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  1. codyhuntsaz

    Deer/Sheep Regs

    And groceries are cheaper!
  2. Free bump, good deal, easy seller to work with.
  3. codyhuntsaz

    Red Wing Boots

    Just saw the receipt…these were $204 out the door after taxes.
  4. codyhuntsaz

    ATV Mechanic

  5. codyhuntsaz

    ATV Mechanic

    I’ve got a 1999 Yamaha big bear 350 that has developed an oil leak and a fuel leak. Anyone have a recommendation for someone to look at it? I’m in Gilbert. Thanks
  6. codyhuntsaz

    Red Wing Boots

    Size 12 only tried on in the store once. They have a safety toe. $160 OBO Sorry for the sideways pics. Cody 602-999-7684
  7. codyhuntsaz

    Arken SH4 6-24X50 GEN2

    I own an EP 4 gen 1. I like it, especially for the $$.
  8. codyhuntsaz

    NEED tires

    Anyone got a hook up?? If not I’m looking for either some 33-12.50-20 or 285-60-20. Or somewhere in that neighborhood. I would also do a wheel and tire combo of a different wheel size. These will be for a 2013 F150 with a 6x135 bolt pattern. New or used with decent tread will work.
  9. codyhuntsaz

    Need Help.. Missed biggest deer of my life

    His G7 BR2 rangefinder would have accounted for that and gave the correct dope.
  10. codyhuntsaz

    Need Help.. Missed biggest deer of my life

    The read out on that range finder is in MOA. It’s gives you the yardage and under that the MOA to dial up or down. In his case 400 yards should have told him + 4.0 MOA….give or take.
  11. codyhuntsaz

    Need Help.. Missed biggest deer of my life

    I have the same range finder and just took my buck in Colorado at 530 yards, worked like a charm. 2 things I can think of…..I’ve heard that these can develop a “beam divergence.” Meaning, you’re aiming the box at your target, but that’s not actually where the laser is going. Possibly ranging something further. When it gave you the dial to MOA, didn’t that immediately send up a red flag? If I ranged 400 and it told me to dial up 18.2 MOA (example) I would have immediately known something was wrong, should be closer to 3.5 or so. The only other thing that will give you drastically different outputs would be your G1, G7 input. If you’re shooting a bullet with a G7 drag and you enter it as a G1 drag, it will have you dial up significantly more MOA.
  12. codyhuntsaz

    FPS Data

    The 1” high at 200 was using the fps from the box of ammo (not actual fps)and the info my RF spit out (with a faulty fps and BC), basically useless info. These are Winchester deer season XP 150gr.
  13. codyhuntsaz

    FPS Data

    Thank you for checking that for me. To be honest I’ve always sighted in at 100 yards and then verify drops usually out to 300. It’s easier, for me, to get an exact zero at 100 than it is at 200. And I was under the impression that with this rangefinder it would give me the correct dope no matter what range you’re sighted in at. I did verify hits at 200 on paper and 300 on a metal plate.
  14. codyhuntsaz

    FPS Data

    Thanks for checking that for me.
  15. codyhuntsaz

    FPS Data

    I did put them into my Gunwerks rangefinder, and tested from 100 to 200…farthest I could shoot and it was about 1” high at 200 with a 100 yard zero.