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  1. Couescrazy33

    In Reach?

    I dont think that is true. As long as the non garmin user has the mapshare link they can text first.
  2. Couescrazy33

    Primers & Powder

    If you sell the primers seperate, let me know, i would take a box
  3. Couescrazy33

    Re carpeting recommendations

    Al does great work.
  4. Couescrazy33

    WTS Toyota Camry

    dang she's a beaut Clark!.
  5. Post up a screen shot of payment! Doesnt look like you communicated with him more than 1 message. Never exchanged phone numbers, email or anything other than your 1 message. I have bought several items from him and never had an issue. Btw, welcome to the site.
  6. Couescrazy33

    Looking for 300 Blackout Brass

    Cut your 223 brass and run them through your 300 blk out die. Make your own. Thats what we used to do when we had a 300 blk out
  7. Couescrazy33

    Youth 243 SOLD

    They are currently sold pending funds. Meet up day is friday so I will update this post come friday
  8. Couescrazy33

    Youth 243 SOLD

  9. Couescrazy33

    Youth 243 SOLD

  10. Couescrazy33

    Youth 243 SOLD

    Updated and added the pink camo one. Someone kids need these for Christmas and Jr pig hunts. Make a reasonable offer if your interested. I honestly have no use for them anymore.
  11. Couescrazy33

    Hornady 6.5 PRC ELDX

    Midsouth also has it online.
  12. Couescrazy33

    Wtb bolt action 223

    Looking for a bolt action 223. Pm me if you have one to get rid of.
  13. Couescrazy33

    How to get in contact

    Pm Stanley
  14. Couescrazy33

    Recommendations for Lodging around 3B?

    Just an idea...