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  1. Egh4

    Four free kids bows

    I would take one or two if available.
  2. Egh4

    Mathews creed bow

    Yes it is.
  3. Egh4

    Mathews creed bow

  4. Egh4

    Mathews creed bow

    Should work now.
  5. Egh4

    Mathews creed bow

  6. Egh4

    Mathews creed bow

    Mathews creed 28”draw length. 70lbs draw weight. Bow is in good condition just put new limbs and string on it last year. Includes Mathews ultra rest. Axion sight. Stabilizer, and quiver. $400 or bare bow. $350
  7. Egh4

    Day six arrows

    Dozen day six arrows. 250 spine 9 are cut at 28” without insert/ outsert. 3 are at 30” with insert/outsert. The other 3 can be cut behind insert if needed. Also have few more inserts. Just didn’t work out with my set up. Asking $165
  8. Seen if anyone is looking for a 22. For young kid. I’m looking to trade for a full size 22. For growing daughter.
  9. I would split if someone else wants tripod.