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  1. codyhuntsaz

    First time turkey hunter

    Thanks for all the responses
  2. codyhuntsaz

    Card Hits!

    You likely drew your 1st or 2nd choice. Some cow tags see round 3-5.
  3. codyhuntsaz

    Card Hits!

    I’ve only seen one confirmed and antelope hit
  4. codyhuntsaz

    Hits already?

    First antelope charge I’ve seen.
  5. codyhuntsaz

    Card Hits!

    29 here and nada
  6. codyhuntsaz

    Card Hits!

    Were you hit earlier this morning? You are the only person I’ve seen with a charge.
  7. codyhuntsaz

    Card Hits!

    Does seem strangely slow….I haven’t seen any antelope hits.
  8. codyhuntsaz

    Who’s in ?

    In with 29 points for antelope and 11 for elk….don’t plan on drawing either.
  9. codyhuntsaz

    First time turkey hunter

  10. codyhuntsaz

    First time turkey hunter

    Why do you say that, better for calling?
  11. codyhuntsaz

    First time turkey hunter

    So if I’m understanding you right….the WIND could be a big factor?!? Haha seems like it’s always windy that time of year in 27/1. if the toms are henned up will they still be vocal or will they be less vocal and less responsive to calls?
  12. codyhuntsaz

    First time turkey hunter

    We drew the unit 27 hunt with two season dates…I’ve never hunted Turkey before and I can only hunt 1 week…is there a predominantly better week to hunt? Are they usually more vocal one week over the other? I just want to give myself the best odds of finding them (vocally) during the week I can hunt.
  13. codyhuntsaz

    Score help

    Going into the hunt he was hoping for a 160+. Now he said he would be happy with a mature older ram after only seeing a few young rams. @nuts4hunting
  14. codyhuntsaz

    Score help

    Thanks guys I know he really appreciates the help. I wish I could get out there and help, but I can’t get out there until after Christmas. Hopefully he gets it done by then! @trphyhntr @wish2hunt
  15. codyhuntsaz

    Score help

    Could be, you know G$F and their super skills when it comes to “surveys” likely there is more than 1 class 4 ram somewhere in there.