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  1. Coues79

    Swarovski 15x56 question

    You will gain clarity on the 15s. They are noticeable in relation to the neu. Neu are still good glass though. NLs are exceptional. Clarity, edge to edge and field of view is unreal. Very lightweight glasses. You can search a lot of reviews and side by side comparison. Bird forums have some great stuff to review.
  2. Coues79

    6.5 prc reloads

    Had difficulty finding a load with a lot of different combinations and projectiles. Ended up going to 140 ELD-M and it found a sweet spot with 57.1 grains of H1k. Right under 3000 fps.
  3. Coues79

    Why Wait….Deer Draw

    After they pulled the solid, printed date to update cards, it seems like it's been 3 weeks after the deadline for applications to be submitted.
  4. Coues79

    Hypothetical draw question

    This happened to my son last year. Drawn for a youth hunt. Grandfather drawn for a late tag. We were told no. I got on the phone and made multiple calls to multiple people. Ended up discussing it with a branch manager who worked it out with the Phoenix office. It was an ordeal and took several weeks. In the end it worked out and he had the tag transferred. They told me there was something in their computer system that would not allow them to transfer the tag. They had to work with IT to get that adjusted in the system. It was a frustrating process but overall it worked out and the folks at the offices were great to work with.
  5. Coues79

    My sons first turkey 2022

    Great work. Nothing better than being with your kids turkey hunting.
  6. Coues79

    Calibers for next years youth gun giveaway?

    We have the Ruger American Go Wild in several calibers. They have all been extremely accurate rifles with the correct load.
  7. Coues79

    Best unit for 2022 with 23 points resident

    If youre in the game for the 23 hunts, I wouldn't bother with another choice imo.
  8. Coues79

    Unit 28 mulies

    Water is the limiting factor in that part of the unit. There are few and far between mule deer in that country but you can find some. The country north of there, the reservation, holds better deer numbers..... better mule deer country once you get on top of that rim. The country is beautiful but pretty gnarly with few deer.
  9. Coues79

    Let’s talk youth Camo Clothing

    Youth camo is tough to find! We have used kryptek, kings and killik. The killik stuff seems to run big on the sizing but is nice for warmer weather hunting. I wouldn't overlook some women's camo in smaller sizing also. I've had to order women's boots for my son to use until he gets into men's sizing. Quality boots are another one that's tough to find for kids.
  10. Coues79

    Stickers in pants help.

    Theyre the absolute worst. If they break open, it's a matter of just pulling it all off. And it sucks.
  11. Coues79

    Deer staying bedded?

    Very similar movement over the past weekend. Super hot. They did align fairly consistent to the moon phase calendar. Grass height is a factor this year. Several glassed up deer were shorter than the grass they were in. Made it difficult.
  12. Coues79


    Just bought my son a pair of meopta 12x50 for his birthday. I extensively use swarovski HD glasses and I am very very impressed with the meopta line. They really are solid glass.
  13. Coues79

    Exo k2 3500 Multi-cam

  14. Coues79

    Exo k2 3500 Multi-cam

    Exo K2 3500 in multi-cam. Good condition. One rub spot that is shown in the pictures. It is not new and has been used. Packed out animals. Lid, hip pouch, 2 glassing pads. Medium belt, short frame. $375 shipped tyd or $350 pickup in Eagar. Will not separate. Selling to thin out pack systems
  15. Coues79

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    72 hour storm totals are impressive. Lot of rain. https://www.wrh.noaa.gov/map/?&zoom=8&scroll_zoom=false&center=35.516578738902965,-111.12121582031251&boundaries=false,false,false,false,false,false,false,false,false,false&tab=observation&obs=true&obs_type=precip&precip_interval=72&precip_filter=0.01,18&obs_popup=false&obs_density=20&obs_provider=ALL&mrms=true&mrms_type=72&mrms_opacity=50