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  1. codyhuntsaz

    Auto A/C specialist

    So I just drove around the neighborhood in and out of four wheel high, four wheel auto and four-wheel low. Doesn’t make a difference if it’s in four-wheel-drive or not. The issue remains that if I shut the AC system off, outside air flows in through whatever the last setting was, in this case it was the dash vents. Once the AC was turned off in 2 Wheel Dr. and four-wheel-drive, air still flows through the vents, the faster I went the higher the airflow got. Also went in four-wheel-drive and I switched from regular AC to max AC to re-circulate the air and it didn’t seem to make a difference in four-wheel-drive or 2 Wheel Dr. Usually you can hear and feel a difference when the air kicks from outside air to recirculate and that doesn’t happen.
  2. codyhuntsaz

    2 Aces with Trailer

  3. codyhuntsaz

    Auto A/C specialist

    Yes it is 4WD
  4. codyhuntsaz

    Auto A/C specialist

    Are there any auto mechanics that specialize in air-conditioning? I have a 2013 F150 that has a couple issues that I’d like to try and get fixed. First issue is that when the air is in the off position whatever vent was last opened still allows air flow. The other issue is that the recycle doesn’t work, it’s always outside air even when recycle is engaged.
  5. codyhuntsaz

    Missing Bonus Points

    Mine updated yesterday with my current bonus points after the draw. 28 antelope points for next year!
  6. codyhuntsaz

    Nobody / anybody

    27 didn’t get me that tag this year. how was that hunt? I had a buddy on that hunt, so I’m curious to hear a 2nd opinion.
  7. codyhuntsaz

    Tick Tock

    You had “2 points”
  8. codyhuntsaz

    Nobody / anybody

    Or 25 or 26 or 32 or 33 hahaha
  9. codyhuntsaz

    Nobody / anybody

    Looks like 5B and 6B were the only ones he couldn’t have drawn. According to gohunt.
  10. codyhuntsaz

    Nobody / anybody

    4a and 4b were both 100% at 27 last year, doubt they jumped 2 points in one year.
  11. codyhuntsaz

    Nobody / anybody

    I’m a bow hunter first, but with this many point I’ll hold out for a rifle tag. Tried to get an archery tag for a lot of those points.
  12. codyhuntsaz

    Nobody / anybody

    Thanks for the info.....and thanks for letting me know what my 27 are worth, jackshit hahaha
  13. codyhuntsaz

    Nobody / anybody

    Thought it was 29...and I thought there were less than 5 guys with that many.
  14. codyhuntsaz

    Nobody / anybody

    I didn’t think that would be possible
  15. codyhuntsaz

    Nobody / anybody

    27 points for me...wasn’t enough this go around. Buddy of mine with ZERO points, no loyalty or hunter safety drew a unit 10 rifle tag though....gotta love the randomness<———- sarcasm if you couldn’t tell.