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  1. nateNAU


    Exactly. A sheep tag feels impossible and that's like 1 in 100.
  2. nateNAU

    WY Antelope Permit Numbers 2024

    The special draw just went up to $1200 from $600 last year. Regular draw is still the same at like $325
  3. nateNAU


    He is alive and well. I parted ways with Gary last year but worked for him for 18 years. 41 gnr is a great round and Gary's personal favorite. I've seen him take many animals with a revolver in 41 gnr.
  4. nateNAU

    2024 pig

    Haha. I think my telling of the story may have come across a little more intense than I meant. I was more shook after the fact just thinking how quickly things can go bad and how lucky it wasn't a time sensitive injury like blood loss or something. After the first few minutes, he was fine pain wise as long as he didn't try and walk. We weren't under a time crunch and had plenty of daylight. We sat, drank some water and came up with a plan. I headed back to the gator at an easy pace as to not hurt myself with no intention of hunting and only shot the javelina because I was in view of the side by side when I came across it. The whole thing didn't add more than a minute or 2 of getting back to my friend. I guess the shot echoed down the canyon and his first words when I got back were "tell me that was your shot". We are still friends.
  5. nateNAU

    2024 pig

    I was able to fill my tag on day 4 in 19b this year. Typically I apply for a tag for ham and always pickup a leftover rifle tag. With my kids schedule this year, I opted for just one hunt so I decided on the rifle hunt. I had a good buddy from Prescott also apply and was drawn. On day 4 of the hunt, we were struggling and not seeing much sign. We decided to walk a long canyon that ended in a tank close to a road. After walking almost 2 miles up the canyon we had discovered pig caves, fresh bedding areas and hidden water with sign. We knew we were getting close. My buddy was in the bottom of the canyon and I was on the rim. I pointed out another hole which I thought was a pig cave and my buddy, in the bottom investigated. As he was climbing the side of the canyon a rock slipped and he went tumbling down. His leg caught another rock and bent a way no leg should go and I heard a loud crack. After his initial panic, he scrambled and straitened his leg back to its natural position. I scaled down to him. Only a 15 foot deep canyon with deep walls. After a while we decided to try and see if we could at least get him out of the canyon. It was a struggle but we finally did it. He could not put any weight on it without completely crumpling. He was trying to use his emptied gun as a support but it was not working so well so I decided to try and use my saw and make a crutch out of some deadwood near by. It actually worked pretty good and were able to get up and out of the canyon the rest of the way. I told him to stay put and I would try and get my side by side as close to him as possible. Of course we were in an area that zero cell service. I dropped everything except my rifle and a water bottle and headed back to the vehicle. As I got to within 200 yards of the side by side I came across a javi herd working their way up the canyon. I aimed on the lead pig and dropped it in its tracks. I quickly threw it over my shoulder and got back to the gator. I was able to find a small 2 track that got me close to my friend and off roaded another couple hundred yards to get to within about 100 yards of him. By this time, a lot of pain had subsided and we were able to get him to the gator with the aid of the crutch. A heck of a hunt and a humbling experience. My friend is a combat marine who did 2 tours in Afghanistan and a loose rock turned a short hike in gentle terrain into quite an ordeal. I learned his leg didn't break but dislocated and tore tendons and ligaments which need to be repaired. After this hunt I have decided to buy a spot gps.
  6. I met a man in lake Havasu with a Ferrari with Montana plates. I asked him where in Montana he was from as I have family in the Bitterroot. He said he has never even been to the state. He said he formed an LLC in Montana and had a dealer up there order the car for him and bought it under the LLC . Said he saved 30k in sales tax plus much cheaper registration.
  7. nateNAU

    2023 Wyoming hunt

    Best of luck to you! The north east corner is so underrated! Most of the out of staters here are from the east, and complain about bad luck but never get more than half a mile from an easy access point.
  8. nateNAU

    2023 Wyoming hunt

    Well today is the last day of our hunt here in Wyoming. Missed a whitetail doe a couple nights ago, and had the opportunity at a muley buck and whitetail buck on public, but we didn't have a buck tag. Spent much of the mid-day hours fishing and having fun. I always try and keep it fun with my son and not burn him out. Today after fishing, we were driving back into the ranch we stay at and saw one lone yearling doe on the property. We were able to sneak around the horse barn without her seeing us and made a 100 yard shot. 3 for 3 on antelope tags this year.
  9. nateNAU

    2023 Wyoming hunt

  10. nateNAU

    2023 Wyoming hunt

    Well Wyoming provided again this year on my annual hunt with my son. Shot a pretty decent buck opening morning about 9 am. I have found a few places that hold antelope in this northeast poverty unit and have been slowly gaining knowledge as to their behavior when pressured. My son an I hiked in 4 miles before the sun rose and sat a fence line that backed private. I knew this was a popular escape route when the shooting starts. Well at about 9 am, an outfitter with a client on the private bumped a herd right across the fence in front of us. I drew two additional doe tags and as soon as I shot the buck, I turned to my son and asked if I should shoot a doe. He say heck ya so I shot a doe as well. Probably not the smartest move 4 miles from the truck but it was good to have 2 tags filled opening morning. We took some pics and I began cutting them up. I considered bringing my pack frame but just opted for my lighter badlands super day. Well I pushed that pack to the absolute max and was able to get both boned antelope and my rifle strapped on. My son had to carry every other thing we had in his pack. We arrived back at the truck right at sun down. Today was cutting and grinding meat. Snuck out this evening looking for a whitetail doe but no luck.
  11. nateNAU

    My 2023 Bear

    Yes, definitely doing a bear rug. It had great fur and amazing color. Not really black but a very dark chocolate.
  12. I was able to take this absolute behemoth of a bear this morning. I typically hunt the spring but due to the shortened season, late winter moisture and cool temps, I was not able to turn a bear up. I had hesitations about hunting higher elevations in the oaks due the great crop of prickly pear not far away at lower elevation. Well I'm glad I stuck with my original plan.
  13. nateNAU

    Good luck 11m hunters

    Very cool! I'm at 6 points. Shot a "290 bull in '19 in 11m and haven't been drawn since. Definitely some studs and unique genetics around here. That bottom bull was actually harvested by a member on here. Haven't seen him post in a while.
  14. nateNAU

    Good luck 11m hunters

    Absolutely! Three weeks of the 11m deer hunt and I never had a deer give me the shot opportunity this bull gave me.