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  1. Wingshooter28

    Looking for wounded Vet's to take Dove hunting

    That is fantastic!🇺🇸👍
  2. Maybe his garage was his best option. what’s better the garage or the closet or maybe under the bed. Not everyone has a safe. Let’s not forget who the real asshole in this situation is, and that’s the scumbag that stole the gun. Sorry to hear about you’re home getting broken into.
  3. Wingshooter28

    Mystery ranch Longbow

  4. Wingshooter28

    Mystery ranch Longbow

    Time to thin the herd. for sale Mystery Ranch Longbow with med belt and yoke on the NICE frame with the load lifter attachment and belt pouch. Made in USA $250.00 Thanks and sorry for the sideways pictures. PM if you need more pictures.
  5. Wingshooter28

    Ruger M77 Mark II .308 Win.

    Pm sent
  6. Wingshooter28

    Kimber Pro Raptor II

    Round count? Thanks
  7. Wingshooter28

    WTS Benelli super Black Eagle

    Forgot to say that I lost the factory plug while I was using the extended magazine and I replaced it in a pinch with a aluminum rod that I cut from a cleaning rod while in the field.
  8. Wingshooter28

    WTS Benelli super Black Eagle

    Yes you can releasing a shell from the mag tube while the bolt is forward and have the shell under the bolt. Thanks!
  9. Wingshooter28

    WTS Benelli super Black Eagle

    Black synthetic 26 inch barrel 4 Extended Briley choke tubes 4 original flush choke tubes shims for cast and drop extended magazine for you snow goose hunters I can’t find the spring for the extended mag but I’m sure it’s in the safe somewhere. This gun is well used but cycles all ammo that I have ever fed it Flawlessly it has eaten its fair share of goose and duck loads and AA clays ammo and 1oz loads for 3 gun $900.00 I also have somewhere in my garage 3” federal turkey loads, 3” federal Buck shot, a couple of cases of Winchester AA 7-1/2 shot and a pretty good assortment of 3” and 3-12” waterfowl loads that I will gather and post later with pricing. Thanks
  10. Looking to trade a never worn pair of Kanab pants size large in max-4 camo for a kifaru guid lid or I can buy the guide lid. I got the pants a few years ago but the inseam is too long for me and I never got around to returning them.
  11. Wingshooter28

    WTB Duplex frame in 22” or 24”

    Hi Anyone have a duplex frame that they want to sell. Thanks 602-six seven seven 1514
  12. Wingshooter28

    Pitching machine for sale or trade

    I have a jugs 2 wheel combo machine that throws softballs and baseballs/ wiffle/tennis balls. $1,700 or possible trade for hunting gear. 602-six seven seven 1514
  13. Wingshooter28

    Axcel AccuTouch bow sight

    Great sight wish it was a 5 pin I’d be all over it. Good luck with the sale.
  14. Wingshooter28

    WTB 28 gauge or .410

    Thanks Adam I sent you a text. Levers PM own its way. Thanks