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  1. Hunterbrett

    ***SOLD*** Swarovski EL 12x50 Binoculars

    Bought new in October 2018.
  2. Hunterbrett

    ***SOLD*** Swarovski EL 12x50 Binoculars

    $2500 obo
  3. Hunterbrett

    ***SOLD***Trail camera security boxes for sale

    Sounds good CatfishKev. Just let me know thanks
  4. ***SOLD*** I have 10 stealth Cam security boxes for sale. Large size that fits G series, G Pro series, and DS4k series, FLX series, WX4G Series, and XV series Stealth Cam cameras. $40/each new but I'm only asking $20/each so half off! I accidentally bought the wrong ones for the cameras I have and they won't take them back. They are all brand new. Never used. Located in Mesa
  5. Hunterbrett

    **** Sold **** Triclawps / Gun Claw

    👍 @wildwoody
  6. Hunterbrett

    **** Sold **** Triclawps / Gun Claw

    Yeah I will do that deal @wildwoody
  7. Ill take the FoxPro, Dennis wood 928 978 5093

  8. Hunterbrett

    ****Sold**** Foxpro FX3

    Sounds great. I'll figure out how to send you a pm with my address
  9. Hunterbrett


    Just accidentally posted the same thing twice. So tried to delete the duplicate.
  10. **** Sold **** Triclawps / Gun Claw for sale. This is the machined aluminum model. Good condition. $80.
  11. Hunterbrett


    Bore sighter for sale. C
  12. Hunterbrett


    Price drop to $15. Bore sighter for sale. Comes with hard case and everything you need to bore sight your scope to your rifle. Works on calibers from .177 to .50. Perfect condition. Was $50 new. Asking $30. Call or text Brett at 480-266-0238
  13. Hunterbrett

    ****Sold**** Foxpro FX3

    **** Sold **** Foxpro FX3 coyote caller for sale. Comes with remote. Works perfectly. Was $400 new. Asking $150.