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  1. nateNAU

    Hunting Report ?

    Was driving in 5bn yesterday and came across big wide 3x3 chasing does in the middle of a road. Almost had to bump him with my truck to get him out of the road. Had no care that I was there. Will be in 37b next weekend chasing them. Hopefully the rut is going as good down there as it is up here.
  2. nateNAU

    Hand Gun Record Books

    Oh ya. SCI has a handgun record book. The full book is only viewable online if you are a member I believe but I think you can view all the top 10s not as a member.
  3. nateNAU

    Guns for sale

    The first gun is a sporterized 03a3 in 30-06. W/ weaver scope. $275 The second gun is a Swiss vetterli in 41 Swiss. Has been converted to center fire. $150 Located in flagstaff Nate 9286079588
  4. nateNAU

    Unit 11M bull hunt

    Sorry for the sideways pic. The first week of the hunt was tough. We still got on elk but there was no vocalization. Second week was better. Bulls were talking and fighting but still not coming to calls. Called in a spike the last morning and was able to but it broadside of my buddy at about 10 yards but he was unable to get a shot. We the decided a hail marry and drive across town and try and hunt for about an hour before we had to get to work. We instantly got into some bull fighting and shot this bull at 37 yards. My advice for 11m is don't get stuck in one area. Rutting can stink in one area and be on fire in another. Be mobile. Someone mentioned A1. If I was hunting right now I would consider following that advice.
  5. nateNAU

    Unit 11M bull hunt

    Here is the bull we were able to shoot the last day of the first 11m hunt.
  6. nateNAU

    Unit 7 antelope

    Take a drive around SP crater. Couple nice bucks between it and 89. Still about 6 or so years from drawing the tag so I don't mind giving the info.
  7. nateNAU

    Coyote and big bobcat

    I have camtrip, briarpatch and a whole bunch of homemade traps that I've picked up over the years. My personal preference is the camtrip cages. Sturdy, light weight and simple.
  8. nateNAU

    Filled tag

    That whole antler was loose and you could move it. When I took it to the taxidermist he said the pedicle was broken, probably from injury, not genetics. Still able to grow and antler though and the weight pulled it down as it grew since it wasn't connected to the skull.
  9. nateNAU

    Filled tag

    Thank you. I also have a unit 7 tag I need to donate now. Can some one please direct me to who I should donate it to?
  10. nateNAU

    Filled tag

    Was able to fill my tag yesterday morning on this goofy buck. 55 yard shot.
  11. nateNAU

    S Africa Safari -- Limpopo Valley

    Holy smokes! What a beast of an impala! Stud warthog too! So when do we get the pics of the other 7 animals so we can drool some more? I'm dying to try up in the limpopo or the eastern cape.
  12. nateNAU

    Any cc hits today?

    Just got hit today! BOA MasterCard and a buddy got hit today also with a different card. So there is still a chance!
  13. nateNAU

    Turned in AZ BULL Tag

    What unit?
  14. nateNAU

    Buck Officially Scored 200 0/8" gross 197 4/8" net

    come on 20 days your no fun. 20 mins was ok cause I was just hitting the sack. so now I had another thought that came up. if both deer were taken then it would probably look awsum in a dual mount up on a custom pedestal mount with 2 hanging evidence tags on it, turn the fan on so it shows the tags moving around a little bit and it would look more of a live mount that he liked but couldnt afford to get. well if you use your imagination they would simulate a live mount off topic would that be a hoot to go into G&F's evidence room and set them mounts up like a display in Cabelas, having Name tags on plaques in front of the animal with the stats of the PERP who killed it what charges they scored. maybe a small story behind it. maybe some before and after trailcam pics of the PERP going in and carrying it out. People would pay good money for that. I would go see that exhibit. I know at the G&F Outdoor Expo a few years ago, and maybe at the AZ State Fair too, they had a poaching exhibit with names and photos.That might be the new state record mule deer taken by poacher. Can someone fill me in on what all this talk about?
  15. nateNAU

    Bonus Pass on the Peaks hunts

    Yup. Unfortunately the peaks are completely closed.