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  1. willhunt4coues

    Father and Son duo

    No he took about 10 steps and then was out, absolutely no movement.
  2. willhunt4coues

    Father and Son duo

    My son had the early November hunt. We had been watching his buck for about 5 weeks. we had photos and films of him and estimated him to be between 96 to 105. Rough gross was 100 3/8 and netted 96 6/8. Shot was 560 yards, with sun in eyes. he was not behind gun enough so the shot was a little high. but went in and came out the left side behind lungs. Crazy did a 90 degree turn in body. He used my gun since he likes it better..LOL. First day tag out before 9:00 am. I had built both of us 28 Noslers his had a APR hunter action and mine had my Bighorn SR3, We had shot over 300 rounds in each gun over the summer from june (when i finished barrels) to august, Then in sept and oct another 100 or so. We plan to change the barrels out this spring for next year. Shooting brux barrels 195 grain bergers at 2950. Next set of barrels i have a new reamer being built that should help get some more speed but will shorten barrels for weight. Also bought a new chuck to eliminate stress on work TBAS system. Then came my hunt for late November. We hunted every day except for the first day. We saw this buck one day during hunt on the move and was able to located him on last day glassing from the vehicles. Unfortunately with the fog rolling in and out and rain coming every few minutes when i spotted him I had to tale the shot or loss the opportunity. I had practiced for this for years now and knew i had it. 830 yards right behind shoulder and dropped him right there. Never dropped one with a shot behind shoulder but wow it was neat. Been worrying about the boys these past years that i finally got one. I wanted my dad to shoot but he passed since he has a hard time shooting far.
  3. willhunt4coues

    Lathe fun

    I have been building little items with the Lathe until i have bought all tools needed for barrels and action work. So far i have built Spikes for both my Atlas pods, new Bolt knobs for both of my customs, and now playing with Delrin making zero stops for my scopes and rod guides. I could not be happier with the lathe. Very precise. A little vibrations at first but once i started eliminating the vibrations she hums nicely now. One big problem is the motor mount. I placed 1/2 conveyor belt between mount and motor and that almost got rid of any sounds. I would highly recommend anyone getting into making your own barrels to look at the Precision Matthews PM12X36. It is very affordable (compared to other models) and comes with more goodies (ie break, coolant system, micrometer stop, ect) you can even upgrade the motor now (precision Matthews has an alternate motor you can buy). I have been saving money so i can get all the tooling i need (manson floating reamer holder, Reamers, Reamer micro meter stop, Gator Chuck, Phase 2 tool post, ect) but now am wanting a small Mill so i can do other work oh and the tooling need for it which is worse than the lathe . Man what have i got myself into. It will take me years if not centuries to buy everything i am wanting now...LOL.
  4. willhunt4coues

    Carbon Six Barrel

    Oh I know I see where everyone is taking the 33 powder up to 88 grains. That's okay I don't care to go that fast and waste barrel. Actually wanted to be lower around 2950 but could not get a node there. Plus the 33 is not temp stable and don't feel like messing with all the headaches. I am really glad the h1000 worked cause I bought 8 lbs. I have not found RL33 to be temp sensitive at ALL. I have shot it from 30 to 100+. And some of the rifles I have loaded for have shot the same load at far lower temps and noticed no difference in POI at distance. But I agree, H1000 is the king of magnum hunting powders. Very accurate and stable. Clean burning too. And it is a rare 28 Nosler that can handle 88 grains. Usually in the 82-85gr range. Only one I did could safety hit 88 grains. But it hit 3160fps too. A hammer on elk. Which is what that round is tailor made for. A 28 Nosler is not meant to be shot hundreds of rounds a year. So I would think once load development is complete, a barrel could last for years, if not decades. At 2950-3000fps, I can see the barrel lasting 1000+/- rounds. That is a lifetime for most people. I agree, I would take a .2" round @ 3000 over a 1" round @ 3150. But a .1" round @ 3120 is a dream come true. Very true. You are the only one I have heard of that the stability worked for. I have seen quite a few of Piercision rifles go up to the 88 grains. That's the fastest I have seen. To gain even 100 ft per second is really to me not worth it but again that's me. I will probably have this barrel shot out or replaced by another 28 within the year since I got my lathe now. I also want to do a 26 but I shoots lots that's why I say probably a year if I make it that far.
  5. willhunt4coues

    Carbon Six Barrel

    Here is what my scales say with and without bipod. The barrel itself weighs 3 lbs 1 ounce.
  6. willhunt4coues

    Carbon Six Barrel

    Oh I know I see where everyone is taking the 33 powder up to 88 grains. That's okay I don't care to go that fast and waste barrel. Actually wanted to be lower around 2950 but could not get a node there. Plus the 33 is not temp stable and don't feel like messing with all the headaches. I am really glad the h1000 worked cause I bought 8 lbs.
  7. willhunt4coues

    Carbon Six Barrel

    They do clean up so much faster. Only took me 4 rounds of shoot and clean till she was done copper fouling. Then i just started shooting. Yes sir come on up anytime. I will be heading out to range again Sunday to bang up some steel. Probably put some holes in steel. LMAO
  8. willhunt4coues

    Carbon Six Barrel

    Well after a little wait i received in my Carbon Six prefit barrel. I had wanted something with a lot of power so i went with the 28 Nosler, 1:8 twist, Magnum contour, 5/8x24 muzzle threads, 26" long. If anyone knows me they know i am not big on Carbon barrels but i am wanting to try a barrel from every manufacturer out there even Green Mountain. Carbon Six offers some great deals especially if its a blank. Anyways i ordered the barrel Dec 27 and received an email that she was ready at 10 weeks. When i got the barrel i was somewhat disappointed because when i looked in bore i could not see a throat. Okay my thought was they throat separate from reaming then i tried a case. Nope i could tell it case was not going into neck. SO i called Gene and they said send it back and they would look. To my experience i only could assume the smith used a 26 nosler reamer and i actually could see how that could happen since numbers get rubbed on reamers BUT wouldn't you take a measurement of reamer at say throat and neck before setup? Anyways they rush shipped it back to me within 4 days and it was ready for shooting. Ran out and did a 10 round Sullie (I think) load development. Fire 10 rounds in .5 increase from low to high looking for velocity flat spots. I had a flat spot at 76.5 to 77.0 and 77.5 to 78.0. So loaded those up in 3 with 76.8 and 77.8 and off to do my OCW test. As you can see by target 77.5 and 77.8 are in the node and speed. I was told by Gene if the barrel did not shoot to let him know and they will make it right. Being that all the past 3 barrels i have had X-Caliber, Shilen took so long to even find a decent load and those were not the greatest (1 hole group if not new barrel) i really did not expect it to shoot. Talk about nice. Whole gun weighs 9 lbs something oz. SO much lighter than my last set up (only 1 lbs). Being that Carbon six is a new company I know there will be problems here or there and they will get them ironed out. But wow with as much recoil and energy there is with this gun i can not believe it is this accurate. Now just to wait till the forest is open so i can test some long rage shots for my Elk hunt in sept. Yes i have a Rifle elk hunt in sept (psst i will be signing it over to my Boy but dont tell him that) Bighorn SR3 Long action Manners EH1 Stock Carbon Six Barrel 28 nosler Piercision Mini Mag Muscle Brake Shilen trigger Sightron SIII Scope Atlas Bipod Load H1000, 77.8, .020 jump, 195 Berger EOL, Nosler Brass, 215M, Going 3000 fps.
  9. willhunt4coues

    F/S G7 BR2 Rangefinder

    I love mine and MAN this is a DEAL
  10. willhunt4coues

    MATRIX 6.5 mm 160 grain hunting vld bullets for sale

    So far it's not too bad. I will be shooting her for groups today. Yesterday I did a pressure test and went 2 grains over max (Berger max) and still no signs. I will take her another .5 grains higher today and probably no more because I got the 195 at 2975 with 77.5 of H1000. That's plenty. Heck depending on how the primer pockets do I may take her back down to 2875 (seems the nodes are at the 2 spots). I don't want to cook the barrel too fast. To much money involved now. But I guess it's not so bad that I finnaly got a lathe be somewhat cheaper ONCE I get all the tooling I need. So far have spend more on tooling than the lathe. Lol
  11. willhunt4coues

    MATRIX 6.5 mm 160 grain hunting vld bullets for sale

    I had a 1:8 in my 6.5x284 and had them shooting at 2830. These bullets have a hard smack to them when they hit thats for sure. I took off the barrel and wanted even more smack so I went with the 28 nosler and 195 grain bullet and even upgraded the barrel to a carbon six
  12. willhunt4coues

    MATRIX 6.5 mm 160 grain hunting vld bullets for sale

    Sold pending funds.
  13. I have 3 unopened boxes and 1 opened box (opened box does have 100 count) of the 6.5 mm Matrix 160 grain bullets. I am wanting 40.00 each box. Would rather sale all together. Call me if interested or message me. I am slow at checking me sages but will do my best. You pay shipping if you can't meet. Located in Globe, AZ. 928-two hundred-0166 Thanks, Clay
  14. willhunt4coues

    Jim White Tripod head & H4831SC 7lbs 9 oz

    Jim white sold pending funds
  15. willhunt4coues

    Jim White Tripod head & H4831SC 7lbs 9 oz

    Powder Sold pending funds.