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  1. Couescrazy33

    30 cal 180gr accubonds

    For all of you who have been looking... https://www.shootersproshop.com/30-caliber-180gr-accubond-50ct-blem.html?utm_source=Shooter's+Pro+Shop+Customers&utm_campaign=e4a8b1c6d0-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_07_12_11_07_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_244cab5802-e4a8b1c6d0-131667237&mc_cid=e4a8b1c6d0&mc_eid=36f2250dd9
  2. Couescrazy33

    6.5 creed 143eldx

  3. Couescrazy33

    6.5 creed 143eldx

  4. Couescrazy33

    6mm Berger 95gr vld

    For anyone looking https://www.scheels.com/p/berger-(vld)-hunting-match-grade-rifle-bullets/17696-24527.html
  5. Couescrazy33

    Finding Ammo

    I tried to pm you. https://www.federalpremium.com They have 90gr accubonds available today
  6. Couescrazy33

    .410 shells WTB

    Pm sent
  7. Couescrazy33

    Cci no.41 primers for sale

    He is in mesa. But comes to north phx often.
  8. Couescrazy33

    WTT primers

  9. Couescrazy33

    WTT primers

    Bump. May consider a trade for 209 primers as well
  10. Couescrazy33

    WTT primers

    I have: 1k winchester large pistol primers 1k winchester small magnum pistol primers 1k winchester large rifle primers Will trade brick for brick for: Federal 210 primers Cci 200 primers Cci br2 primers. Located in north phoenix
  11. Couescrazy33

    90gr eldx

    If anyone is looking precision reloading has 90gr eldx projectiles in stock. Was finally able to order a few boxes
  12. Couescrazy33

    Beware of Alexkb

    Hes already deleted and gone
  13. Couescrazy33

    SOLD. NL Pure 12x42 (Mint Condition)

    Whats your screen name on rokslide? I see one person got banned from there for being a scam with the same binoculars as yours
  14. Couescrazy33

    Gun safe recommendations

    Champion makes a great safe. Bigger bolts, longer fire rating. Get bigger than you need and no matter what, bolt it to the foundation.
  15. Couescrazy33

    143gr eldx projectiles for trade.

    I have 1 box of 143gr eldx projectiles for trade. Looking for .243 90gr eldx or .243 90gr ballistic tips.