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  1. Coues79

    22 Points

    23. No doubt. U1 is not what it used to be. Lots of late rifle tags have hurt the quality of bulls. You'll still have a fun hunt in gorgeous country, but if you're after a giant, 23.
  2. Coues79

    Elton Bingham's Rifle

    Excellent story and great buck.
  3. Coues79

    Pellet Stove vs Wood Stove

    I love cutting wood with the family. Good time out in the woods. Lot of hard work. If the power goes out, nice to have a wood stove. If you can physically get out and cut, I’d take a wood stove all day. My opinion though.
  4. Coues79

    White Mountain Apache Elk

    Depends on moisture. If there's snow the roads can be bad. I hunted it several years ago. We were fortunate to take a cow prior to a big storm system moving in. They reduced tag numbers this year so itll be a tough draw. Been getting more and more difficult to draw without the decrease in tag numbers. Yes its self guided.
  5. Need an online system to avoid this kind of stuff. Completely doable nowadays.
  6. I had the traverse and really liked the watch.... I set it down one day and lost it unfortunately. There's a lot of cool features they have. I like being able to check the vertical accents, steps, mileage covered etc. The wrist heart rate monitor is pretty cool as well. I am going to get a Garmin Fenix soon...
  7. Coues79

    Browning BAR .270

    Thanks. Still available
  8. Coues79

    Browning BAR .270

    Posting for my father. Please contact the number below for information. 1970 Belgium made Browning BAR .270 grade 2 with receiver. Scrollwork and han- checkering on stock. Used condition. Redfield Widefield 4 power scope. $400 OBO 480-688-5646
  9. Coues79

    Youth turkey 6a

    You may not have been calling poorly.... those things have a mind of their own and do what they want to do. Real tough when hens are already involved in the mix.
  10. Coues79

    Youth Turkey 2018

    Itll be a good morning and day tomorrow. Winds are still pretty nasty up here. Not much gobbling where we were. Hang in there.
  11. Coues79

    New Mexico

    0 for 3 for elk.
  12. Coues79

    Fire restrictions start 4-18-2018

    Saw some camps in 16 in new mexico with roaring fires this past weekend while Turkey hunting.... during red flag conditions and 30 mph winds. Gotta love selfish stupidity.
  13. Coues79

    Email from NM Game and Fish

    Drew a muzzy youth hunt for my boy and a rifle tag for myself... both deer. 0 for 3 on elk apps.
  14. A lot are henned up right now. I would think that the later in the month it got, the more likely hens will be laying, which will open up some more call willing gobblers. It was really tough on the NM youth hunt this past weekend.
  15. Coues79

    Exo vs outdoorsman

    I have an exo 3500 as well. I love the pack. Love that it's somewhere in the 4-5 pound range unloaded. Feels great with great weight distribution.