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  1. codyhuntsaz

    Savage 111LRH in .300 win mag w/ Viper PST gen 1

    As it sits...11lb 8oz
  2. I’m selling my savage long range hunter in 300 Win Mag. I would like this keep this as a package. It will come with the rifle, vortex viper PST ebr1 MOA Gen 1 scope, butler creek caps, throw lever and Vortex bubble level. It is sat in seekins precision rings on a night force 20 MOA base. Also comes with the Harris swivel bipod. Whoever buys this will also get my load data which was worked up by Lance Kenyon from this site. This gun shoots sub MOA with his loads. He has shot it all the way out to 750 yards with .5 MOA groups. cosmetic issues noted in the pics. Only selling to fund a new project. roughly 250 rounds down the pipe. as a package....$1,350 obo will break up if needed. Cody call or text 602-999-7684
  3. codyhuntsaz


    What does it cost to get a bolt fluted? Also anyone have a ballpark price on what it would cost to have a brake installed?
  4. codyhuntsaz

    Navajo rifle tag

    I think the guide is only for the rut hunts?
  5. codyhuntsaz

    Navajo rifle tag

    Does anyone have recent info on the oct/nov rifle tags? Worth the price? Deer numbers? Etc...
  6. codyhuntsaz

    Taking UTV across to Mexico

    Exactly this
  7. codyhuntsaz

    Hungry Mountain Lions

    I always thought that cats wouldn’t eat anything they didn’t kill, unless they were starving??
  8. codyhuntsaz

    Glassing Direction

    Somebody clear this up for me… Here’s what I was taught… In the mornings for Coues deer glass the south and east facing slopes, so you would be looking north and west in the mornings. You hear people say and when listening to podcasts after about the first hour or so of light you should be glassing north facing and west facing slopes. I never quite understood the west facing slopes because it’s getting beaten on by the sun most of the rest of the day. Lately listening to the Jay Scott Outdoors podcast he says glass south and east slopes in the morning then after the first hour or so glass the north and east facing slopes the rest of the day. That makes more sense to me because the north and east will have the most shade. Recently he had Duane Adams on and I’ve heard him say before to glass the north and west facing slopes later in the day. I’ve also heard guys say that it’s good to always glass with the sun in your face… That would mean in the morning I would be glassing west facing slopes (contradictory) and in the evening east facing slopes. What do you guys do?
  9. They are pretty good for the money. I have a gen 1 Vortex Viper PST and the Athlon is 80% as good as that scope for 1/3 the price.
  10. Selling as a package...... savage 111 LRH .300 win mag athlon argos btr 6-24x50 harris swivel bipod seekins precision rings nightforce 20 MOA rail This gun is a great shooter with factory ammo. Shoots the Hornady ELDX MOA or better. Only approx 100 rounds down the barrel. call or text with any questions Cody 602-999-7684.
  11. codyhuntsaz

    3/4 ton truck to Mexico

    I went down in Jan 2019. We were in a 3/4 ton Ram, no issues. We went well outside of the free zone. We were advised not to stop south of the border to get the permit though.
  12. codyhuntsaz

    Meopta 15x56 SOLD!

    I did the same thing....in a side by side comparison the Meopta were as clear and much brighter especially when glassing into the shade. Both pair were brand new. I kept the Meopta and sold the Swarovski’s.