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  1. chewy15

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    I could use 3 boxes of 6.5 143 eldx if you do this. Thank you!
  2. What year isn’t? 🤪
  3. chewy15

    Pool Repair (Pebble Tec)

    So is blue point pools in Tucson.
  4. chewy15

    New here, need help!

    I will meet you there Fred I will bring the 6.5 for a cat so it doesn’t try to eat you. Hopefully we can get my pack bloody!
  5. chewy15

    Leftovers again?

    You are an ASU fan this doesn’t hurt my feelings haha. First elk tag in 8 years
  6. chewy15

    Leftovers again?

    I drew a left over cow hunt
  7. chewy15

    Credit Card Hit

    Wife drew for her 3rd elk hunt in 4 years of putting in. Looks like I will have 10 points going into next year.
  8. chewy15

    Credit Card Hit

    Mine might say some bar at Roosevelt if I get to add another elk point to the pile already built up.
  9. chewy15

    The best 3 weeks of the year...

    Though I haven’t had a elk tag for myself in over 7 years I will be dreaming more for my CHAMP father in law to draw an elk tag so he can fill his very first elk tag I think he has 6 points. For antelope I would love for my dad to draw a tag, he has 20 points and just wants a gun tag ether rifle or muzzleloader. I have had 2 tags in the last 3 years for antelope and I feel bad he hasn’t been able to hunt and harvest one at all for himself. 3rd would be for my wife to draw ether elk or antelope and fill the tag. She has had 2 December late cow muzzleloader hunts one 2 weeks after having are first born and one last year where she busted her butt for the hunt. I love hunting and harvesting for myself however seeing dreams come true for the ones I love means more to me than even my passion to hunt for myself.
  10. chewy15

    After work success

    Thanks everyone for your responses, my wife has a December elk tag so needed to fill early
  11. God is good!!! The first few trips out this hunting season were less than stellar in productivity, but I was able to enjoy the country I was in and the company I had on every trip out. Yesterday evening after getting off work at 2:15pm my buddy Brad and I hit the sticks for an evening hunt. God blessed me with great company and very good help as well as a nice archery coues deer. Thank you brad for all of your help it is very appreciated!!! Hadn’t chased coues in over 10 years since I had moved away from Tucson and couldn’t be happier with getting this buck my first few months back.
  12. chewy15

    Archery Hunting the Kaibab August

    Jump up definitely jump up that is where the big ones are shot during archery season
  13. Not much of a story really beings the hunt lasted 30 min after opening light. Bedded the buck the night before, Colby was on one side of the meadow close to where they had been the previous night. I glassed the antelope up, Colby got into a little cover and the antelope decided to run right to him. Colby shot and I watched the buck lay down less than 30 yards from where he was originally shot. Fun fast hunt. The buck scores 79 1/2 sci. Big congrats to my cousin!!! Preparation and practice truly do pay off. Hope you enjoy the pictures. The pictures didn’t post in the order I tried to do them in sorry.
  14. chewy15

    Kaibab growth?

    Growth looks about average for the last 3-4 years. My opinion the weak winter didnt much affect it this year. Deer look healthy.
  15. chewy15

    2018 antler growth

    Here is a batch from this weekend, one is looking good