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  1. nateNAU

    Eye spy

    Took my son out to check some petroglyphs I found the other day and happened to see some tines hanging above us. Can you spot the antler?
  2. nateNAU

    What to do with Savage 110FP?

    Pick up a tube on gunbroker or ebay chambered in any cartridge you want with the same bolt face as 300wm. Take to a gunsmith and swap barrels. Savage headspaces with the barrel nut so no lathe work.
  3. nateNAU

    Coues with a Pistol

    Just saw this on facebook and jumped over here. Nice job! As a die hard handgun hunter that is a great acomplishment. I want to wack one big muley before i dedicate more effort towards coues.
  4. nateNAU

    Nu Way heater reviews

    Do you have a sleeping system suggestion? I have a bud who is a marine and he swears by his 3 piece military bag. I have tried bags with ratings well below the temps I have slept in and still woken up miserably cold. I have learned to get into a sleeping bag warm with warm feet or I will be cold all night. I guess the nalgene with hot water in it trick could help.
  5. nateNAU

    Nu Way heater reviews

    I would recommend to check with the manufacturer of your stove before you burn coal. I have heard of warping or worst case scenario, the bottom of the stove burning through. Probably not an issue on a half way decent stove but thought I would mention it. I think you also need to elevate coal up on a grate in a stove to get a proper burn. I have been interested in trying it but never have.
  6. nateNAU

    My South African Greater Kudu

    No. The hunt got pushed back to 2023. Biden and Ukraine jacked everything up. Standard plane tickets to South Africa normally run around 1k and in the spring they shot upwards of 4k. No one in our group was willing to pay that and the outfitter didn't have anymore openings this year so we pushed the hunt till next year to see if things settle down.
  7. nateNAU

    My South African Greater Kudu

    Madabula safaris. We hunted Rooiport, a big concession owned by DeBeers. Highly recommend them.
  8. nateNAU


    I'm actually glad g&f makes it a pain. If it was easy, everyone would do it and I would never get leftovers.
  9. nateNAU

    Hypothetical draw question

    Correct. Tags per type can not exceed the bag limit. So for Javi you can have 2 draw hunt number tags and 2 OTC tags. For elk you can have 1 draw hunt number tag and 1 OTC tag.
  10. nateNAU

    Nu Way heater reviews

    I would get a good wood stove and not look back. Nothing sucks the fun of hunting and camping out of me like sleeping cold, and I used to do it a lot growing up from improper equipment. I helped on a late 3a3c elk hunt one year and bought a big buddy heater for that hunt. It took some chill off but I was still miserably cold. After I bought my alaknak I started researching quality wood burning stoves and settled on a wilderness 4. Weighs 84 lbs but will burn all night and I can get the tent well over 90° even with a blizzard outside.
  11. nateNAU

    My 1st Wyoming antelope

    It is a contender g2 in a wildcat cartridge that is a 405 Winchester necked down to 7mm. I'm getting a little over 2700 fps with a 140 gr Barnes ttsx bullet. Thank you. Actually seeing some of your posts on wyoming encouraged me to apply in the first place. Thank you! I love this picture! It is definitely going up on the wall. Thank everyone else for your kind words. I am super proud of my son and am enjoying every minute I get to spend with him. I have spent a lot of time strategizing how to incorporate my passion for the outdoors into his life. I have so many friends and family that have been burnt out by an over zealous dad trying to push them to hard or fast and I have dreaded that happening to him. To anyone thinking about doing Wyoming for antelope, I suggest you do it. It is a great learning experience before you draw an az tag.
  12. nateNAU

    Need some advice

    I hunted 10 a lot back in the day for deer. Always up around cataract canyon north of the Redlands ranch. Never went a deer season without running into a big bull up there.
  13. nateNAU

    My 1st Wyoming antelope

    After striking out last year, I put in for and drew Wyoming again. This year I gave myself 5 days to hunt and arriving 2 days early to scout. The hunt again aligned with my son's fall break and he accompanied me on the hunt. I learned last year that you need to know where you want to be at sunup opening day and that anything easy access will have a ton of hunters. I found a spot on the map that was a peninsula of public land of about 2 square miles but required a brutal 3-4 mile hike to reach. I was worried about my son being able to do that hike, let alone day after day. Well on the first day of scouting we hiked in there an hour and a half before the sun rose and got there right at first light. Right off the bat we started seeing antelope. Within half an hour we saw about 50 in 5 different groups spread out across the public land. I knew this was where we wanted to be. No need to scout more so we spent the rest of the day and the next fishing. We hiked into that area Saturday, Sunday and finally connected on this buck on Monday, having this tough to reach spot all to ourselves. We had plenty of antelope at about 400-600 yards but I was shooting a pistol and my max range was 300 that I was comfortable with. I glassed him up bedded and snuck into 324 yards. I built up the dirt so my pistol was rock solid, aimed right where I wanted it. 1 shot and he never got up. About 34 miles total hiking in the trip. One of the hardest pack outs I've done but my son wanted to help so he carried the skull out. When we arrived back at the truck there was another group parked by us loading up a buck they killed. They asked asked how old my son was and said they watched us from a high ridge for most of our pack out and wanted to treat him to ice cream in town, to which we obliged . They said none of them wanted to hike that far and a 6 year old showed them up. Another great hunting trip with my son by my side.
  14. nateNAU

    A few snakes

    Went out with the kids and father in law to Whitehorse today. My son caught a bluegill and we had it on a stringer in the water. We looked over at it after a bit and saw this snake had pulled it up out of the water and was trying to eat it. I would say it's eyes were bigger than it's stomach, or should I say mouth.
  15. nateNAU

    A few snakes

    Being born and raised in Flagstaff I have never really had the Arizonan experience of dealing with rattle snakes. I have seen 3 in my life and only one was up here 20 years ago. I have probably hiked a thousand miles shed hunting since then, even in the summer and never seen another one. We have a ton of bull snakes up here and I think that is why you hardly ever see a rattler. I did get an Arizona black while setting up a blind for bear a year or 2 ago down by Prescott. When I shot it was jet black and slowly after it died the diamonds started to show up. I guess the have a similar color change ability as chameleons. If anyone has a good method/tanning suggestion, I still have the skin in the freezer and would like to put it up.