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  1. deerslayer23

    Prairie Dogs

    They are everywhere in parts of unit 10
  2. deerslayer23

    Almost time ...

    Oh we’ve seen a couple now😂
  3. deerslayer23

    Rut Activity

    Yes sir
  4. deerslayer23

    Rut Activity

    I haven’t seen 1 elk yet in unit 8
  5. deerslayer23

    Antler Growth

    All of the bucks I’m looking at are doing great, but another factor would be the location the deer are at and what kind of vegetation is present along with water.
  6. deerslayer23

    Where are all the scouting pictures of velvet bulls????

    Couple weeks ago I saw a coues hard horned. It was only one side though I just think he didn’t shed it
  7. deerslayer23


    I’ve only had 2 or 3 bucks show up on my cams with the “typical coues” coats. The rest have been more brown