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  1. Wingshooter28


    Thank you brother, good luck with your hunts !
  2. Wingshooter28


    Send you a text with my numbers. Let me know what time you want to meet. Thank you
  3. Wingshooter28


    I will take them. When can we meet, I’m in chandler so it would have to be later in the afternoon
  4. Wingshooter28

    WTB Swarovski 15x56's

    Springchicken, If Pat P is not interested I am in search of 15x56 also. I am in chandler. Thanks
  5. Wingshooter28

    WTB HOYT RK2E module

    Does anyone have an RK2E mod for a 2012 carbon matrix they want to sell. Please let me know Thank you
  6. Wingshooter28

    WTS Knives of Alaska 3 knife set

    Want to sell this set in good used condition. The blade with the gut hook has a small nick on it that is almost gone after sharpening once. $275 FTF
  7. Wingshooter28

    WTS Kifaru gen 1 grab it

    Gen 1 grab it $25 FTF
  8. Wingshooter28

    WTS Kifaru guide lid

    Guide lid has never been used $80 FTF. The guide lid in the middle is the one I am selling.
  9. Wingshooter28

    WTS Kifaru Sherman pocket

    Sherman pocket $80 FTF
  10. Wingshooter28

    WTS Kifaru muskeg 5000 bag

    Kifaru muskeg 5000 bag only
  11. Wingshooter28

    WTS Kifaru Mountain warrior

    Mountain warrior bag only $200
  12. Wingshooter28

    WTS Kifaru Woodsman bag

    Woodsman bag only $150 FTF
  13. Black frame with large belt and long shoulder straps coyote brown bag. $375.00 FTF. Tripod is 19” tall just to show the depth of the pocket and NOT INCLUDED. The hydration pouch is large enough to hold a 6 liter dromedary.
  14. I used it for my dogs to cool off in so I plumbed a pump with a filter into it to keep it clean. Pump stopped working but maybe it can be fixed. Or plug the holes and use it as a stock tank. Tractor supply has this for 600 bones right now. $150.00 PS. I am an electrician not a plumber so please no comments on my plumbing job.