AZ see link below to youtube - hope you guys enjoy Instagram = @b.a._hunting @the_ayers_brand
  12. Vbraley

    Nosler ABLR .30 190 Gr.

    Nosler ABLR .30, 190 Gr.. one unopened box,,one box less 39, (61). $80. Located in E. Mesa. Text 602-463-1792
  13. Well guys I did it again. I was so impressed by the repeat accuracy and precision from my first build I thought I would do another. This time I shopped around for months looking for a NEW donor action. My local gun shop had called me and told me he had found 3 of them. I wanted all 3 but could only get 1. The reason is the actions were COMPLETELY stripped, no triggers, no trigger housings not even the safety red dot. I was able to still get the action cheap enough I could order everything I needed from savage and other places. So I did. Here she is so far. Parts on gun: 6.5 creedmoor Shilen Stainless steel select match 26" 1:8 twist ratchet barrel HS Precision stock-Devcon bedded Karsten comb Northland Shooters Supply precision lug and trued nut Savage action model 10fcp w/factory trigger housing and firing pin PTG Bolt body PTG bolt head Rifle Basix trigger Valdada 20moa base and 30mm rings Parts still on there way: Sightron 6-24X50 LR FFP MOA scope (tuesday) Glades armory tactical bolt handle (today YAH) Tubb precision level (bubble level) (god knows when lol)
  14. willhunt4coues

    G7 BR2 Rangefinder Review

    I have the G7 and I will tell you it can do ALOT more than ANY RANGEFINDER ON THE MARKET. Here is a review: First off I do not work for True Pulse G7 BR2, Laser Technology, or with any affiliates these findings are solely from my experience with trial and error and the G7 BR2 was bought with my own money. First impressions are great and I tell you when I ordered the G7BR2 you get exactly what you paid for. With a price tag of 1699.00 I started to really research rangefinders. I have a nikon riflehunter 1000 and can usually get out to about 750 with it but wanted to be able to range further. I loved it because it has incline decline which for this topic we will call THD (True Horizontal Distance). With being able to range as far as I can I wanted the THD feature on whatever rangefinder I found. Now almost most of them have it BUT the catch is it will tell you true line of site with a degree of incline or decline. So I thought seriously why can't they make one that tells me THD instead of line of site with degree. while searching I found the G7 BR2 but man the price was way up there. So I started to research. This rangefinder has a built in ballistics program and will give you TRUE exact readings. 1st off you can enter into the profile select which consists of 6 1 for JUST pure ranging that give true line of site, THD, tempature, alltitude, baro pressure. Next 5 profiles is where you would enter in guns. You can store a 30-06, .308, 338 mag what ever you have. In my case I have a hunt coming up and have my dads gun saved, 2 buddies gun saved and 2 of my rifles saved. When it comes time for them to shoot just select the correct profile (which you can name anything) and it will in turn give me correct THD in moa calculating in baro pressure, temp, altitude. 2nd once you have chosen a profile to update you can edit the name of profile. Next you chose Moa, BDC, Or inch as a drop standard. Moa gives you a correction value so you can dial up lets say 500 yards is 10 moa. It would read 500 yards with 10 moa. You can also select BDC if you already have a BDC turret (BDC turret is one that is set yardage for your rifle from usually the manufacture of the scope). So BDC terms would be 500 yards is 5 on your bdc turret. With the BDC input you will additionally input turret altitude, and turret temperature and this is only for the BDC turret. Next selection is the G1 or G7 standard. Almost every boat tail pointy bullet is a g5, g7 standard but most manufactures of ammo only give a g1 standard. G1 standard is a flat base pointed tip bullet. Next you enter in your BC of your G1 or G7 standard. Then you input in your muzzle velocity, then sight height, then zero range. *EXAMPLE*Now since you have your description (.308 Howa) with a MOA, G7, BC of .242, Muzzle velocity 2588, sight height of 2.00 (inch), zero range of 103 yards. You now can select if you want the range finder to continuously range, Range far targets (flat country), near targets. Now you press the range button with your .308 Howa (examp) selected it will give me a TRUE LINE OF SIGHT reading but here is the catch it will then calculate everything you imputed to the alltitude, temp, baro, incline/decline and shoot back a MOA number that appears about 2 seconds after the range is given. For example if I ranged a deer at 388 yards it would display 388 for 2 seconds then switch to 7.4 moa. Now lets say you want to check all this with a ballistics program fine just press the mode button once then press the up down arrow to give you all the reading s like THD, temp, baro, altitude, ect now since you have everything that needs to be inputted into the ballistics program you can to check to see if everything is on. Also included is the ability to dope wind with a wind meter. Just get your current reading 5, 10, 15 mph and once you have your MOA adjusted then press the down or up arrow and the reading from the range will be calculated into the wind so if you have a 5 mph wind with a range of 400 yards your reading should be 1 moa (.308 Howa). The ballistics engine will work out to 1400 yards with the range finder able to range without ballistics to 2500 (I have actually had the ranging work out to 2500) which is unbelievable. The range finder has a great goretex outer shell that is very durable. You can also select 3 different crosshairs with the back light able to be adjusted bright or dim. For everything this rangefinder has to offer from just ranging to getting full ballistics with wind this rangefinder is a must for those that require a long distance shot or just seeing how far away that hill is so you can plan accordingly. The rangefinder also comes with the instructions, extra battery, neck strap, and a hard shell case. I was going to go with the leica but the only down side to that is the ballistics is not TRUE it is based off a ballistics curve so you pick the CLOSET one to your gun which is not reliable. Please take the time to review the video I have attached to see this rangefinder in action and I know I do not explain stuff the best but this video will show you just what I mean. I can now say THAT THERE IS NO OTHER RANGEFINDER ON THE MARKET WITH THIS KIND OF CAPABILITIES. So the 1699.00 price tag is WELL worth the price if not more. Here are all the videos: