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  1. nateNAU

    Crickets 2020

    Try being a Lumberjack
  2. nateNAU

    tags in mail

    Same here
  3. nateNAU

    Ruger blackhawk 41 mag

    There is no chance this gun is shot out. I have been a gunsmith for 16 years working on ruger revolvers solely. I do minor work from action jobs all the way to 5 shot conversions and probably handle 5 -10 a day. That's 30-60 thousand in my career. I have never seen one shot out. Anyone who wants to buy this revolver should rest assured knowing that this gun will out last you.
  4. nateNAU

    Early Kaibab Rifle Reports???

    I sat a tank Monday morning in the snow and at sunup it was -1 and when my dad picked me up at noon it was -3. Was all the fun I could stand.
  5. nateNAU

    Early Kaibab Rifle Reports???

    Hunted the east side this year. Passed on a 135 type buck opening day and a giant fork right at Sun down. Nothing but spikes and forks after that. Hunted hard and put a lot of miles on the boots and a lot if time behind the glass. I think I kind of screwed myself opening morning. I though it was a good idea to go in on the mid pinion/juniper level of the old warm fire and hike up thinking I would get away from others while still hunting the burn. Well I was away from others and was able to glass a ton of country but unfortunately I think I was still to low. Only saw one fork way up in the burn and heard probably 15 people take shots higher up in the burn off the 67. After that I decided to hunt the top and saw hundreds of deer but nothing mature. Was able to glass up a sleeping coyote in the top of the burn so I don't think there was anything wrong with my glassing.
  6. My kaibab 15s lost the gas seal in one tube and the color was off. When I got them back they fixed that problem, completely cleaned them and replaced all the glass and a few other things.They also did all that on a time crunch and got them back to me before a hunt I had coming up. I am very impressed with vortex and will keep buying their products.
  7. nateNAU

    Flagstaff Meat Processing

    Casey's and Bix both do a great job. I made the switch to Bix from Casey's a few years ago though after meeting Dan and his wife. Two of the nicest people you will ever meet. I always feel very appreciated when I go to Bix.
  8. nateNAU

    Name that gun!

  9. nateNAU

    Time to cross UPS off the list

    Get a label maker, print a label and drop off your package. Eliminates dealing with stupid people.
  10. nateNAU

    anyone see this

    It's sad to say but this is an everyday occurrence. I have buddies in munds park fire and summit and atv/utv accidents are a huge part of their calls. I guess amputations with utvs are also extremely common.
  11. nateNAU


    If you are hunting by walnut canyon you can camp down in 5bn off the winona exit off the 40. From there it's just 5 or 10 min back into 11m and you don't have to deal with the bums.
  12. nateNAU

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    I get it and when it's my turn up that will be a tough choice. I do wish the buffalo were managed to allow more than one per lifetime.
  13. nateNAU

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    I think a good analogy is picking up a hot girl's fat friend at a bar. Easier to get but a lot of regret afterwards. If you wanted the hot chick you should have held out.
  14. nateNAU

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    But that wouldn't put him in the max pool. The guy who sacrifices 15 antelope points 20 sheep points and 20 buffalo points might be max and all of a sudden you have 55 points along with his elk points out of the system.
  15. nateNAU

    Dear Arizona Game & Fish,

    Care to expound a little. I believe this is the only solution possible to combat point creep