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  1. Coues247

    Cow Elk 4A

    Chase bugles, sneak in and shoot a cow, done.
  2. Coues247

    Online hunters safety

    That's for people over 18.
  3. Coues247

    Online hunters safety

    You get a certificate saying you finished the online portion but you still need to do the field day to get the point and final certificate. I know for a while they allowed kids to hunt with just the online portion done but not sure if that's the case now.
  4. Coues247

    Utah case

    I think I saw somewhere sentencing got pushed back to June.
  5. Coues247

    2022 F-150 XLT 4x4 EXTENDED CAB

    Tough crowd, tough crowd. However I will admit I wouldn't have said it had I known the true reasoning behind the sale.
  6. Coues247

    2022 F-150 XLT 4x4 EXTENDED CAB

    Fords that bad these days people are selling them after the first tank of fuel?
  7. Coues247

    Crossbow tuning help

    Throwing it way back. . .
  8. Coues247

    Draw still pending

    I'd expect Friday for results to post. They want you to sit and think about what you've done not buying into their etag app when you had the chance.
  9. Coues247


    Nobody wants your guess why someone else is selling their binoculars.
  10. Coues247

    Card Hits!

    It's actually happened once before like 3 years ago. And that's literally the only time the tag # has appeared before results were up.
  11. Coues247


    Definitely not correct. They do as they please. And the law states they can. I've literally found their foothold traps on national forest behind these signs.
  12. Coues247


    Actually not illegal when you're the government. Who's holding who accountable for what? For the government to trap wolves that they put out there?
  13. Coues247

    Card Hits!

    Wonder if they found a way to hide the tag numbers on the portals to make everyone switch to their lame etag system. I'd imagine from here on out results will be available on etag way before portals and it will drive everyone to the etag system. Edit: also every portal I have access to with a draw the tag number is gone.
  14. Coues247

    Apply as Resident with NR License?

    No is going to be the answer. The system may let you but it will set off alarms with someone there at law enforcement I'm sure. Just call them Monday and I'm sure they can get it figured out for you.
  15. Coues247

    Card Hits!

    Nailed it. The draw doesn't work right. And there's no oversight to keep them accountable.