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  1. Coues79


    Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't. If the birds where you're hunting have been pressured, it might be best to not pack them with you. I've had birds humping them, some see them and run the other direction. Hard to say what will happen. More open country some birds like to see what they're talking to. Thicker country seems a little bit easier to get them to come in closer to range. Again, some like them, some don't.
  2. Coues79

    New Mexico results

    1/10. Son drew 23 youth only burro mountains as a non resident.
  3. Coues79

    spring turkey 2021 status?

    A lot of gobbling Fri-Sun in the white mountains. Sunday was shorter lived on gobbling. Shut up around 7 once the storms started rolling through
  4. Coues79

    Unit 15 NM turkey

    I believe the same, at least in the spots I have hunted over the past 6 years. Combination of drought, predators and the influx of hunters, it has become very challenging. Hate to say move it to a draw, but I think that would help the numbers improve.
  5. Coues79

    Unit 15 NM turkey

    Turkey numbers in 15 in that area you're talking about have been declining steadily over the past several years. Seems like once you cross the line, things change in AZ.
  6. Coues79

    Onan 4000 generator

    I've got the same issue with my 5500. Started acting up all the sudden.
  7. Coues79

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    147 ELD-M. Whatever quantity I can get. 140 ELD-M
  8. It'll send everyone down south for a year, which cannot sustain increased pressure. Then the south will be closed next year.
  9. Coues79


    They are in stock on the RCBS website
  10. Coues79

    Alpine-Hannagan meadow area

    There is not a lot of snowpack from this past winter. The recent storms help a little bit, but it is going to be a dry looking spring and beginning of summer.
  11. Coues79

    Missing Bonus Points

    There is no information on my daughters application period when calling the phone number. Have never been able to setup her an account with portal. Frustrating
  12. Coues79

    The rumors are ture

    Their system is a piece of cake. Love the cart feature for all apps.
  13. Coues79

    A bunch of BS!

    Tomorrow's the day 🤣🤣
  14. What do you want to trade
  15. Coues79

    Tick Tock

    Glad they did it on the elk draw cycle. Would hate to have these kids of issues waiting for my javelina results to come out 😆