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  1. deerslayer23

    Coconino NF to fully CLOSE Wednesday 6/23/2021

    Bill Williams mtn was closed in September during early elk several months ago
  2. deerslayer23


    Just a few drops about 20 miles south of flagstaff kind of by munds park
  3. Took a few free hand sketches looking at Darren Freestone’s coues calendar. Been a while since I’ve drawn like this before. I might add terrain and plants to them sometime
  4. deerslayer23

    Found a Couple of Deadheads

    Thats awesome
  5. deerslayer23

    Is it too much

    Haha this was with a 243!
  6. deerslayer23

    Unit 1 turkeys! lets see them!

    Killed in unit 1 opening morning of the youth hunt a few weeks ago. My last year for OTC
  7. deerslayer23

    Bear Wallow Cafe closed?

    I saw that too and wondered the same thing
  8. deerslayer23

    Missing Bonus Points

    I was drawn for elk but my points for it still show
  9. deerslayer23

    Results are up

    3a 3c early archery bull for me. My first elk tag
  10. deerslayer23

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    I get either 3a 3c early archery bull or 27 late general bull with only 2 points!
  11. deerslayer23

    Sheds? To Early?

    I’m in southern az and had a desert muley on a trail cam that had dropped his antlers just the other day
  12. deerslayer23

    Elk application not on record

    My apps showed up in the portal just a couple days ago
  13. deerslayer23

    Elk application not on record

    Every year I put in for anything it takes a couple weeks to show up
  14. deerslayer23

    2021 archery coues deer

    111.6 is what we got
  15. deerslayer23

    2021 archery coues deer

    Yup, actually an inch or 2 above