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  1. Couescrazy33

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    Ah, the American dream. You are pissed because of someone elses success in life? You sound like a socialist. Last I checked this was a capitalism counrty. Anyone in this country has the same start in life and can make that life what they want. We all have choices to make and those choices have consequences and or rewards. Grow up, dont blame people who work their butts off to be successful for your families problems. Work harder, save money and make similar investments. I wish i had a few air bnbs to rent out. But i made other choices in life financially, worked my butt off to become debt free and can retire at 38 if I want. I have a high school diploma only, no college and no one helped me get to where im at. Stop crying, grow up and make better life choices. Also stop voting Democrat, you sound just like one.
  2. Couescrazy33

    Deer/Sheep Regs

    Of course. I would love to shoot a 100 inch buck one day. But the first decent body buck will always die. I would love to shoot a huge bull elk.. but cow elk taste better and fill the freezer the same.
  3. Couescrazy33

    Deer/Sheep Regs

    Yup, The main reason I hunt. Could care less about antlers.
  4. Couescrazy33

    WTT Glock 27

    Not at this time.
  5. Couescrazy33

    WTT Glock 27

  6. Couescrazy33

    WTT KAHR P380

    Looking to trade my Kahr P380 .380acp for other firearms. Great handgun for conceal carry or for a lady. If interested pm me an offer.
  7. Couescrazy33

    WTT 1000 WLR Primers

    Looks like he wants to trade his primers for the 2 listed powders
  8. Couescrazy33

    *UPDATE*Hitting a deer with a ricochet...

    Still enjoy the videos regardless. Waiting for you to post the next one
  9. Couescrazy33

    *UPDATE*Hitting a deer with a ricochet...

    He looks like he needs a dirt nap!
  10. Couescrazy33

    WTT Glock 27

  11. Couescrazy33

    New Member

    He looks like a meth head
  12. Couescrazy33

    Mec Marksmen Press

    Great press
  13. Couescrazy33

    WTT Glock 27

  14. Couescrazy33

    New Member

    If you have a pic of his ram on your wall, post a pic... the one you posted is no where close to the same ram and im no ram expert
  15. Couescrazy33

    New Member

    That ram looks nothing like trphyhntrs avatar ram.