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  1. Couescrazy33

    Primers/Retumbo for trade

    CCI 250 pending trade. Large pistol magnum and retumbo still available
  2. Couescrazy33

    Primers/Retumbo for trade

    Pm sent
  3. Couescrazy33

    Shotgun shells (dove season)

    Yup that unfortunately seems to be the new price... for now anyways. Cabelas is 9.99 a box for the same ones but they never have any in stock. Also with federal after 150 dollars, its free shipping. 1 flat is 109 dollars
  4. Couescrazy33

    Shotgun shells (dove season)

    I learned after the first ammo shortage to keep a 5 year supply of bird hunting ammo. Im not missing dove or quail season. Prices have obviously gone up, however you can buy straight from federal. https://www.federalpremium.com/shotshell/federal-target/top-gun/11-TG12+7.5.html
  5. Couescrazy33

    Primers/Retumbo for trade

    I have: 1 LB of Retumbo. Will trade for 1k CCI BR2 primers or federal 210 1k CCI large rifle magnum primers #250 -trade pending- 1k CCI large pistol magnum primers #350. Will trade for federal 210, winchester 209 or federal 209a Located in north phx but willing to meet at bass bro shop if you are on east side. Pm me if interested.
  6. Couescrazy33

    Park Model

    He looks very healthy
  7. Couescrazy33

    6.5 nosler ablr

    https://www.powdervalleyinc.com/product/nosler-264-6-5mm-142-gr-sp-ablr-100/ For those of you looking
  8. Couescrazy33

    Small pistol primers in stock

    Stuff is coming back. More and more sre showing up locally
  9. Couescrazy33


    Crazy. Sad for sure
  10. Couescrazy33

    ISO 300 win mag ammo

    I sent you a pm when you first posted it. I have a box of federal fusions
  11. Couescrazy33

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Nice still barely anything at my house. Just a light sprinkle
  12. Couescrazy33

    Dillon 550

    If its just plinking ammo they are great. I check my powder dump every 50 rounds or so just to make sure they are within specs. The 550 does all my pistol and 223 ammo. Single stage for everything else
  13. Couescrazy33

    Wtt/wts. .243, .270wsm 300wsm

    95gr 243 sold
  14. So you have had 28 deer tags in arizona and didnt get one this one time and you are mad? I know several residents that didnt draw what used to be southern arizona 100 percent chance tags. Times are changing. Go thank Randy Newburg, meateater and instagram for ruining not just arizona but all western hunting.
  15. Couescrazy33

    Wtt/wts. .243, .270wsm 300wsm

    Updated with prices and 300wsm ammo