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  1. ElkChapo

    WTB - Swarovski STS 65

    still looking. let me know if you have one you'd like to sell. thx!
  2. ElkChapo

    WTB - Swarovski STS 65

  3. ElkChapo

    WTB - Swarovski STS 65

    I’d like to buy a Swaro STS 65 non-HD spotter with 25-50x eyepiece. Let me know if anyone has one they are looking to get rid of. I wouldn't mind buying the non-HD body and the eyepiece separate if need be. I'm putting together a twin spotter setup and already have one Non-HD 65 so looking to stick with that for a second one.
  4. Bump. Willing to separate the pelican case and scope. I'll take $900 TYD for the scope.
  5. Bump. Open to reasonable offers... as stated above, this now includes the spotter, neoprene sock and the Pelican case TYD. Need to get this sold to fund another project. Thanks in advance.
  6. ttt - headed to eBay. Need to get this sold asap. PRICE NOW INCLUDES THE PELICAN CASE
  7. his location under his username and gender says Phoenix
  8. Bid with confidence... azhunter95 is as good as they come.
  9. I have an almost brand new 65mm Vortex Razor spotter that I'd like to sell. It has only been used on one hunt and did great-- especially digiscoping. Only reason to sell is to fund a new big eyes project. The scope has either been kept in a Pelican case or the stay on neoprene sock its entire life. Lenses are perfect. No issues whatsoever. I might even have the original box somewhere, i'll have to look. Will come with the stay on neoprene sock (not the Pelican case). Please let me know if you have any questions. $1,000 TYD - F&F or buyer pays 3% PP fees
  10. free bump. sweet scope and good price.
  11. ElkChapo

    Swarovski 15x56 slc hd

    great price! good luck with sale