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  1. Couescrazy33

    Hornady 6.5 PRC ELDX

    Midsouth also has it online.
  2. Couescrazy33

    Wtb bolt action 223

    Looking for a bolt action 223. Pm me if you have one to get rid of.
  3. Couescrazy33

    How to get in contact

    Pm Stanley
  4. Couescrazy33

    Recommendations for Lodging around 3B?

    Just an idea...
  5. Couescrazy33

    Last chance hunter rifle sight in BA Silhouette range

    I got the card in the mail this week stating you guys were not.
  6. Couescrazy33


    Used market seems to be 800-850. So not really
  7. Couescrazy33

    WTS S&W 686 “plus” 5 inch - Price Update

    Most people will not shoot someone else's reloads. That most likely why this has not sold.
  8. Couescrazy33

    ISO Shotgun Gunsmith

    I just used wright armory for a youth 20ga. I think they did a good job. Not super quick on the turn around anymore.
  9. Couescrazy33

    WTB—Remington 1100 12ga Barrel Only

    What gauge?
  10. Couescrazy33

    .410 wanted

    And if anyone buys this and cant find ammo, pm me I have some
  11. Couescrazy33

    .410 wanted

    18.99 a box. But to me worth every penny to get the kids out a year or two early. Maybe need 4 boxes total
  12. Couescrazy33

    .410 wanted

    Great guns for smaller and young kids
  13. Couescrazy33

    WTB Upland Vest

    +1. Be the last system you will need to buy
  14. Couescrazy33

    Lifetime Licenses

    Well worth the money to buy one