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  1. Coues247

    What is this rifles value?

    Dang, I need to get some buddies like that.
  2. Coues247

    What is this rifles value?

    Did the seller seem sketchy at all? Like he might be going to buy some crack with the $350 he got for dad's $1200 rifle kind of thing? That's an insane price. Good buy.
  3. Coues247

    Getting screwed by San Carlos?

    Shut tf up Kev. They're crooks. "It MaKEs SeNsE tO SCreW PeOplE OveR tO MaKe EXtrA MonEY" drrrrrrr
  4. Coues247

    Getting screwed by San Carlos?

    I agree with that. It's just much more prevalent on reservations.
  5. Coues247

    Getting screwed by San Carlos?

    Those reservations are one step above a third world country, with similar corrupt governments that do as they please. They are sovereign so there is no oversight but at the same time they are backed by the U.S. governments money. On top of that, they are some of the most greedy people on the planet that will screw people over to make a quick buck without thinking about the money they will lose in the future. They are lucky they have big money hunters that are willing to pay for those elk tags or they'd all have starved to death by now. The director, Tim Stevens, is a worthless piece of trash, that as you learned just runs things as he pleases and makes up rules as he goes. BUT they know there's enough people that are willing to play their game to get to hunt there so they don't really care.
  6. Coues247

    New Mexico - 16A Rifle Tag

    People pay for guides to kill a 300 inch bull? Wtf
  7. Coues247

    What’s with all the BTX’s for sale?

    *most people that buy them can't afford them*
  8. Coues247

    Kowa Big Eyes

    What size spotters are those? Model numbers?
  9. Coues247

    Forest Road Conditions west side of 5A?

    5a is Coconino national forest. Call Flagstaff.
  10. How bad do you want one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/285531264901?itmmeta=01HVYJBYNTFNFYTRQTXQXC4WR8&hash=item427afd5785:g:WhAAAOSwtBxlOREd&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA8ERyMJbhDtvdaJS7Ld%2F2pwp2Ya9D6n2Ltnxp4ZqQ8AWGTGKgw81%2BGhI6YknwiI7euWqg45mEZ5ZKuRRPqXE0MJjNPb69VzYzCCBnfsoqMMtvc8Ks5p7pd4%2FKhQBaqjEEq9oCz%2BsiZFBJedUZqo0jKOw2GavIn3kCLnhvtQ%2FCqqTRQPuw1Ft42FFux86lXAPp58Ye6KNsgOiOsKBEsCrYgXgjgI8UNhzXvZQuFIoD%2BdWNuxFYrDF3iRhRdTo8QaXSp%2Br4%2Fu%2F9Mmfdu8c1thq4%2FmZtHpnu6RQ%2BOpVPaaLfQL8FV8xaavf54OCT9v1Tp6Cn1Q%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR_rqr9LfYw
  11. Coues247

    4B Youth Hunt Help

    Since all of 4b is north of 260, better stick to north of 260 lol. Try the 210/122 road area.
  12. Coues247

    Bonus Point Report- 2024 Elk & Antelope

    That's why my post appropriately has the words may not in it. His odds of not ever drawing the tag are exponentially higher than him ever drawing the tag.
  13. Coues247

    Bonus Point Report- 2024 Elk & Antelope

    If you're going for 5b (the hardest hunt in the state to draw) you may not ever draw it if you only have 27 points.
  14. Coues247

    Solar Eclipse April 8

    I know it freaks the birds out thinking it's suddenly getting dark. That's about all I know though.
  15. Coues247

    Wild heritage taxidermy

    Sadly, several people I know are having the same issues. Multiple lions and deer of friends and cant get a response from them. I've heard of one guy that went by and got all his stuff a year ago and he said it was looking empty in the shop. Someone needs to head down there and see what's going on.