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  1. DubTee

    12BW Late Solo

    Thanks couesmagnet, still working out logistics but may take you up on that. I’ll keep you posted. Rifle and gear are all ready, can’t wait. Sounds like the area needs a little moisture between now and the hunt though.
  2. DubTee

    12BW Late Solo

    Thanks for the input fellas.
  3. DubTee

    12BW Late Solo

    Guys, I drew the 12BW Late tag and will be heading down from MN solo. I plan on hunting the entire hunt with 1.5 days on the front end to get my bearings. My wife is not real excited about the solo part - that being said, could someone relay some first hand experience as far as cell coverage? I have AT&T, and their map actually shows pretty good signal in most parts, but I have also heard reception is super spotty. I have access to a Verizon phone if that would help make a difference. Thanks for any help here.
  4. DubTee

    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    Officially 12BW Late. Time to start preparing! Coming in from MN and going solo, trying not to waste much time when I get there. Anyone have any suggestions on a camping spot that gives good access to the unit - is it all good camping? How is the cell service, any providers work or don’t work up there? Thanks for any help.
  5. DubTee

    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    Good times and good luck. Fall in MN is beautiful.
  6. DubTee

    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    Former AZ resident and bought a lifetime before I left. I had 15 points.
  7. DubTee

    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    Will be traveling down from MN late November - drew either 12AW late or 12BW late. Looking forward to it. Congrats to all that drew.
  8. DubTee

    12 points...now what?

    I had 12 resident points this year and did not draw 10 early archery.
  9. My non-resident buddy drew a late coues tag in here, I'll be helping and we're hunting last 5 days. I'd be happy to share any info if we see a good muley to anyone who is hunting at that time. PM me and perhaps we can at least get each other's #'s.
  10. DubTee

    2018 Elk Draw Odds

    Thanks guys. That clears it up for me.
  11. DubTee

    2018 Elk Draw Odds

    I don't post often but have been reading for years, always appreciate the good insight here. I do have a question regarding draw odds for those that can help - my situation is kind of complicated, a good test to the draw know-it-alls! Been looking at updated draw odds heading into 2018 on the other sites that offer them. I am now a non-resident but hold an AZ lifetime license. I want to apply with a pure non-resident, I have 11 points, he has 6. That means we average 8.5 but is rounded up to 9 on a group application - correct? If so, let's say my buddy and I apply as a group for hunt X, and there are 100 tags total available. Up to 10 would be available to non-residents, in which up to 5 of those can now be drawn in the bonus pass. If 4 non-resident tags have been drawn in the bonus pass and our number comes up next, can we draw that tag assuming there are still bonus tags available (to residents)? Will the "pure" non-resident get non-res tag #5 and I get one of the available 15 resident tags left in that round due to my lifetime license status? Thanks in advance for the help.
  12. RKen - just the objective or the scope without case? I'm trying to keep this all together, so not sure I would break apart.
  13. Archermatt, I texted you via your PM. Let me know.
  14. Looking to move this great spotter. Since moving to the midwest, I have not used it. Condition is 99/100, I honestly can't find a spec of dust on the thing. I have only put it on the tripod in the field a handful of times. This is Swarovski's latest/greatest spotter, HD glass, images are awesome in this thing - makes field judging from miles away a breeze. Comes with swaro stay-on case and all boxes and information (tripod not included). I have well over $3500 in the total package - need help financing a boat! Buyer pays shipping, USPS priority is estimated to be $35. $2600 or best offer. Sold, thanks for looking guys.
  15. DubTee

    Kuiu Attack Pants - Like New - **SOLD**

    The pants have been sold, thanks for checking.