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  1. nuts4hunting


    Pre rut in 30B. Starting to show interest.
  2. nuts4hunting

    Score help

    What is his "shooter" score?
  3. nuts4hunting

    Score help

    Score shouldn't matter imo.
  4. nuts4hunting

    Hip replacement

    You will be fine. Had my left replaced at 48. Hereditary issue. Titanium socket and porcelain ball. It will take about a year to recover to 100% but well worth it to maintain quality of life. I have had zero issues other than it squeaks now and then. Just be patient.
  5. nuts4hunting

    Free Tasco Scopes

    I will PM you.
  6. nuts4hunting

    Free Tasco Scopes

    I'll take the Simmons. I will be at Carters at 0800 on Wednesday if we could meet. I am also from Tucson so I can bring the Tasco's back to Phil Carr.
  7. nuts4hunting

    My daughter's first deer

    Thank you for mentoring.
  8. nuts4hunting

    Guess the score.

    Congrats on your success. YOU scored.
  9. nuts4hunting


    Can you send me pics of the antlers and do you have cape measurements?
  10. nuts4hunting

    Tires 265/70/17 Pathfinder AT's

    Thinking about it. I'm in Tucson.
  11. nuts4hunting

    Lion King

    I'm working on it. I am new to uploading videos.
  12. nuts4hunting

    Lion King

  13. nuts4hunting

    Youth hunters

    Good luck to junior.