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  1. nateNAU

    Boquillas Thief!!!

    Every ranch hand I have met on the Bo or Redlands seemed like super solid guys. I would put money that a "hunter", not one of them was the culprit.
  2. nateNAU

    Predator Call Choices

    Grey fox distress for fox. For bobcat any predator call works but they can be slow to come in so you have to wait past the usual 15-30 you do on a coyote stand. My last bobcat came in just shy of the 2 hour mark.
  3. nateNAU

    My South African Greater Kudu

    It's really cool you took that pic down the spiral. Little know fact is that if you look down the spiral you can see the eye. A kudu can see up the center and not have a blind spot caused by the horn from ambush above. Zoom in on your pic and you can see the eyeball!
  4. nateNAU

    7E - Scouting - Sept 10th Archery

    I was blasting doves at sundown last night at had a nice 6x6 walk into about 300 yards. Stood there and watched as I shot a few more times. I packed up and as I started to drive away I saw him walk down to the water. Away from the peaks out in the cedars. Lots of elk down there.
  5. If you dont find one here I would check f&t. Lot of good fur handling products. I have their fleshing beam that folds up against the wall and it has worked well.
  6. Bump. All pm's responded to. Still looking for more antlers for gun grips!
  7. Looking to buy elk antlers in the flagstaff area. Mainly chalk and will pay better than an antler buyer. 1 anter or a pickup bed full.
  8. nateNAU

    Wyoming Draw

    Me too! My first time applying for wyoming and got a buck and 2 doe tags! Beyond excited.
  9. nateNAU

    Sept Archery: 1st half or 2nd half?

    For 11m cow I would prefer the first week. The cows get sharper as the rut progresses. The bulls get dumber. 11m will be better as the elk will be more vocal and easier to locate. PM me and I would be happy to share some spots. I will be out there helping a co-worker on the same hunt.
  10. nateNAU

    Sept Archery: 1st half or 2nd half?

    I would hands down hunt the second week. The rut in 7e seems to always be slow and weak. Last year on my father in laws hunt we spent the first 6 days without one bugle or seeing any branch antlered bulls and in years I've had the tag, I've had similar experiences.
  11. nateNAU

    2021 Deer Regulations Finally Out!

    I would love that. I live and hunt in 7e and would like to see them split. Would probably up the draw odds in 7e if they were.
  12. nateNAU

    2021 Deer Regulations Finally Out!

    It's been that way for years. Its 7e and 7w so it's really not too bad.
  13. nateNAU

    Tick Tock

    Boughten Boy I guess you are right.they never thought me that word at NAU. I guess I should ask for my money back.