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  1. DBArcher

    Wtb Leupold scope

    Looking for a fixed power, 2-7 or 3-9 leupold scope for my 3030. Let me know what ya got!
  2. DBArcher

    First fawn

    We kill a ton of them!!! Part of the problem is actually over calling in some of those areas. separate note: total count of 11 fawns here in the neighborhood.
  3. DBArcher

    WTT 270 ammo for 308

    I’ll have to see if I can run down there! Thank you. Trying to develop what my new to me Remington 722 might like.
  4. DBArcher

    WTT 270 ammo for 308

    I have three boxes 270 win 150 grain core lokt. Looking for some loads for my 308 win, preferably something hornady or federal. Let me know. Located in Chino Valley.
  5. DBArcher

    First fawn

    I have seen quite a few living on 2 south, at one point there were 6 running around. I look forward to my hunt!!!
  6. DBArcher


    Shot you a message
  7. DBArcher


    Still available?
  8. DBArcher

    Elk archery setup

    Just to reiterate this. Be comfortable and confident with your arrow setup. You absolutely do not have to shoot 60 plus yards or stretch skill or the equipment. Honestly if it were me with your setup, I would probably try and setup an arrow like an Easton axis. As far as you spine goes it all depends on your arrow length.if you are shooting a 25” or around there arrow I would put a 50 grain insert in the front of a 340 spine. I would then go ahead and throw as sharp a broadhead on the front. The above mention magnus stingers are great and that’s what my wife shoots from a similar setup. Limit shot distance to under 40 yards or so and I would have no problem shooting bigger animals with your setup. Your confidence will be key. I’ll say it one more time, place that arrow where it needs to be and you will not regret it.
  9. DBArcher

    WTB Remington 721/722/725

    I have grandpas 722 308 that he bought brand new. He threw a synthetic stock on it 10 years ago and now it’ll be passed down to my boy. Love that gun!!
  10. DBArcher

    Howa 1500 300WM

    Calhoun can you send pics of the howa to my cell-928-202-0804
  11. DBArcher

    Howa 1500 300WM

    Calhoun I sent you a message.
  12. DBArcher

    Remington 300 Ultra Mag FS (SOLD)

    What type of groups does the rifle shoot?
  13. DBArcher


  14. DBArcher


  15. DBArcher